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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Mar-2022Trends and needs in the Australian child welfare workforce: An exploratory studyRuss, Erica ; Morley, Louise ; Driver, Mark; Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Higgins, Daryl27-Mar-2023
23-Feb-2022What is Required of Supervisors for Effective Supervision of Social Work Students Undertaking Field Education in an Australian School Setting?Gartshore, Scott William ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Russ, Erica ; Clark, Jane 20-Nov-2023
3Nov-2021Nanyapura PCYC Boxing Program: Evaluation reportRobertson, Stuart ; Fergusson, Darlene; Russ, Erica 26-Jul-2023
424-Mar-2021Connectivity: Engaging with Industry in the Creation of Student Placement OpportunitiesShort, Monica; Russ, Erica ; Gartshore, Scott ; Morton, Natalie; Pisk, Dalia; Fitzroy, Robyn; Hitchin, Sara; Fyson, Sheriden; Jones, Davinia; Burrowes, Bec; Whitby, Angela28-Apr-2021
5Jan-2021The "Front Door" to Child Protection-Issues and InnovationsLonne, Bob ; Russ, Erica ; Harrison, Celine; Morley, Louise ; Harries, Maria; Robertson, Stuart ; Pearce, Tania ; Smith, Jennifer 15-Jul-2020
6Dec-2020New South Wales Rugby League Try League Cultural Inclusion Program: Evaluation reportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart ; Morley, Louise 26-Jul-2023
7Jul-2020Submission to the Inquiry on NDIS Workforcevan Leeuwen, Melissa; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica 19-Jan-2024
82020How do we prepare social work students for the challenges they will meet at the workplace and what can we learn from each other in different countries? Short presentations from Australia, Northern Ireland, Finland and SwedenRuss, Erica ; McFadden, Paula; Tham, Pia; Baldschun, A27-Jul-2020
926-Nov-2019Increasing child protection workforce retention through promoting a relational-reflective framework for resilienceRuss, Erica ; Lonne, Bob ; Lynch, Deborah15-Jul-2020
102019How do we prepare social work students for the challenges they will meet at the workplace and what can we learn from each other in different countries. Short presentations from Australia, England, Finland, Ireland & SwedenTham, P; MacFadden, P; Baldschun, A; Blakeman, P; Russ, E 24-Jul-2020
112019Better or worse? Returning children with complex health needs to their communitiesSmith, Jennifer ; Russ, Erica 24-Jul-2020
122019MidCoast Council Youth Action Plan: Consultation ReportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart 24-Jul-2020
132019Stakeholder's Experiences of the Forensic Child Protection ParadigmBuckley, Helen; McArthur, Morag; Moore, Tim; Russ, Erica ; Withington, Tania23-Jul-2020
142019Social Work in Schools: Developing Social Work Programs in Schools in Low Socio-Economic Areas Through Student Field EducationRuss, Erica 24-Jul-2020
152019Addressing child protection challenges in a low socio-economic community: Ensuring youth and community voices in local government planningRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart 24-Jul-2020
166-Jul-2018'Their Futures Matter' Access System Redesign Triage and Assessment Tools "Accessing help through the front door"Lonne, Bob ; Harries, Maria; Boyle, Chris ; Harrison, Celine ; Morley, Louise ; Pearce, Tania ; Robertson, Stuart ; Russ, Erica ; Smith, Jennifer 19-Jul-2022
172018Relationships Matter: Does relational-reflective practice aid practioner resilience?Russ, Erica ; Morley, Louise ; Lonne, Bob 24-Jul-2020
182017Developing Resilient Social Workers: Messages from the FieldRuss, Erica 16-Jul-2020
192009Using Resilience to Reconceptualise Child Protection Workforce CapacityRuss, Erica ; Lonne, Bob ; Darlington, Yvonne15-Jul-2020

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