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114-Dec-2022The meaning of "manners" in Australian EnglishWaters, Sophia 11-Jul-2023
29-Dec-2020The lexical semantics of blaguer: French ways of bringing people together through persuasion, deception and laughterWaters, Sophia 4-Aug-2021
326-Sep-2019Jordanian-Australians' Perceptions and Practices of ComplimentsAbu-Rabie, Malek; Ndhlovu, Finex ; Waters, Sophia 1-Mar-2021
42018How's it going, Mal? Why Australians can get away with familiarity but French schoolboys can'tWaters, Sophia 24-Dec-2018
52017Nice as a cultural keyword: The semantics behind Australian discourses of socialityWaters, Sophia 2-Mar-2021
62017An invitation to keyword studies: Guidance for future researchLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia 23-Dec-2018
72017Cultural Keywords in DiscourseLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia 23-Dec-2018
82017How words do things with peopleLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia 23-Dec-2018
92015The cultural semantics of "sociality" terms in Australian English, with contrastive reference to FrenchWaters, Sophia ; Goddard, Cliff ; Ellis, Elizabeth 26-Mar-2015
102015Lige, a Danish 'magic word'? An ethnopragmatic analysisLevisen, Carsten; Waters, Sophia 24-Dec-2018
112012"It's rude to VP": The cultural semantics of rudenessWaters, Sophia 9-May-2013
122010The Semantics of French Discourse Particles 'quoi' and 'ben'Waters, Sophia 9-Jul-2013

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