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12017A study into the influence of head-teacher leadership on pedagogical practices within TAFE teaching units: A Multiple Case StudyNair, Geethani Pradeepa Antonette; Kigotho, Mutuota ; Heimans, Stephen ; Boughton, Robert 31-Jan-2018
22017Doing education policy enactment research in a minor keyHeimans, Stephen ; Singh, Parlo; Glasswell, Kathryn18-May-2017
32016Fieldwork in philosophy, emancipation and researcher dis-position: A post-qualitative research exemplarHeimans, Stephen 10-Feb-2017
42016Doing Southern Theory: Towards Alternative Knowledges and Knowledge Practices in/for EducationTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegneskumar 20-Jun-2016
52016Postcolonial Directions in Education: Special IssueTakayama, Keita ; Heimans, Stephen ; Amazan, Rose ; Maniam, Vegnes 20-Jun-2016
62016Re-presenting, performing critical/post-critical research realitiesHeimans, Stephen ; Singh, Parlo14-Feb-2017
72014Education policy enactment research: disrupting continuitiesHeimans, Stephen 28-Apr-2014
82014Policy enactment, context and performativity: ontological politics and researching Australian National Partnership policiesSingh, Parlo; Heimans, Stephen ; Glasswell, Kathryn26-Aug-2014
92014Take Action or Do Nothing: 'The Educational Dilemma of the Teacher'Boyle, Christopher ; Heimans, Stephen 6-Sep-2014
102012Deparochializing educational research: Three critical, illustrative narrativesLingard, Bob; Hardy, Ian; Heimans, Stephen 8-Apr-2014
112012Coming to matter in practice: enacting education policyHeimans, Stephen 28-Feb-2014
122012Education Policy, Practice, and PowerHeimans, Stephen 28-Feb-2014
132011Contesting the Neo-liberal Lash-up: Policy paradoxes and possibilitiesHeimans, Stephen 28-Feb-2014
142011Journal Rankings: positioning the field of educational research and educational academicsHardy, Ian; Heimans, Stephen ; Lingard, Bob3-Mar-2014
152010Review of 'The education debate', by S.J. Ball, Bristol, UK, The Policy Press, 2008, 242 pp., £12.99 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-86134-920-0Heimans, Stephen 28-Feb-2014
161995Language Learning Resources on the InternetGarton, James; Heimans, Stephen 28-Apr-2014

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