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112-Jul-2023Writing Skills for Undergraduate Students in Fiji: Tackling Educational Inequalities, Facilitating Epistemic AccessGoundar, Prashneel Ravisan; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Iyengar, Arvind 3-Aug-2023
21-Mar-2023Writing Skills for Undergraduate Students in Fiji: Tackling Educational Inequalities, Facilitating Epistemic Access - DatasetGoundar, Prashneel; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Iyengar, Arvind 3-Aug-2023
324-Oct-2022Mapping Intercultural Communication Imperatives of Police-Public Interactions in Rural SpacesNdhlovu, Finex ; Mulrooney, Kyle ; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Harkness, Alistair 17-Nov-2022
45-Oct-2022Teaching and Learning Linguistic Politeness in Australian Higher Education: Chinese as an Additional LanguageSung, Leei ; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Chan, Eveline ; Esler, Joshua; Li, Huifang 20-Oct-2022
59-Sep-2022Revisiting the true purpose of the discourse on decolonisingNdhlovu, Finex 11-Sep-2023
616-Jul-2022Pan-African identities and literacies: The orthographic harmonisation debate revisitedNdhlovu, Finex 11-Sep-2023
76-Jun-2022Teaching and Learning Linguistic Politeness in Australian Higher Education: Chinese as an Additional Language - DatasetWong, Leei ; Ndhlovu, Finex 20-Oct-2022
811-Mar-2021Decolonising sociolinguistics research: methodological turn-around next?Ndhlovu, Finex 25-Mar-2021
9Mar-2021Reading Robert Mugabe through the Third Chimurenga: Language, Discourse, ExclusionNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
102021Decolonising Multilingualism in Africa: Recentering Silenced Voices from the Global South.Ndhlovu, Finex ; Makalela, Leketi7-Sep-2021
1112-Mar-2020Languages in Education in Mewat: Policy, Politics, Practitioners and NeoliberalismBakshi, Prerna; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Schneider, Cynthia 9-Jun-2021
1211-Mar-2020Post-Colonial Language Education or Coloniality of Language by Stealth?Ndhlovu, Finex 4-Feb-2021
132020Why Ecology of Knowledges and Multilingual Habitus Matter in Higher Degree Research Student TrainingNdhlovu, Finex ; Kelly, Stephen John21-Dec-2020
142020Prospects for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity to Enhance African Political GovernanceNdhlovu, Finex 14-Jan-2021
1526-Sep-2019Jordanian-Australians' Perceptions and Practices of ComplimentsAbu-Rabie, Malek; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Waters, Sophia 1-Mar-2021
1611-Feb-2019Diaspora Capital, Capacity Development and African Development: Role of Nigerian Migrants in AustraliaOlagbegi, Adedamola Eyitayo; Coghlan, Jo ; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Zafarullah, Habib 16-Jan-2023
172019Language and Citizenship Tests: Unsettling the habitus of trickster global colonialityNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
182019South Africa's social transformation policies: raciolinguistic ideologies and neoliberal rhetoricNdhlovu, Finex 21-Dec-2020
192019Language policy and economics: The language question in AfricaNdhlovu, Finex 22-Dec-2020
202018English in Southern AfricaNdhlovu, Finex ; Siziba, Liqhwa29-Jun-2018
212018Introduction: Linguistic and Cultural Imperialism, AlasKamusella, Tomasz; Ndhlovu, Finex 11-Jul-2018
222018Vernacular discourse, emergent political languages and belonging in Southern AfricaNdhlovu, Finex 17-May-2018
232018Challenging Intellectual Colonialism: The Rarely Noticed Question of Methodological Tribalism in Language ResearchNdhlovu, Finex ; Kamusella, Tomasz20-May-2018
242018Language, Vernacular Discourse and Nationalisms: Uncovering the Myths of Transnational WorldsNdhlovu, Finex 3-Feb-2021
252017Sindhī Multiscriptality, Past and Present: A Sociolinguistic Investigation into Community AcceptanceIyengar, Arvind Vijaykumar ; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Schneider, Cindy26-Mar-2018
262017Vietnamese terms of address: Pragmatic connotations, translation and ESL/EFL pedagogyTon, Nu Linh Thoai; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Ellis, Elizabeth M 20-Feb-2018
272017Southern development discourse for Southern Africa: linguistic and cultural imperativesNdhlovu, Finex 17-May-2018
282017Language, discourse and survival strategies: The case of cross-border traders in Southern AfricaMasuku, Jesta Mutinda; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Ellis, Elizabeth M 19-Mar-2018
292017Language, Migration, Diaspora: Challenging the Big Battalions of GroupismNdhlovu, Finex 9-May-2017
302017Migration, Heritage Languages and Changing Demographics in AustraliaNdhlovu, Finex ; Wiloughby, Louisa29-May-2017
312016A decolonial critique of diaspora identity theories and the notion of superdiversityNdhlovu, Finex 24-May-2016
322015Hegemony and Language Policies in Southern Africa: Identity, Integration, DevelopmentNdhlovu, Finex 2-Feb-2016
332015Marginality and Linguistic Cartographies of African Denizens as Spheres of Possibility in Regional AustraliaNdhlovu, Finex 26-May-2015
342015Ignored Lingualism: Another Resource for Overcoming the Monolingual Mind-set in Language Education PolicyNdhlovu, Finex 6-Nov-2015
352014The idea of southern Africa in the humanities and social science disciplinesNdhlovu, Finex ; Siziba, Liqhwa28-Apr-2014
362014Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia: Language, Culture, IdentityNdhlovu, Finex 18-Dec-2014
372014On Politic Behaviour: The Personal Pronoun as an Address Term in the Ndebele Language of ZimbabweNdhlovu, Finex 29-Apr-2015
382013Cross-border Languages in Southern African Economic and Political IntegrationNdhlovu, Finex 8-Apr-2013
392013'Too Tall, Too Dark' to be Australian: Racial Perceptions of Post-refugee AfricansNdhlovu, Finex 29-May-2014
402013The burden of 'national languages' and the bondages of linguistic boundaries in postcolonial AfricaNdhlovu, Finex 15-Jun-2016
412013Beyond neo-liberal instructional models: Why multilingual instruction matters for South African skills developmentNdhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
422013Vehicular Cross-Border Languages, Multilingualism and the African Integration Debate: A Decolonial Epistemic PerspectiveNdhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
432013Nationalism and National Projects in Southern Africa: New Critical ReflectionsNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J; Ndhlovu, Finex 21-Nov-2013
442013Introduction: New Reflections on Nationalism, National Projects and Pan-Africanism in the 21st CenturyNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J; Ndhlovu, Finex 21-Nov-2013
452013The African National Language Question and the African National ProjectNdhlovu, Finex 21-Nov-2013
462013Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy of Nationalism and Relevance of National Project in the Twenty-First CenturyNdhlovu, Finex ; Ndlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J21-Nov-2013
472013Language Nesting, Superdiversity and African Diasporas in Regional AustraliaNdhlovu, Finex 10-Feb-2014
482011No to everything British but their language: Re-thinking English language and politics in Zimbabwe (2000 - 2008)Ndhlovu, Finex 18-Mar-2013
492011Language Policy, Citizenship and Discourses of Exclusion in ZimbabweNdhlovu, Finex 20-Jun-2013
502011Proposing a language-based framework for the form and structure of a United States of AfricaNdhlovu, Finex 22-Jul-2013

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