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1Jul-2022Hypertension alters the function and expression profle of the peptide cotransporters PEPT1 and PEPT2 in the rodent renal proximal tubuleAlghamdi, Othman A ; King, Nicola ; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; Jones, Graham L ; Chami, Belal; Witting, Paul K; Moens, Pierre D J 26-Mar-2024
24-Aug-2021Investigation of molecular and cellular aspects of cotton black root rot disease and the potential for biological controlAbd Oun, Hamid Gehad Humadi; McMillan, Mary ; Knox, Oliver ; Jones, Graham 20-Nov-2023
37-May-2021Molecular Assessment of Soil Microbial Function and Community Response Under Differing Soil Management PracticesAldorri, Sind Shamel Omer; McMillan, Mary ; Jones, Graham Lloyd ; Winter Ziv, Gal 5-Dec-2023
416-Apr-2021The Diversity of Volatile Compounds in Australia's Semi-Desert Genus Eremophila (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-González, Guillermo F; Green, Alison; Langat, Moses K; Mas-Claret, Eduard; Lyddiard, Dane ; Klepp, Julian ; Legendre, Sarah V. A.-M ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Jones, Graham L ; Ramli, Iskandar M; Leuner, Olga; Fernandez-Cusimamani, Eloy29-Jul-2021
511-Mar-2021Investigation of molecular and cellular aspects of cotton black root rot disease and the potential for biological control-DatasetAbd Oun, Hamid; McMillan, Mary ; Knox, Oliver ; Jones, Graham 20-Nov-2023
62-Mar-2021Antibacterial Compounds and Phytochemistry of Plants from the New England Tablelands (NSW) and the Genus EremophilaLyddiard, Dane ; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham Lloyd ; Andronicos, Nicholas 6-Dec-2023
7Feb-2021Effect of ageing and hypertension on the expression and activity of PEPT2 in normal and hypertrophic heartsAlghamdi, Othman; King, Nicola ; Jones, Graham L ; Moens, Pierre D J 16-Mar-2022
82021Symptoms and Severity of Visual Stress in Nursing Students: Implications for Education and Healthcare SettingsLoew, Stephen J ; Marsh, Nigel V ; Rodríguez-Pérez, Celestino; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 16-Mar-2022
913-Nov-2020Prostanthera (Lamiaceae) as a 'Cradle of Incense': Chemophenetics of Rare Essential Oils from Both New and Forgotten Australian 'Mint Bush' SpeciesSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo F; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Jones, Graham L ; Andrew, Rose ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Langat, Moses K; Melnikovova, Ingrid; Fernandez-Cusimamani, Eloy13-Apr-2021
10Nov-2020Molecular assessment of soil microbial function and community response under differing soil management practicesAldorri, Sind Shamel Omer; McMillan, Mary ; Winter Ziv, Gal ; Jones, Graham 5-Dec-2023
1131-Oct-2019From Petri Dish to Patient: Bioavailability Estimation and Mechanism of Action for Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Natural ProductsSadgrove, Nicholas John ; Jones, Graham 25-Mar-2022
12Feb-2019Molecular changes to the rat renal cotransporters PEPT1 and PEPT2 due to ageingAlghamdi, Othman A; King, Nicola ; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; Jones, Graham L ; Chami, Belal; Witting, Paul K; Moens, Pierre D J 7-Apr-2019
132018A new use of β-Ala-Lys (AMCA) as a transport reporter for PEPT1 and PEPT2 in renal brush border membrane vesicles from the outer cortex and outer medullaAlghamdi, Othman A; King, Nicola; Jones, Graham L ; Moens, Pierre 31-May-2018
142017Kinetic Measurements of Di- and Tripeptide and Peptidomimetic Drug Transport in Different Kidney Regions Using the Fluorescent Membrane Potential-Sensitive Dye, DiS-C3-(3)Alghamdi, Othman A; King, Nicola; Jones, Graham L ; Moens, Pierre 8-Jan-2018
152017Have we got the selection process right? The validity of selection tools for predicting academic performance in the first year of undergraduate medicineLynagh, Marita; Kelly, Brian ; Regan, Tim; McElduff, Patrick; David, Michael; Horton, Graeme ; Walker, Ben; Powis, David; Bore, Miles; Munro, Donald; Symonds, Ian; Jones, Graham L ; Nagle, Amanda 10-May-2017
1614-Dec-2016Transdisciplinary implications from contemporary Australian natural product discoveries: Essential oils and saponins in phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, and systematicsSadgrove, N J ; Telford, I R H ; Lyddiard, D ; Collins, T L ; Klepp, J ; Legendre, S V A M ; Bruhl, J J ; Jones, G L ; Greatrex, B W ; Van Wyk, B E6-Jun-2024
1730-Apr-2016The effect of ageing on antioxidant status in different regions of the rat kidneyThiab, Noor Riyadh; Jones, Graham L ; McMillan, Mary ; King, Nicola 1-Mar-2023
182016Molecular Factors Involved in Suppression of Pathogenic 'Vibrio owensii' by Potential Probiotic BacteriaJwad, Balkeas Abd Ali Abd Aun; Pereg, Lily ; Jones, Graham 8-Aug-2017
192016Fluorescent lighting, bright-white paper, and levels of reading discomfort in Nursing-degree students: implications for education and healthcare settingsLoew, Stephen ; Marsh, Nigel V ; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 23-May-2017
202016Age-related protein and mRNA expression of glutathione peroxidases (GPx) and Hsp-70 in different regions of rat kidney with and without stressorThiab, Noor Riyadh; King, Nicola; McMillan, Mary ; Alghamdi, Othman Ahmed S; Jones, Graham L 6-May-2016
212016Keeping it simple: lessons from the golden era of antibiotic discoveryLyddiard, Dane ; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 23-Jun-2016
222016The Iridoid Myodesert-1-ene and Elemol/Eudesmol are found in Distinct Chemotypes of the Australian Aboriginal Medicinal Plant 'Eremophila dalyana' (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Collins, Timothy ; Legendre, Sarah; Klepp, Julian; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 13-Oct-2016
232016The effect of ageing and hypertension on the proton-coupled transporters PEPT1 and PEPT2 in the renal proximal tubule, and PEPT2 in cardiac sarcolemmal membraneAlghamdi, Othman Ahmed S; Moens, Pierre ; Jones, Graham ; King, Nicola 17-Nov-2016
242016Reviewing the importance of aromatic medicinal plants in the traditional pharmacopoeia of Australian Aboriginal peopleSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 26-Apr-2017
252016Phytochemical variability of 'Pittosporum angustifolium' Lodd. (Pittosporaceae): a traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Australian medicineSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 9-May-2017
262016Bioactive volatiles from 'Geijera parviflora' Lindl. (Rutaceae): evidence for coumarin chemotypesSadgrove, N; Lyddiard, Dane ; Jones, Graham L 10-May-2017
272016Genifuranal and other derivatives: smoking desert plantsSadgrove, Nicholas; Lyddiard, Dane ; Collins, Tim; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 10-May-2017
282015A Contemporary Introduction to Essential Oils: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Prospects for Australian AgricultureSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 7-May-2015
292015Functional Analysis of Putative Cardio-Protective Agents in Reperfusion of Whole Rat Heart and Isolated Rat CardiomyocytesAlmashhadany, Amer Hasan; Jones, Graham ; van der Touw, Tom13-Jan-2016
302015Ethnopharmacology in Australia and OceaniaJones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas9-Feb-2016
312015Valuing the pharmacopoeias of First Peoples: The benefits in an era of antimicrobial resistanceLyddiard, Dane ; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 25-May-2016
322015New insights into aromatic medicinal plant use by Australian Aboriginal PeopleJones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas10-Dec-2015
332015Effect of ageing and oxidative stress on antioxidant enzyme activity in different regions of the rat kidneyThiab, Noor Riyadh; King, Nicola; Jones, Graham L 23-Dec-2015
342015Effect of ageing on metabolite and oxidant concentrations in different regions of rat kidney under normal and stress conditionsThiab, Noor Riyadh; King, Nicola; Jones, Graham L 22-Dec-2015
352015Levels of Visual Stress in Proficient Readers: Effects of Spectral Filtering of Fluorescent Lighting on Reading DiscomfortLoew, Stephen ; Rodriguez, Celestino; Marsh, Nigel V; Jones, Graham L ; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Watson, Kenneth 23-Dec-2015
362015Homocysteine Exposure Impairs Myocardial Resistance to Ischaemia Reperfusion and Oxidative StressAlmashhadany, Amer; Shackebaei, Dareuosh; van der Touw, Tom ; Jones, Graham L ; Suleiman, M Saadeh; King, Nicola23-Dec-2015
372015l-Glycyl-l-glutamine provides the isolated and perfused young and middle-aged rat heart protection against ischaemia-reperfusion injuryAlmashhadany, Amer; Alghamdi, Othman Ahmed S; van der Touw, Tom ; Jones, Graham L ; King, Nicola23-Dec-2015
382015Alpha-Cyclodextrin encapsulation enhances antimicrobial activity of cineole-rich essential oils from Australian species of 'Prostanthera' (Lamiaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 23-Dec-2015
392015α-Cyclodextrin encapsulation enhances antimicrobial activity of cineole-rich essential oils from Australian species of Prostanthera (Lamiaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas ; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham Lloyd 23-May-2024
402014Meares-Irlen/Visual Stress Syndrome: is fluorescent lighting affecting reading and learning?Loew, Stephen; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham 16-Apr-2015
412014Composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils from the 'Phebalium squamulosum' species complex (Rutaceae) in New South Wales, AustraliaSadgrove, Nicholas; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 3-Apr-2014
422014Meares-Irlen/Visual Stress Syndrome, Classroom Fluorescent Lighting and Reading Difficulties: A Review of the LiteratureLoew, Steve ; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 13-Nov-2014
432014Isolation and characterisation of (-)-genifuranal: The principal antimicrobial component in traditional smoking applications of 'Eremophila longifolia' (Scrophulariaceae) by Australian aboriginal peoplesSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 25-Jun-2014
442014Cytogeography of essential oil chemotypes Eremophila longifolia F. Muell (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 4-Aug-2014
452014Medicinal compounds, chemically and biologically characterised from extracts of Australian 'Callitris endlicheri' and 'C. glaucophylla' (Cupressaceae): Used traditionally in Aboriginal and colonial pharmacopoeiaSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 16-May-2014
462014Chemogeography and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from 'Geijera parviflora' and 'Geijera salicifolia' (Rutaceae): Two traditional Australian medicinal plantsSadgrove, Nicholas; Goncalves-Martins, Maximilien; Jones, Graham L 6-Jun-2014
472014Volatiles from the Rare Australian Desert Plant 'Prostanthera centralis' B.J.Conn (Lamiaceae): Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial ActivityCollins, Tim; Jones, Graham L ; Sadgrove, Nicholas6-Jan-2015
482013Characterization and Bioactivity of Essential Oils from 'Geijera parviflora' (Rutaceae): A Native Bush Medicine from AustraliaSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013
492013Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Solvent Extracts from 'Zieria' species (Rutaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013
502013Dihydrotagetone, an Unusual Fruity Ketone, is Found in Enantiopure and Enantioenriched Forms in Additional Australian Native Taxa of 'Phebalium' (Rutaceae: Boronieae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben ; Dowell, Ashley; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013

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