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122-Mar-2022Verbal and Visual Representations on Major Thai Original Equipment Cosmetics Manufacturers’ Websites: A Critical Discourse AnalysisChairat, Pornpan ; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Adnan, Zifirdaus 15-Nov-2023
28-Dec-2021Rhetorical Patterns of Interaction in TV Talk Shows (TVTSs) in the Arab World: A Case Study of Saudi ArabiaAlalmay, Hasan Faya Y; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Sharpe, Margaret 23-Nov-2023
32-Dec-2021The Rhetorical Patterns of the Indonesian Research Articles in Law and History Disciplines: A Genre-Based AnalysisWarsidi, Warsidi; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Ryan, John S 22-Nov-2023
43-May-2021Rhetorical Patterns of Interaction in TV Talk Shows (STVTSs) in the Arab World: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia - DatasetAlalmay, Hasan Faya Y; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Sharpe, Margaret 23-Nov-2023
52021Writing in a Foreign Language: The Rhetorical and Argument Styles in Research Article Drafts by Nonnative Speakers of English in Linguistics and Language EducationArsyad, Safnil; Nur, Sahril; Nasihin, Ahmat; Syahrial, Syahrial; Adnan, Zifirdaus 11-May-2022
6Sep-2020The Argument Style in Research Article Discussions to Support Research Findings in Language StudiesArsyad, Safnil; Purwo, Bambang Kaswanti; Adnan, Zifirdaus 12-May-2022
7Feb-2020Panduan Menembus Jurnal InternasionalArsyad, Safnil; Kaswanti Purwo, Bambang; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Maisarah, Ira2-Sep-2021
811-Mar-2019Issues of Curricular Innovation: Teachers' Fidelity of Implementation of Communicative Competence in English Language Teaching for Senior High Schools in East Java, Indonesia (A Case Study)Prihananto, Novi; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Nicholls, Ruth ; Yamada, Kiyomi 16-Jan-2024
9Mar-2019Factors hindering Indonesian lecturers from publishing articles in reputable international journalsArsyad, Safnil; Purwo, Bambang Kaswanti; Sukamto, Katharina Endriati; Adnan, Zifirdaus 23-May-2019
102018Locating Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in discourse and social studiesIrawan, Andi; Adnan, Zifirdaus 29-Aug-2018
112018Upgrading EFL Teachers' Quality through an Online Mentoring System, an Innovative In-Service Training Model: The Case of IndonesiaAdnan, Zifirdaus 29-Aug-2018
122018Generic Structure of an Important, but Neglected, Academic Genre, Undergraduate Thesis Defence Examination, and its Pedagogic Implications. A Collective Case Study at Four Universities in Aceh and North Sumatra Provinces, IndonesiaSamad, Iskandar Abdul; Adnan, Zifirdaus 3-Aug-2018
132017Using a Genre-Based Approach to Prepare Undergraduate Students for an English Thesis Defence Examination: An Experimental Study to Address the 'Pedagogical Controversy'Samad, Iskandar Abdul; Adnan, Zifirdaus 28-May-2018
142017Discrimination and resistance: A critical discourse analysis of the ahmadiyya sect issue in IndonesiaIrawan, Andi Muhammad; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Ryan, John S ; Zafarullah, Habib M 29-Mar-2018
152016Improving Students' Competence in the Thesis Defence Examination (TDE) in Two Universities in Aceh, Indonesia: Case study at Nanggroe University and Syiar UniversitySamad, Iskandar Abdul; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Nicholls, Ruth ; Yamada, Kiyomi 2-Nov-2016
162016Discourse War between the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian RadicalsAdnan, Zifirdaus 28-May-2018
172015'Ideological Conflicts' Between the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian Muslim RadicalsAdnan, Zifirdaus 14-Mar-2017
182015Membangun Kemandirian Pemelajar Melalui Pendekatan GenreAdnan, Zifirdaus 21-May-2015
192014Prospects of Indonesian Research Articles (RAs) Being Considered for Publication in 'Center' Journals: A Comparative Study of Rhetorical Patterns of RAs in Selected Humanities and Hard Science DisciplinesAdnan, Zifirdaus 6-Jun-2014
202014Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore and Malaysia: Labour Management Systems and a Rights-Based PerspectiveGunawan, Cakti Indra; Kaur, Amarjit ; Adnan, Zifirdaus 17-Apr-2015
212014Giving Teachers Their Voices: Indonesian EFL Teachers' Perspectives on Professional Teaching Standards in the Context of Teacher Certification Programs in IndonesiaKorompot, Chairil Anwar; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Ellis, Elizabeth 21-Apr-2015
222013The First Bali Bombing 2002: 'Why did they do it to our Bali?'Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Mubarok, Zulfi23-Dec-2014
232011'Ideal-Problem-Solution' (IPS) Model: A Discourse Model of Research Article Introductions (RAIs) in EducationAdnan, Zifirdaus 3-May-2012
242011The Wisdom of 'Minangkabau': He Who is Known in my Home Country as 'The Victorious Buffalo'Adnan, Zifirdaus 15-May-2012
252010Rhetorical Patterns of Indonesian Research Articles: A Genre of Indonesian Academic WritingAdnan, Zifirdaus 12-May-2011
262009Some Potential Problems for Research Articles Written by Indonesian Academics when Submitted to International English Language JournalsAdnan, Zifirdaus 30-Apr-2010
272008Discourse Structure of Indonesian Research Article Introductions in Selected Hard SciencesAdnan, Zifirdaus 4-Mar-2010
282008Security Issues in Southeast Asia: Understanding Indonesian Terrorism Through the Life Story of Ali ImromAdnan, Zifirdaus 11-Aug-2009
292005Merebut Hati Audiens Internasional [Winning International Audience]: Strategi Ampuh Meraih Publikasi di Jurnal Ilmiah [Effective Strategies in Gaining Publication in Scientific Journals]Adnan, Z ; Zifirdaus, I29-Sep-2008
302004Citing Behaviours in Indonesian Humanities Research ArticlesAdnan, Zifirdaus 13-Aug-2009
312002Management in IndonesiaAdnan, Z ; Nankervis, A27-Jun-2008

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