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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Oct-2018Changing Livelihood Strategies: Reconciling Forest Resource-Use, Conservation, and Poverty Alleviation in the Conservation Reserve of the Western GhatsMallapur, Gauri (Kiran) Vijay; Kaur, Amarjit ; Gamage, Sirisena 23-Jan-2024
22018Returned to danger: A study of the safety of asylum seekers returned to Sri LankaJayasinghe, Marappulige Chaminda Gajanayaka; Ware, Helen ; Gamage, Sirisena 24-Jun-2018
32016A Buddhist Approach to Knowledge Construction and Education in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in the Context of Colonisation and Southern TheoryGamage, Sirisena 19-Jan-2017
42016Academic Dependency on Western Disciplinary Knowledge and Captive Mind Among South Asian Sociologists: A CritiqueGamage, Sirisena 17-Jan-2017
52016Hegemonic Globalisation and Its Impact on the Global South: Sociological Perspectives and Anti Hegemonic ResponsesGamage, Sirisena 20-Jun-2017
62016Strategies for higher retention in online degree coursesBoton, Eliani Colferai; Gregory, Sue; Gamage, Sirisena ; Amazan, Rose 31-Jan-2018
724-Oct-2015Subvention and Governance Reforms in Secondary Education in Bangladesh: Actors, Acquiescence and Resistance in the Policy ProcessesDhar, Subrata; Gamage, Sirisena ; Takayama, Keita 7-Jan-2020
82015Globalization, Neoliberal Reforms and Inequality: A Review of Conceptual Tools, Competing Discourses, Responses, and AlternativesGamage, Sirisena 17-Nov-2015
92014Changing Patterns of Anthropology and Sociology Practices in Sri Lanka in the Context of Debates on Northern and Southern TheoryGamage, Sirisena 8-Jan-2015
102013Export of Sri Lankan Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia: Gaps between Policy and Practices in Sri Lanka and Saudi ArabiaDissanayake, Samudra Kumari; Gamage, Sirisena ; Kaur, Amarjit 13-Nov-2013
112013Exploring the Effect of Professional Development on Primary Teachers' Practice in Northern Ghana: a Two-Cycle Action Research ProjectPeeters, Aaron Michael; Taylor, Neil ; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed; Gamage, Sirisena 14-Nov-2013
122012Internationalization of Higher Education (IHE) in Selected Asian Countries: Contextual Issues, Trends, and Questions/Options for Sri LankaGamage, Sirisena 19-Nov-2012
132012Indian Women Spouses as Secondary Migrants in New Zealand: Challenges and Missed OpportunitiesMallapur, Kiran; Kaur, Amarjit ; Gamage, Sirisena 18-Apr-2012
142012Demonization and integration of 'boatpeople' in Howard's Australia: A rural city's struggle for human rights of asylum seekersTaylor-Neumann, Lorraine Vivienne Nayano; Kaur, Amarjit ; Gamage, Sirisena 10-Oct-2012
152011Internationalization (privatisation) of school education in Sri Lanka: An analysis of the differing discourses and the impact on societyGamage, Sirisena 2-Nov-2012
162011Identifying essential characteristics and competencies of good multicultural team leaders: A pilot studyHibbert, Evelyn; Ware, Helen ; Gamage, Sirisena 13-Oct-2011
172011Changing Development Models, Post-war International Development and Developing Country NeedsGamage, Sirisena 6-Feb-2012
182011Understanding the Job Satisfaction and Retention of Overseas-Hire Teachers: A Dimension of International School ImprovementDoyle, Allison Maree; Hardy, Joy ; Gamage, Sirisena ; Edwards, Helen 12-Sep-2012
192010Globalisation of Culture in the Context of Globalism/Localism and Homogenisation/Fragmentation DebatesGamage, Sirisena ; Gamage, Chamira9-Dec-2011
202010An interpretation of global terrorism (the Bush years 2001-2008) and considerations for peaceIribarnegaray, Deanna Rose; Jenkins, Bertram ; Gamage, Sirisena ; Spence, Rebecca 18-Jan-2012
212009The Globalisation of Desire: The Many Uses of Global and National Discourses by Korean Learners of EnglishSeamons, Renee Louise; Tamatea, Laurence Martin; Gamage, Sirisena 23-Jun-2009
222009Can Sri Lanka Achieve Durable Peace with the Tamils After Defeating Tamil Tigers?Gamage, Sirisena 9-Dec-2011
232009Current Thinking about Critical Multicultural and Critical Race Theory in EducationGamage, Sirisena 23-Jan-2012
242009Economic Liberalisation, Changes in Governance Structure and Ethnic Conflict in Sri LankaGamage, Sirisena 2-Aug-2010
252008Learning in the Social Context: Youth as critical thinkers or functionaries in the knowledge economyGamage, Sirisena 24-Nov-2010
262007Ethnic Conflict, State Reform, and Nation-Building in Sri LankaGamage, Sirisena 19-Oct-2009
272007Ideas from Postmodernism/Poststructuralism, Sociology of Education and Critical Pedagogy for Teacher Educators in Rural UniversitiesGamage, Sirisena 20-Oct-2009
282006Critical Discourses on Globalisation, Knowledge Economy and Public Education: The Case of Sri LankaGamage, S 18-Jul-2008
292005Has multiculturalism passed its used-by-date?Gamage, S 6-Aug-2008
302003Non-Governmental Organisations, Participation and Partnership Building in Basic Education in MalawiMakuwira, Jonathan Joxxie; Ninnes, Peter; Chantrill, Paul; Spence, Rebecca ; Gamage, Sirisena 10-Sep-2010
312002Children of the Betel-chewing Villagers: Social Distance and Identity Dilemmas of the Sinhala-speaking People in Sri LankaGamage, S 18-Sep-2008
322002Adaptation experiences of Sri Lankan immigrants and their children in Australia in the context of multiculturalism and Anglo-conformityGamage, S 24-Sep-2008
332001SinhaleseGamage, Sirisena 11-Feb-2010
341996In Search of Meaning: A Study of the Sociology Of Ethnicity, Culture and Symbolism, and its Implications for a Policy of MulticulturalismLawrance, Richard; Andreoni, Helen; Gamage, Sirisena 12-Dec-2014

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