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1Dec-2023Diferential instructional efectiveness: overcoming the challenge of learning to solve trigonometry problems that involved algebraic transformation skillsNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 26-Mar-2024
227-Jul-2023Advancing the study of life and death education: Theoretical framework and research inquiries for further developmentPhan, Huy P ; Chen, Si-Chi; Ngu, Bing H ; Hsu, Chao-Sheng31-Aug-2023
330-Jun-2023Advancing the study of levels of best practice pre-service teacher education students from Spain: Associations with both positive and negative achievement-related experiencesGranero-Gallegos, Antonio; Phan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 15-Sep-2023
43-May-2022Developing Problem-Solving Expertise for Word ProblemsNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 19-Mar-2024
52022Learning linear equations: capitalizing on cognitive load theory and learning by analogyNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 26-May-2022
62022Advancing the study of solving linear equations with negative pronumerals: A smarter way from a cognitive load perspectiveNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P 10-Apr-2024
718-Nov-2021Empirical validation of the psychological concept of a perceived feeling of 'energy': Advancement into the study of positive psychologyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Chen, Si-Chi; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying2-Sep-2022
86-Oct-2021The School House System: Effects on Engagement, Connectedness and Staff-Student Relationships in Secondary SchoolsZadow, Todd; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 28-Nov-2023
930-Sep-2021Interrelationships Between Psychosocial, Motivational, and Psychological Processes for Effective Learning: A Structural Equation Modeling StudyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 7-Oct-2021
108-Sep-2021A Perceived Zone of Certainty and Uncertainty: Propositions for Research DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 22-Sep-2021
1127-Jul-2021A Case for Cognitive Entrenchment: To Achieve Optimal Best, Taking Into Account the Importance of Perceived Optimal Efficiency and Cognitive Load ImpositionPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing Hiong 26-Aug-2021
129-Jun-2021The School House System: Effects on Student Engagement, Connectedness and Staff-Student Relationships in Secondary SchoolsZadow, Todd; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 28-Nov-2023
13Jun-2021Optimization: an attempt to establish empirical evidence for theoretical and practical purposesPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 19-Aug-2021
14May-2021Life, death, and spirituality: A conceptual analysis for educational research developmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Chen, Si Chi; Wu, Lijuing; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying2-Jun-2021
1530-Apr-2021Introducing the Concept of Consonance-Disconsonance of Best Practice: A Focus on the Development of 'Student Profiling'Phan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 20-May-2021
16Jan-2021Introducing 'holistic psychology' for life qualities: A theoretical model for considerationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; White, Matthew3-Mar-2021
17Jan-2021Perceived 'optimal efficiency': theorization and conceptualization for development and implementationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 12-Mar-2021
182021The Effect of Prior Knowledge on Learning to Solve Linear Equations with a Negative Pronumeral: The Balance Method versus Inverse MethodNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Sigauke, Aaron T 7-Feb-2022
192021The Importance of Effective Instructional Designs and Pedagogical Approaches: Consideration of Cognitive Load Imposition and Perceived EfficiencyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Li, Huifang 14-Sep-2021
202021Asynchronous critiques via video to enable studio collaboration for employability skills in distance educationBillingsley, William ; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Kwan, Paul ; Gromik, Nicolas ; Torbay, Rosemary ; Fletcher, Peter R ; Subedi, Dambaru 3-Aug-2021
218-Oct-2020Introducing the Study of Life and Death Education to Support the Importance of Positive Psychology: An Integrated Model of Philosophical Beliefs, Religious Faith, and SpiritualityPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Chen, Si Chi; Wu, Lijuing; Lin, Wei-Wen; Hsu, Chao-Sheng30-Nov-2020
2225-Sep-2020Learning to Solve Trigonometry Problems That Involve Algebraic Transformation Skills via Learning by Analogy and Learning by ComparisonNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 27-Oct-2020
23Sep-2020Schooling experience and academic performance of Taiwanese students: the importance of psychosocial effects, positive emotions, levels of best practice, and personal well-beingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 3-Nov-2020
2417-Jul-2020Advancing the Study of Positive Psychology: The Use of a Multifaceted Structure of Mindfulness for DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Chen, Si Chi; Wu, Lijuing; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Wang, Hui-Wen21-Sep-2020
253-Jun-2020Future Time Perspective and the Achievement of Optimal Best: Reflections, Conceptualizations, and Future Directions for DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; McQueen, Kelvin 28-Jun-2020
262020Validating 'optimizing' concepts: the importance of personal resolve, effective functioning, and academic strivingPhan, Huy Phuong ; Ngu, Bing Hiong ; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Wang, Hui-Wen28-Jun-2020
272020An Examination of Pre-Service Teachers' Content Knowledge on Linear Equations: A Cross-Cultural StudyNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 12-Oct-2020
2811-Dec-2019The Importance of Mindfulness in the Achievement of Optimal Functioning: Conceptualization for Research DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Ngu, Bing H 29-Jun-2020
2915-Oct-2019Support for Students with Learning Difficulties Through a Universal Intervention FrameworkWhite, Matthew Oliver ; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 12-Jan-2024
301-Oct-2019Teaching, Learning and PsychologyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 14-Dec-2018
31Oct-2019Predicting and enhancing students' positive emotions: An empirical study from a Taiwanese sociocultural contextPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying18-Nov-2019
3219-Jun-2019Optimization: In-Depth Examination and PropositionPhan, Huy Phuong ; Ngu, Bing Hiong ; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing19-Nov-2019
3325-Apr-2019Achieving optimal best practice: An inquiry into its nature and characteristicsPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih18-Nov-2019
342019Solution representations of percentage change problems: the pre-service primary teachers' mathematical thinking and reasoningNgu, Bing Hiong 11-Dec-2018
352019Cognitive Load on Learning One-Step Equations: A Cross-Cultural Study Between Australia and MalaysiaNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P ; Sigauke, Aaron T ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Usop, Hasbee17-Jan-2020
362019Advancing The Study Of Optimal Functioning: A Longitudinal Research InvestigationPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 8-May-2020
372019Expanding on the theoretical concept of "optimization" for effective learning: Establishing empirical evidence from an Eastern sociocultural contextPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 8-May-2020
382019Best Practice In Mathematics Learning: A Theoretical Discussion For ConsiderationNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P ; Wang, Hui-Wei; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih8-May-2020
391-Aug-2018Learning to Solve Challenging Percentage-Change Problems: A Cross-Cultural Study From a Cognitive Load PerspectiveNgu, Bing Hiong ; Yeung, Alexander Sheeshing; Phan, Huy P ; Hong, Kian Sam; Usop, Hasbee11-Dec-2018
4014-Jun-2018Understanding levels of best practice: An empirical validationPhan, Huy P. ; Ngu, Bing H. ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih13-Dec-2018
41Feb-2018An examination of social and psychological influences on academic learning: a focus on self-esteem, social relationships, and personal interestPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 13-Dec-2018
422018The importance of various indicators of active learning on the enhancement of motivation, engagement, and English performance: A mixed-methods, longitudinal study in the Saudi contextAlrashidi, Oqab; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 31-Jul-2018
432018Managing Element Interactivity in Equation SolvingNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P ; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Chung, Siu Fung11-Dec-2018
442018An Empirical Examination of Goals, Student Approaches to Learning, and Adaptive OutcomesPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 18-Dec-2018
452018The Central Functioning of Successful Schooling: The Relationship between Academic Engagement and Subjective Well-BeingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 18-Dec-2018
462018Contextualised self-beliefs in totality: an integrated framework from a longitudinal perspectivePhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Alrashidi, Oqab13-Dec-2018
472018Achievement Bests Framework, Cognitive Load Theory, and Equation SolvingNgu, Bing H ; Phan, Huy P 18-Dec-2018
482018Introducing the Concept of 'Student Profiling': A Cross-Cultural Perspective for UnderstandingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih18-Dec-2018
492017Consideration of Optimal Best, Using Hope as a Point of ReferencePhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 16-Jan-2017
502017Will learning to solve one-step equations pose a challenge to 8th grade students?Ngu, Bing ; Phan, Huy 8-Jun-2017

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