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11-Dec-2022Impact of a Community-Controlled Adult Literacy Campaign on Crime and Justice Outcomes in Remote Australian Aboriginal CommunitiesBeetson, Jack ; Anderson, Pat; Lin, Sophia; Williamson, Frances ; Amazan, Rose ; Boughton, Bob ; Morrell, Stephen; Taylor, Richard; Schwartz, Melanie5-Dec-2022
22022Measuring adult English literacy improvements in First Nations communities in AustraliaBoughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances ; Lin, Sophia; Taylor, Richard; Beetson, Jack ; Bartlett, Ben; Anderson, Pat; Morrell, Stephen14-Feb-2022
3Nov-2021Our homeland is humanity: The Cuban School of Literacy and Pedagogy of the OppressedBoughton, Robert ; Durnan, Deborah10-Feb-2022
49-Sep-2021Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation in Higher Education at a Regional University Campus: Policy, People and PlaceFarrell, Lynette Dawn; Nye, Adele ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Boughton, Robert 1-Dec-2023
5Aug-2021'I can speak on this here': Empowerment within an Aboriginal adult literacy campaignWilliamson, Frances ; Boughton, Bob 31-Jan-2020
6Apr-2021Quantifying low English literacy in Australian Aboriginal communities: a correlational studyLin, Sophia; Williamson, Frances ; Beetson, Jack ; Bartlett, Ben; Boughton, Bob ; Taylor, Richard25-Mar-2020
71-Nov-2020Esmonde Higgins and the lost history of Australian adult educationBoughton, Bob 16-Mar-2022
8Sep-2020Adult literacy, land rights and self-determinationBoughton, Robert 1-Mar-2021
92-Jul-2019Longitudinal Research Challenges: Lessons learned from our study of the impacts of a mass literacy campaign on the social determinants of HealthBeetson, Jack ; Boughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances 3-Feb-2020
102019The Relationship Between Low Adult Literacy Levels and Aboriginal Family and Community Engagement in Educational Decision MakingRatcliffe, Ruth ; Boughton, Bob 12-Feb-2020
112019ASIO and the Australia-Timor-Leste solidarity movement, 1974-1979Boughton, Robert 3-Feb-2020
122019Literacy as a social determinant of Aboriginal healthSchofield, Toni ; Boughton, Bob ; Beetson, Jack ; Bartlett, Ben17-Mar-2023
132019'A Strong Belief in the Possibility of a Better Life': The Pedagogy of Contingency and the Ethic of Solidarity in the Yes, I Can! Aboriginal Adult Literacy CampaignBoughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances 20-Feb-2020
143-Dec-2018Impact of the 'Yes, I Can!' adult literacy campaign on interactions with the criminal justice systemWise, Jenny ; Harris, Bridget ; Nickson, Ray ; Boughton, Bob ; Beetson, Jack 26-Mar-2019
15Dec-2018Improving Aboriginal adult literacy rates: What potential does the ‘Yes, I Can!’ Adult literacy campaign have for reducing offending and improving interactions with the criminal justice system in NSW Aboriginal communities?Wise, Jenny ; Nickson, Ray ; Harris, Bridget ; Boughton, Bob ; Beetson, Jack 5-Apr-2019
16Aug-2018Critical Literacy and Transformative Social Practice: An Ethical GroundingHearfield, Colin ; Boughton, Bob 5-Jul-2019
172018Making It Stick. The Post Literacy phase of the Literacy for Life Foundation Aboriginal adult literacy campaignDurnan, Deborah; Boughton, Bob 3-Feb-2020
18Mar-2017South-South Development Cooperation: Cuba's Yes, I Can! Adult Literacy model in Timor-Leste and Aboriginal AustraliaBoughton, Robert ; Beetson, Jack ; Waites, Mary; Durnan, Deborah16-Aug-2022
192017Timor-Leste: Adult Literacy, Popular Education and Post-conflict PeacebuildingBoughton, Robert G 28-Jun-2018
202017Popular Education Pedagogy And South-South Solidarity: An Asia Pacific PerspectiveBoughton, Bob ; Durnan, Deborah3-Feb-2020
212017Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learnersGuenther, John; Bat, Melodie; Stephens, Anne; Skewes, Janet; Boughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances ; Wooltorton, Sandra; Marshall, Melissa; Dwyer, Anna3-Feb-2020
222017Exploring How Australia's National Curriculum Supports the Aspirations of Aboriginal PeopleParkinson, Chloe Elizabeth; Takayama, Keita ; Boughton, Robert ; Jones, Tiffany 11-Jan-2018
2322-Apr-2016Shooting the Breeze: Participatory Photo-Storytelling with Young Adults in Timor-LesteJones, Richard ; Ware, Helen ; Boughton, Robert 10-Oct-2019
242016Radical International Adult Education: A Pedagogy of SolidarityBoughton, Robert G 19-Jan-2017
252016Enhancing Training Advantage for Remote LearnersGuenther, John; Marshall, Mel; Dwyer, Anna; Woolorton, Sandra; Boughton, Robert G ; Stephens, Anne; Williamson, Frances ; Skewes, Janet; Bat, Melodie20-Jan-2017
262016Community-Based Adult Learning Research in Australia and Canada: A Review EssayBoughton, Robert G 20-Jan-2017
272016Popular Education and Mass Literacy Campaigns: Beyond 'New Literacy Studies'Boughton, Robert G 19-Feb-2017
282016We've been spying on you for decades: ASIO and the early Australian solidarity movementBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah; Benedito da Silva, Antero6-Feb-2017
292015Inhabiting Transience: Stories of learning through chronic illness, the body, place and creativityStorer, Julie; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul ; Avery, Alan2-Apr-2015
302015Learning something everyday: What do people learn from their everyday lives?Thomas, Eryn Liza; Boughton, Robert ; Nye, Adele 12-Jan-2016
312014Special Issue: Adult Literacy and Adult EducationBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah19-Dec-2014
322014Editorial. Adult and Popular EducationBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah19-Dec-2014
332014Continuing Professional Education in Australia: A Tale of Missed OpportunitiesBrennan, Barrie; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 2-Apr-2015
342014How farmers are learning to change to more sustainable farming methods in response to recent climatic and government policy pressuresMiller-Brown, Helen; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 8-Apr-2015
352014Cuba's "Yes I Can" mass adult literacy campaign model in Timor-Leste and Aboriginal Australia: A comparative studyBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
362014Cuba's 'Yo, Si Puedo'. A Global Literacy Movement?Boughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
372014Cuba's Yes I Can in Australia. Three Years OnBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah12-Dec-2014
382013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign Pilot Study in Australia using 'Yes I Can'Boughton, Robert G ; Ah Chee, Donna; Beetson, Jack ; Durnan, Deborah; LeBlanch, Jose Chala10-Jul-2013
392013Popular education and the 'party line'Boughton, Robert G 16-Jul-2013
402013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign in Australia using Yes I CanBeetson, Jack ; Ah Chee, Donna; Boughton, Robert G ; LeBlanch, Jose Chala11-Jul-2013
412013What Can the Cuban School of Adult Literacy Offer in Aboriginal Australia? A Pilot Study in a Remote Aboriginal CommunityBoughton, Robert G 21-Oct-2013
422013Adult literacy campaigns, political participation and nation building in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G ; Durnan, Deborah21-Oct-2013
432013Using Popular Education in Development Work: Some Experiences from Aboriginal AustraliaDurnan, Deborah; Beetson, Jack ; Boughton, Robert G 4-Feb-2014
442013Timor-Leste: Education, Decolonization and DevelopmentBoughton, Robert G 22-Apr-2013
452013Mass literacy campaigns: a pedagogy of hope?Boughton, Robert G 7-Apr-2014
46201315th Comparative Education World Congress 2013: New times, new voicesBoughton, Robert G 7-Apr-2014
472012FRETILIN Popular Education 1973-1978 and its Relevance to Timor-Leste Todayda Silva, Antero Benedito; Boughton, Robert ; Spence, Rebecca 11-Oct-2012
482012Cuba's Contribution to Adult Literacy, Popular Education, and Peace Building in Timor-LesteBoughton, Robert G 1-Feb-2013
492012Resilience, solidarity and adult literacyBoughton, Robert G 21-Feb-2013
502012Peskiza foun kona ba Timor-Leste = New research on Timor-Leste: Proceedings of the Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste ConferenceLeach, Michael; Mendes, Nuno Canas; da Silva, Antero Benedito; Boughton, Robert G ; da Costa Ximenes, Alarico25-Feb-2013

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