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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Mentoring the Mentor: Professional development through a school-university partnershipJones, Marguerite; Betlem, Elisabeth ; Clary, Deidre 15-Feb-2019
22016Writing for publication group: professional development situated in the interstices of academia and performativityReyes, Vicente; Masters, Yvonne ; Clary, Deidre ; Betlem, Elisabeth C ; Jones, Marguerite A; Charteris, Jennifer ; Kivunja, Charles ; Rizk, Nadya ; Sigauke, Aaron 7-Jun-2016
32015Remembering Nea Stewart-Dore: Reading and writing the (school) worldClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan 6-Nov-2015
42015From little things big things grow: enhancing literacy learning for secondary students in rural and regional AustraliaClary, Deidre ; Feez, Susan ; Garvey, Amanda; Partridge, Rebecca17-Jun-2015
52015Motivating study groups across the disciplines in secondary schoolsStyslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria A21-May-2015
62015Partnerships in Professional Learning: Engaging with Secondary Teachers to Support Literacy in a Global WorldClary, Deidre 15-Jul-2015
72014Taming the 'Many Headed Monster': Metacognition, self-regulation and the new NSW English syllabusBannister-Tyrrell, Michelle ; Clary, Deidre 28-Apr-2014
82013Harnessing mobile technologies to enrich adolescents' multimodal literacy practices in middle years classroomsClary, Deidre ; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Barros-Torning, Massiel18-Dec-2013
92012Literacy Learning Communities in PartnershipClary, Deidre ; Styslinger, Mary E; Oglan, Victoria8-Nov-2012
102011The Written Word is Not Enough! Harnessing Adolescents' Multimodal Literacy Practices in the ELA ClassroomClary, Deidre ; Oglan, Vic9-Nov-2012
112011Critique! Design! Engage! Opening New Spaces for Multimodal ExperiencesClary, Deidre ; Johnson Lachuk, Amy; Corley, Andrew M; Spence, Lucy9-Nov-2012
122009RAISSE the Question: How might we teach reading across the content areas?Styslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria6-Aug-2014
132008"Not" No More: Content Teachers Making Sense of Adolescent ReadersStyslinger, Mary E; Clary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria; Culbreth, Dee; Gerth, Kelly; Green, Erin; McAbee, Mark T; Newman, Libby; Thomas, Riley; Tune, Nicole11-Aug-2014
142008It is Not Just About Content: Preparing Content Area Teachers to be Literacy LeadersClary, Deidre ; Oglan, Victoria; Styslinger, Mary E13-Aug-2014
152006The Big M: Helping to Diagnose and Support Adolescent ReadersClary, Deidre 11-Aug-2014

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