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12018Javanese in Malaysia: Labour Migration, Settlement and DiasporaKaur, Amarjit 10-Aug-2018
22018Patterns and governance of labour migration in ASEAN: regional policies and migration corridorsKaur, Amarjit 15-Jun-2018
32015Balancing the State's Interests vis-á-vis Migrant Workers' Rights in Macau: An Analysis of the Macau Government's Migrant Labour Management Strategies, Migrant Workers' Rights and Labour ProtectionsPao, Sio Iu; Kaur, Amarjit ; Brasted, Howard 11-Jan-2016
42015Developing a Project and Choosing a FunderKaur, Amarjit 7-Jan-2016
52015Shifting Global Production Systems, Labour Market Flexibility and the new Precariat in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 9-May-2016
62015Labour in Malaysia: Flexibility, policy-making and regulated bordersKaur, Amarjit 9-Jul-2015
72015Key Issues in Contemporary Migration Policies in ASEAN: Prospects and challenges for the ASEAN economic communityKaur, Amarjit 25-May-2016
82015Demography of Race and Ethnicity in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 26-Aug-2015
92015Malaysia: Labour migration, irregular movements and regional policiesKaur, Amarjit 6-Oct-2015
102015Understanding Historical and Contemporary Labor Migration Patterns and Processes in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 25-May-2016
112014Managing Labour Migration in Malaysia: Guest Worker Programs and the Regularisation of Irregular Labour Migrants as a Policy InstrumentKaur, Amarjit 6-Aug-2014
122014Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore and Malaysia: Labour Management Systems and a Rights-Based PerspectiveGunawan, Cakti Indra; Kaur, Amarjit ; Adnan, Zifirdaus 17-Apr-2015
132014Migrant Labor and Welfare in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 17-Feb-2014
142014Indians in Malaysia, 1900-2010: Different Migration Streams, One DiasporaKaur, Amarjit 4-Dec-2014
152014Plantation Systems, Labour Regimes and the State in Malaysia, 1900-2012Kaur, Amarjit 19-May-2014
162013Export of Sri Lankan Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia: Gaps between Policy and Practices in Sri Lanka and Saudi ArabiaDissanayake, Samudra Kumari; Gamage, Sirisena ; Kaur, Amarjit 13-Nov-2013
172013South Asia, migration 1850-1970sKaur, Amarjit 29-Aug-2013
182013Asia, gender and migrationKaur, Amarjit 29-Aug-2013
192013International labour migration dynamics and inequality in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 20-Jun-2013
202013Shifting Geographies of Migration in Southeast Asia: Continuity and Change in Proletarian and Gendered MigrationsKaur, Amarjit 21-Nov-2013
212013Migration and the Refugee Regime in Malaysia: Implications for a Regional SolutionKaur, Amarjit 7-Mar-2014
222013Understanding International Migration: Comparative and Transcultural PerspectivesKaur, Amarjit ; Hoerder, Dirk21-Nov-2013
232013Proletarian and Gendered Mass Migrations: A Global Perspective on Continuities and Discontinuities from the 19th to the 21st CenturiesHoerder, Dirk; Kaur, Amarjit 15-Mar-2017
242012Indian Women Spouses as Secondary Migrants in New Zealand: Challenges and Missed OpportunitiesMallapur, Kiran; Kaur, Amarjit ; Gamage, Sirisena 18-Apr-2012
252012Rubber Plantation Workers, Work Hazards, and Health in Colonial Malaya, 1900-1940Kaur, Amarjit 22-May-2012
262012Labour Brokers in Migration: Understanding Historical and Contemporary Transnational Migration Regimes in Malaya/MalaysiaKaur, Amarjit 14-Nov-2012
272012Demonization and integration of 'boatpeople' in Howard's Australia: A rural city's struggle for human rights of asylum seekersTaylor-Neumann, Lorraine Vivienne Nayano; Kaur, Amarjit ; Gamage, Sirisena 10-Oct-2012
282011The Forgotten Trade: Global communications and the gutta percha trade - the response in nineteenth century SarawakGodfrey, Helen; Kaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 11-Oct-2011
292011Sikh Migration and Settlement in Southeast Asia, 1870s-1950s: Social Transformations, Homeland, and IdentityKaur, Amarjit 31-Oct-2011
302011Indian Ocean Crossings: Indian Labor Migration and Settlement in Southeast Asia, 1870 to 1940Kaur, Amarjit 24-Feb-2012
312010Labour migration trends and policy challenges in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 7-Dec-2010
322010Social Determinants of Health and Migrant Workers in Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 26-May-2011
332010Labour migration in Southeast Asia: migration policies, labour exploitation and regulationKaur, Amarjit 1-Apr-2010
342010A new order? Asian labour migration, new geographies of migration and global governanceKaur, Amarjit 1-Apr-2010
352010MigrationKaur, Amarjit 4-Aug-2010
362009Indians in Southeast Asia: Migrant labour, knowledge workers and the new IndiaKaur, Amarjit 19-Oct-2009
372009Comments on the World Health Organization Report of Commission on Social Determinants of Health - Final Report: Closing the gap in a generationKaur, Amarjit 11-Nov-2010
382009Labour Crossings in Southeast Asia: Linking Historical and Contemporary Labour MigrationKaur, Amarjit 16-Mar-2010
392008Labor and the Labor Movement: Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 16-Dec-2009
402008Migration and Security: Political, Social and Economic Contexts of MigrationKaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 19-Nov-2010
412008Increasing Controls Stem the Tide of Migration Across Southeast AsiaKaur, Amarjit 29-Nov-2010
422008International Migration and Governance in Malaysia: Policy and PerformanceKaur, Amarjit 19-Nov-2010
432008The Movement of Indians in East Asia: Contemporary and Historical EncountersKaur, Amarjit 4-Mar-2010
442007On the Move: International Migration in Southeast Asia since the 1980sKaur, Amarjit 5-May-2009
452007Introduction to UNEAC Asia Papers - Special Issue: Refugees and Refugee Policies in the Asia-Pacific RegionKaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 19-Nov-2010
462007Refugees and Refugee Policy in MalaysiaKaur, Amarjit 19-Nov-2010
472007Thematic Introduction: Migration Challenges in the Asia Pacific Region in the Twenty-First CenturyKaur, Amarjit ; Metcalfe, Ian 30-Mar-2010
482007Migration Matters in the Asia-Pacific Region: Immigration Frameworks, Knowledge Workers and National PoliciesKaur, Amarjit 30-Mar-2010
492007International Labour Migration in Southeast Asia: Governance of Migration and Women Domestic WorkersKaur, Amarjit 21-May-2009
502006Indian Labour, Labour Standards, and Workers' Health in Burma and Malaya, 1900-1940Kaur, A 13-May-2008

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