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15-Oct-2022Teaching and Learning Linguistic Politeness in Australian Higher Education: Chinese as an Additional LanguageSung, Leei ; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Chan, Eveline ; Esler, Joshua; Li, Huifang 20-Oct-2022
2Dec-2021Recasts and Negotiated Prompts: How do Chinese L2 Learners Perceive Them?Li, Huifang 26-Aug-2021
3Mar-2021The role of recasts and negotiated prompts in an FL learning context in China with non-English major university studentsLi, Huifang ; Iwashita, Noriko12-Dec-2019
42021The Importance of Effective Instructional Designs and Pedagogical Approaches: Consideration of Cognitive Load Imposition and Perceived EfficiencyPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; Li, Huifang 14-Sep-2021
52019Development of English question formation in the EFL context of China: Recasts or prompts?Li, Huifang (Lydia) ; Iwashita, Noriko26-Jul-2022
65-Jun-2018Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learningLi, Huifang 5-Jun-2018
72018Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learningLi, Huifang 21-Jun-2018
82015The Positioning of L2 Thesis WritersLear, Emmaline; Li, Huifang 21-Apr-2016
92012Patterns of corrective feedback in a task-based adult EFL classroom setting in ChinaIwashita, Noriko; Li, Huifang 15-Jun-2017

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Huifang Li
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Li, Huifang
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Lecturer Academic Skills
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Huifang is a lecturer in the Academic Skills Office, Learning and Teaching Transformation. She completed her PhD at The University of Queensland. Her research interests include the role of classroom interaction in second language acquisition, task-based language teaching and learning, and second language writing. She has taught students at all levels in both Eastern and Western tertiary contexts in the fields of Academic Skills, Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
Academic Transitions, Programmes and Skills
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Academic Transitions, Programmes and Skills
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