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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12023Going Nodal: Multi-sited Policing EthnographyBlaustein, Jarrett; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Shearing, Clifford1-May-2023
224-Oct-2022Mapping Intercultural Communication Imperatives of Police-Public Interactions in Rural SpacesNdhlovu, Finex ; Mulrooney, Kyle ; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Harkness, Alistair 17-Nov-2022
32022Sustainability of GroundwaterElshall, Ahmed S; Castilla-Rho, Juan; El-Kadi, Aly I; Holley, Cameron; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Sinclair, Darren; Ye, Ming30-Jun-2022
4Mar-2021Resilience Policing: An Emerging Response to Shifting Harm Landscapes and Reshaping Community PolicingMutongwizo, Tariro ; Holley, Cameron; Shearing, Clifford D; Simpson, Nicholas P25-Mar-2022
52021Public Servants and Regulator Capture in Energy and Environmental GovernanceHolley, Cameron; Kennedy, Amanda ; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Shearing, Clifford29-Jun-2022
6Mar-2020Climate Change CriminologyMutongwizo, Tariro ; Holley, Cameron29-Jun-2022
7Jan-2020Conceptualizing Policing and Security: New Harmscapes, the Anthropocene, and TechnologyHolley, Cameron; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Shearing, Clifford D24-Mar-2022
82020Groundwater Regulation, Compliance and Enforcement: Insights on Regulators, Regulated Actors and Frameworks in New South Wales, AustraliaHolley, Cameron; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Pucci, Susan; Castilla-Rho, Juan; Sinclair, Darren29-Jun-2022
92020Insights into the Multicultural Police Liaison Officer Program: A pilot study of New South Wales and QueenslandMutongwizo, Tariro 30-Jun-2022
101-Aug-2019Governing Energy Transitions: Unconventional Gas, Renewables and their Environmental NexusHolley, Cameron; Kennedy, Amanda ; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Shearing, Clifford11-May-2022
112019Shaping Unconventional Gas Regulation: Industry Influence and Risks of Agency Capture in Texas, Colorado and QueenslandHolley, Cameron; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Shearing, Clifford; Kennedy, Amanda 25-Mar-2022
12Oct-2018Environmental Security and the Anthropocene: Law, Criminology, and International RelationsHolley, Cameron; Shearing, Clifford; Harrington, Cameron; Kennedy, Amanda ; Mutongwizo, Tariro 7-Apr-2021
1315-Apr-2018Eclectic ties and election touts: Chipangano's cyclic governance agenda in Mbare, ZimbabweMutongwizo, Tariro 28-Jun-2022
14Apr-2018Comparing NGO Resilience and 'Structures of Opportunity' in South Africa and Zimbabwe (2010-2013)Mutongwizo, Tariro 25-Mar-2022
15Mar-2018The Queensland Police Service - 'South Brisbane District Islamic Youth Program' Evaluation: Police Mentor AssessmentsMurphy, Kristina; Madon, Natasha; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Williamson, Harley28-Jun-2022
1618-Jan-2018The South Brisbane District Islamic Youth Program Evaluation Report: Pre- & Post-program Survey FindingsMurphy, Kristina; Madon, Natasha; Mutongwizo, Tariro ; Williamson, Harley28-Jun-2022
172018Policing Very Remote Communities in Queensland: Lessons to be LearnedStenning, Philip; Shearing, Clifford; Ransley, Janet; Porter, Amanda; Mutongwizo, Tariro 30-Jun-2022
182018Expectations and Encounters: Comparing Perceptions of Police Services Among the Underprivileged in South Africa and ZimbabweMutongwizo, Tariro 28-Jun-2022
1931-Aug-2017Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo: Critical Legal and Environmental PerspectivesMutongwizo, Tariro ; Holley, Cameron29-Jun-2022
2020-Apr-2015Co-ownership and Collaboration: Insights into the Measurement of Impact and Change from Evidence-Based Community and State Violence Prevention PartnershipsMutongwizo, Tariro ; Leoschut, Lezanne; Burton, Patrick10-Jun-2022
211-Dec-2014Multi-directional change: Regulating public transport fares and payments in ZimbabweMutongwizo, Tariro 30-Jun-2022
22Jun-2014Chipangano Governance: Enablers and Effects of Violent Extraction in ZimbabweMutongwizo, Tariro 10-Jun-2022
23Apr-2012Returning to a Reluctant Sender: An Exploration into Community Attitudes toward Diversion and Reintegration in South AfricaLeoschut, Leanne; Mutongwizo, Tariro 15-Jul-2022
241-Jan-2010Foreign fears? An exploratory study of perceptions and fear of crime amongst international students at the University of Cape Town, South AfricaMutongwizo, Tariro 29-Jun-2022
25Dec-2009Inescapable violence: Cyber bullying and electronic violence against young people in South AfricaBurton, Patrick; Mutongwizo, Tariro 5-Jul-2022

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