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1Dec-2023Knowledge Levels and Perspectives of Pre-Service Teachers on Global Education: A Case Study of Geography Students at a University in ZimbabweGwirayi, Pesanayi; Sigauke, Aaron 12-Jun-2024
2Nov-2023Resilience in climate change in Africa: Kenya and ZimbabweKigotho, Mutuota ; Mutuota, Rose Njoki ; Sigauke, Aaron 19-Dec-2023
3Jul-2023Readiness to teach geography: perspectives of graduate teachersVolpe, Catherine ; Sigauke, Tayiwanda 26-Jul-2023
42023Social Class and School Uniforms: A Zimbabwean CaseSigauke, Aaron T 28-Jul-2023
54-Mar-2022Being Open to PlaceSigauke, Aaron 28-Mar-2023
6Aug-2021Global education at the teacher and school education levels: Views from pre-service teachers at an Australian higher education institutionSigauke, Aaron ; Gwirayi, Pesanayl27-Aug-2021
728-May-2021Global education at the teacher education level: a comparative study of views of pre-service teachers in Australia and ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron ; Gwirayi, Pesanayi22-Jun-2021
82-Mar-2021Enhancing Prefect Leadership Capacity in Two Elite Independent Girls' Schools in Australia: Thematic Discourse Analysis Within Participatory Action ResearchKelliher, Debra; Hardy, Joy ; Sigauke, Tayiwanda 13-Dec-2023
92021The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Learning to Solve Linear Equations with a Negative Pronumeral: The Balance Method versus Inverse MethodNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Sigauke, Aaron T 7-Feb-2022
102021Citizenship, Hybridity, Embeddedness and Dual EmbeddednessSigauke, Aaron T 2-Aug-2021
111-Sep-2020Civics and citizenship education in post-apartheid South Africa: Pre-service teachers and teacher educator perspectivesSigauke, Aaron 19-Oct-2020
121-Mar-2020Linking national policies with school and teacher education programmes: A case of civics and citizenship education in South AfricaSigauke, Aaron 26-Aug-2020
132019Cognitive Load on Learning One-Step Equations: A Cross-Cultural Study Between Australia and MalaysiaNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P ; Sigauke, Aaron T ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Usop, Hasbee17-Jan-2020
148-Nov-2018Citizenship and Citizenship Education in Zimbabwe: A Theoretical and Historical AnalysisSigauke, Aaron T 4-Feb-2019
152016Writing for publication group: professional development situated in the interstices of academia and performativityReyes, Vicente; Masters, Yvonne ; Clary, Deidre ; Betlem, Elisabeth C ; Jones, Marguerite A; Charteris, Jennifer ; Kivunja, Charles ; Rizk, Nadya ; Sigauke, Aaron 7-Jun-2016
162016Ubuntu/Hunhu in Post-colonial Education Policies in Southern Africa: A Response to Connell's Southern Theory and the Role of Indigenous African Knowledges in the Social SciencesSigauke, Aaron 15-Jun-2016
172016Pre-service teachers' views on civics and citizenship education in the social sciences curriculum at the teacher education levelSigauke, Aaron 2-Feb-2017
182015Children's Views on, and Experiences of, Physical and Verbal Abuse in Schools: Two Case Studies of Primary Schools in Harare, ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 22-Aug-2016
192013Zimbabwe: From Education Reform to Political InstabilitySigauke, Aaron 17-Feb-2014
202013Citizenship Education in the Social Science Subjects: An Analysis of the Teacher Education Curriculum for Secondary SchoolsSigauke, Aaron 18-Nov-2013
212012Young people, citizenship and citizenship education in ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 4-Sep-2012
222011Citizenship and citizenship education: a critical discourse analysis of the Zimbabwe Presidential Commission ReportSigauke, Aaron 7-Sep-2012
232011'Political ideas can only be discussed if they are in the syllabus; otherwise a political discussion is not necessary': Teachers' views on citizenship education in ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 17-Oct-2012
242009Arts as a Tool for Learning Across the Curriculum (ATLAC) Final ReportDas, Sharmistha; Sigauke, Aaron ; Aderibigbe, Semiyu; Gray, Donald6-Sep-2012
252008Citizenship and Democracy in Scottish Schools: a policy review of the role of school managementBrown, Jane; Britton, Alan; Sigauke, Aaron ; Curtis, Liz; Priestley, Andrea; Livingston, Kay10-Sep-2012
262004Examination Malpractices in Schools: Views from Secondary School Students in the Harare Region of Education: ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 17-Oct-2012
272002An Investigation into Farm Worker and Tutor Related Factors that Negatively Impact on the Receptivity of Adult Literacy Programmes in the Mashonaland Central Province of ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 17-Oct-2012
282001The role of the adult literacy organization of Zimbabwe (ALOZ) in the implementation of literacy programmes in ZimbabweSigauke, Aaron 17-Oct-2012
291993Exploring low cost materials: Low-cost practical science examinations for developing countriesSigauke, Aaron ; Mabejane, Maseqao; Shao, Jane; Varghese, Thomas2-May-2013
301993Using real world resources: Collecting and interpreting informationYandila, Cephas D; Dediwalage, Sunil; Mabejane, Maseqao; Musekwa, Manidiwengerei; Otuka, James; Sigauke, Aaron ; Varghese, Tom2-May-2013

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Sigauke, Aaron T
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