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11-Dec-2022Impact of a Community-Controlled Adult Literacy Campaign on Crime and Justice Outcomes in Remote Australian Aboriginal CommunitiesBeetson, Jack ; Anderson, Pat; Lin, Sophia; Williamson, Frances ; Amazan, Rose ; Boughton, Bob ; Morrell, Stephen; Taylor, Richard; Schwartz, Melanie5-Dec-2022
22022Measuring adult English literacy improvements in First Nations communities in AustraliaBoughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances ; Lin, Sophia; Taylor, Richard; Beetson, Jack ; Bartlett, Ben; Anderson, Pat; Morrell, Stephen14-Feb-2022
3Aug-2021'I can speak on this here': Empowerment within an Aboriginal adult literacy campaignWilliamson, Frances ; Boughton, Bob 31-Jan-2020
4Apr-2021Quantifying low English literacy in Australian Aboriginal communities: a correlational studyLin, Sophia; Williamson, Frances ; Beetson, Jack ; Bartlett, Ben; Boughton, Bob ; Taylor, Richard25-Mar-2020
5Jul-2020Maestras: Exploring dialectical relationships in an Aboriginal literacy campaignWilliamson, Frances ; Durnan, Deborah; Edwards, Tannia; Waites, Mary1-Jul-2021
62-Jul-2019Longitudinal Research Challenges: Lessons learned from our study of the impacts of a mass literacy campaign on the social determinants of HealthBeetson, Jack ; Boughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances 3-Feb-2020
72019'A Strong Belief in the Possibility of a Better Life': The Pedagogy of Contingency and the Ethic of Solidarity in the Yes, I Can! Aboriginal Adult Literacy CampaignBoughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances 20-Feb-2020
82019Aboriginal Maestras: ‘Bringing out our voices’ through the Yes, I can! CampaignWilliamson, Frances ; Amazan, Rose ; Durnam, Deborah3-Jun-2021
92017Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learnersGuenther, John; Bat, Melodie; Stephens, Anne; Skewes, Janet; Boughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances ; Wooltorton, Sandra; Marshall, Melissa; Dwyer, Anna3-Feb-2020
102016Enhancing Training Advantage for Remote LearnersGuenther, John; Marshall, Mel; Dwyer, Anna; Woolorton, Sandra; Boughton, Robert G ; Stephens, Anne; Williamson, Frances ; Skewes, Janet; Bat, Melodie20-Jan-2017

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