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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
122-Dec-2023Academics' perceptions of ChatGPT-generated written outputs: A practical application of Turing’s Imitation GameMatthews, Joshua ; Volpe, Catherine Rita 2-Jan-2024
223-Nov-2023Diaspora as Practice for Young MigrantsVolpe, Catherine Rita 5-Dec-2023
3Sep-2023Supporting student engagement through video in distance education: Learning in a post-pandemic worldVolpe, Catherine ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Harrington, Ingrid 31-Oct-2023
4Jul-2023'It kind of simulates me in some other universe': An investigation into children's digital ways of playing #Roblox #Avatars #MyStyleVolpe, Catherine 26-Jul-2023
5Jul-2023Readiness to teach geography: perspectives of graduate teachersVolpe, Catherine ; Sigauke, Tayiwanda 26-Jul-2023
630-May-2023Feeling Sexy and Cool in the Diaspora: The Construction of Hybrid Identities for Young Migrants through Dressing and DancingVolpe, Catherine Rita 22-Jul-2023
72023‘Relationship-Rich Education’: Promoting Student Belonging for SuccessVolpe, Cat ; Adlington, Rachael ; Harrington, Ingrid ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Grono, Stephen 30-Jan-2024
86-Dec-2022Commencing Student Success Program (CSSP)Harrington, Ingrid ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Volpe, Catherine ; Grono, Steve9-May-2023
918-Nov-2022Building Relationships Through Learning Design as Signature Pedagogy: Re-connecting Mature-aged Online Students with EducatorsGrono, Stephen ; O'Neill, Kristy ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Volpe, Catherine Rita 28-Mar-2023
102022Review: This Podcast Will Kill You, COVID-19, Chapter 10: SchoolsRita, Catherine 24-Jul-2023
11Jul-2021Digital Methodologies in Research with Children and Young PeopleVolpe, Catherine 26-Jul-2023
122021"What kind of girl is she?": good and bad diasporic daughters on social mediaVolpe, Catherine Rita 15-Mar-2021
132021'High tide by boat, low tide we walk': the everyday digital lives of girls in remote villages of Vanua Levu, FijiVolpe, Catherine Rita 5-May-2021
142019Digital diaries: new uses of PhotoVoice in participatory research with young peopleVolpe, Catherine Rita 4-Mar-2020
152017'Good' and 'Bad' Indian Girls: Shame, Secrets and Empowerment in the eDiasporaJohnston, Cat 26-Jul-2023
169-Dec-2014'At certain places you sort of forget that you are coloured': Processes and Intersections of Belonging, Identity and Space in the Indian DiasporaJohnston, Cat 25-Jul-2023

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Catherine Rita Volpe
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Volpe Johnston, Catherine Rita
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Volpe, Catherine Rita
Volpe, Catherine
Johnston, Catherine Rita Volpe
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Volpe Johnston
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