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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12023School-based multidisciplinary student-led clinics in health and Australian accreditation standards: A scoping reviewMaple, Myfanwy ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Gartshore, Scott ; Clark, Jane ; White, James ; Pearce, Tania 30-Nov-2023
23-Feb-2022What is Required of Supervisors for Effective Supervision of Social Work Students Undertaking Field Education in an Australian School Setting?Gartshore, Scott William ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Russ, Erica ; Clark, Jane 20-Nov-2023
324-Mar-2021Connectivity: Engaging with Industry in the Creation of Student Placement OpportunitiesShort, Monica; Russ, Erica ; Gartshore, Scott ; Morton, Natalie; Pisk, Dalia; Fitzroy, Robyn; Hitchin, Sara; Fyson, Sheriden; Jones, Davinia; Burrowes, Bec; Whitby, Angela28-Apr-2021
42019Social Work in Rural New South Wales School Settings: Addressing Inequalities Beyond the School GateMaple, Myfanwy ; Pearce, Tania ; Gartshore, Scott ; MacFarlane, Fiona; Wayland, Sarah 17-Dec-2020
51-May-2018Developing Partnerships between University and Local Service Agencies: Exploring Innovative Social Work Placements in Rural and Remote NSW Public SchoolsGartshore, Scott ; Maple, Myfanwy ; White, Jim 21-Mar-2022
62017A Field Education Handbook for Social Work in School (SWiS) PlacementsGartshore, Scott ; Maple, Myfanwy 3-Nov-2017
72017Planning and implementing a Social Work in Schools (SWiS) PlacementGartshore, Scott ; Maple, Myfanwy 3-Nov-2017

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Scott Gartshore
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Gartshore, Scott
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Lecturer in Social Work
School of Health - Social Work
Faculty of Medicine and Health
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School of Health
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