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12019Towards East Asian Dialogue: Thinking Through the Policy Contradictions of Equity and Excellence in East Asian EducationTakayama, Keita 6-Mar-2019
22019Perceptions of Schooling and Career Aspirations of Palestinian High School Students Attending the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) High School in Beirut, Lebanon: Ambivalence and The Reproduction of Palestinian DisadvantageRangi, Richard William ; Tamatea, Laurence M ; Takayama, Keita 6-Jan-2020
3Nov-2018Beyond Comforting Histories: The Colonial/Imperial Entanglements of the International Institute, Paul Monroe, and Isaac L. Kandel at Teachers College, Columbia UniversityTakayama, Keita 12-Feb-2019
4Sep-2018PISA kenkyuu hihyou: Kokusaiteki doukou to "nihon" no kanouseiTakayama, Keita 8-Mar-2019
52018How to mess with PISA: Learning from Japanese kokugo curriculum expertsTakayama, Keita 18-Jun-2018
62018PISA, Tiger Parenting and Private Coaching: The discursive construction of 'the Asian' in the globalised education policy fieldTakayama, Keita 16-May-2018
72018The constitution of East Asia as a counter reference society through PISA: a postcolonial/decolonial interventionTakayama, Keita 4-Apr-2019
82018Towards a new articulation of comparative education: Cross-culturalising research imaginationsTakayama, Keita 15-Mar-2018
92017Imagining Sociology of Education OtherwiseTakayama, Keita 23-Jul-2018
102017Globalization of Educational Knowledge and ResearchTakayama, Keita 11-Jul-2018
112017Imagining East Asian education otherwise: Neither caricature, nor scandalizationTakayama, Keita 23-May-2017
122017Policy mobilities and methodology: a proposition for inventive methods in education policy studiesGulson, Kalervo N; Lewis, Stephen; Lingard, Bob; Lubienski, Christopher; Takayama, Keita ; Webb, P Taylor21-May-2017
132017Thinking with/through the Contradictions of Social Justice in Teacher Education: Self-Reflection on NETDS ExperienceTakayama, Keita ; Jones, Tiffany ; Amazan, Rose 21-May-2017
142017Fast policy: experimental statecraft at the thresholds of neoliberalismTakayama, Keita ; Lewis, Steven; Gulson, Kalervo; Hursh, David21-May-2017
152017Towards de-cold-war politics: Nationalism, democracy and new politics of/for education in JapanTakayama, Keita 5-Jul-2017
162017'nihonban' hihanteki kyoikugaku/kyoikukenkyu o soshitsu suru: hihanteki chi no datsu seiyoka ni muketeTakayama, Keita 20-Jul-2017
172017Toward a Postcolonial Comparative and International EducationTakayama, Keita ; Sriprakash, Arathi; Connell, Raewyn8-Jun-2017
182017Exploring How Australia's National Curriculum Supports the Aspirations of Aboriginal PeopleParkinson, Chloe Elizabeth; Takayama, Keita ; Boughton, Robert ; Jones, Tiffany 11-Jan-2018
192016Doing Southern Theory: Towards Alternative Knowledges and Knowledge Practices in/for EducationTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegneskumar 20-Jun-2016
202016Postcolonial Directions in Education: Special IssueTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegnes 20-Jun-2016
212016Provincializing and globalizing critical studies of school knowledge: Insights from the Japanese history textbook controversy over 'comfort women'Takayama, Keita 26-May-2016
222016Deploying the post-colonial predicaments of researching on and with 'Asia' in education: a standpoint from a rich peripheral countryTakayama, Keita 10-Feb-2016
232016Improving Services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students: A Critical StudyJones, Tiffany ; Takayama, Keita ; Posthausen, Guido ; Carter, Katherine ; Landrigan, Brian; Bennell, Debra; Ahoy, Colin; Parkinson, Chloe; Wallace, Carleigh24-Nov-2017
242016Toward Academic Decolonization in Critical Curriculum Studies: Learning from the Japanese History Textbook Controversy over "Comfort Women"Takayama, Keita 15-Mar-2018
252016Predicaments of 'Particularity' and 'Universality' in Studies of Japanese EducationTakayama, Keita 15-Mar-2018
262016Beyond 'the West as method': Repositioning the Japanese Education Research Communities in/against the Global Structure of Academic KnowledgeTakayama, Keita 6-May-2016
2724-Oct-2015Subvention and Governance Reforms in Secondary Education in Bangladesh: Actors, Acquiescence and Resistance in the Policy ProcessesDhar, Subrata; Gamage, Sirisena ; Takayama, Keita 7-Jan-2020
282015Provincialising the world culture theory debate: critical insights from a marginTakayama, Keita 6-Feb-2015
292014Rethinking the pattern of external policy referencing: media discourses over the 'Asian Tigers'' PISA success in Australia, Germany and South KoreaWaldow, Florian; Takayama, Keita ; Sung, Youl-Kwan26-Aug-2014
302014Review of 'Re-evaluating education in Japan and Korea: demystifying stereotypes' by Hyunjoon Park, New York, Routledge Studies in Education and Society in Asia, 2013, 156 pp., £85.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-415-59552-0Takayama, Keita ; Sung, Youl-Kwan31-Mar-2014
312013Untangling the global-distant-local knot: the politics of national academic achievement testing in JapanTakayama, Keita 23-Dec-2013
322013Review of 'PISA, power, and policy: the emergence of global educational governance', edited by Heinz-Dieter Meyer and Aaron Benavot, Oxford Studies in Comparative Education, Symposium Books, 2013, 335 pp., US$56.00 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-873927-96-0Takayama, Keita 10-Jan-2014
332013Finland Has it All?: Examining the Media Accentuation of 'Finnish Education' in Australia, Germany and South KoreaTakayama, Keita ; Waldow, Florian; Sung, Youl-Kwan10-Jan-2014
342013OECD, 'Key competencies' and the new challenges of educational inequalityTakayama, Keita 23-Dec-2013
352013English Literature in Qatari English Language ClassroomsHoddinott, Ian Robert; Takayama, Keita ; Unsworth, Leonard 27-Nov-2013
362013Not just tiger mums and rote learning: it's time for a balanced view of Asian educationTakayama, Keita 10-Feb-2014
372013Global "diffusion", banal nationalism, and the politics of policy legitimation: A genealogical study of "zest for living" in Japanese education policy discourseTakayama, Keita 7-Mar-2014
382012Bringing a Political 'Bite' to Educational Transfer Studies: Cultural Politics of PISA and the OECD in Japanese Education ReformTakayama, Keita 9-Nov-2012
392012Tokdo/Takeshima Island Dispute: A Call for Educators to Act towards Mutual UnderstandingKang, Hee-Ryong; Takayama, Keita 8-Nov-2012
402012Exploring the interweaving of contrary currents: transnational policy enactment and path-dependent policy implementation in Australia and JapanTakayama, Keita 26-Nov-2012
412012Finland has it all?: Examining 'Finnish PISA success' as a multiaccentual sign in Australia, Germany, and South KoreaTakayama, Keita ; Waldow, Florian; Sung, Youl-Kwan21-Feb-2013
422012オーストラリアの大学におけるeポートフォリオの活用③Takayama, Keita 14-Aug-2012
432012National Testing in Japan and Australia: To Publish or Not to Publish Scores?Takayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
442012How Finnish, not East Asian Education Became a Global ReferenceTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012
452012オーストラリアの大学におけるeポートフォリオの活用②Takayama, Keita 14-Aug-2012
462012オーストラリアの大学におけるeポートフォリオの活用Takayama, Keita 14-Aug-2012
472011A comparativist's predicaments of writing about 'other' education: a self-reflective, critical review of studies of Japanese educationTakayama, Keita 22-Feb-2012
482011Other Japanese educations and Japanese education otherwiseTakayama, Keita 22-Feb-2012
492011Politics of Externalization in Reflexive Times: Reinventing Japanese Education Reform Discourses through "Finnish Success"Takayama, Keita 14-Aug-2012
502011Kakusa shakai nhi okeru kyouin yousei kyoukakyouikugaku e no ichikousatsuTakayama, Keita 13-Aug-2012

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