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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Mar-2024Ring-Expansion Reactions of the Biomass Derivative Cyrene via Enamine DihalocyclopropanationPuschnig, Johannes; Greatrex, Ben W 10-May-2024
218-Feb-2024Investigations of Acid-Catalyzed Pyrolysis of Carrageenans and Other Carbohydrates in Polyethylene GlycolRodiahwati, Wawat ; Brown, Trevor Colin ; Fellows, Christopher ; Greatrex, Ben ; Vancov, Tony 30-May-2024
37-Feb-2024Practical and scalable enantioselective synthesis of (+)-majoranolide from CyrenePodversnik, Harald; Camp, Jason E; Greatrex, Ben W 20-May-2024
419-Jan-2024Intermolecular Enamine Mizoroki–Heck Reactions on a Bio-Derived ScaffoldPuschnig, Johannes; Jevric, Martyn ; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben W 8-May-2024
5Sep-2023Formation of levoglucosenone and furfural from three different carrageenans via acid-catalyzed pyrolysis in polyethylene glycolRodiahwati, Wawat ; Brown, Trevor C ; Greatrex, Ben W 21-Sep-2023
618-Aug-2023Desymmetrization and Kinetic Resolution of Endoperoxides Using a Bifunctional OrganocatalystLegendre, Sarah V A M ; Sumby, Christopher J; Karton, Amir ; Greatrex, Ben W 19-Apr-2024
713-Jul-2023Intramolecular Proton-Coupled Hydride Transfers with Relatively Low Activation BarriersKarton, Amir ; Greatrex, Ben W ; O'Reilly, Robert J 6-Sep-2023
8Mar-2023Sulfuric acid-catalyzed pyrolysis of iota-carrageenan in polyethylene glycolRodiahwati, Wawat ; Brown, Trevor C ; Greatrex, Ben W 6-Sep-2023
913-Oct-2022Oxa-Michael-initiated cascade reactions of levoglucosenoneKlepp, Julian ; Bousfield, Thomas; Cummins, Hugh; Legendre, Sarah V A-M ; Camp, Jason E; Greatrex, Ben W 7-Sep-2023
1031-May-2022Levoglucosenone: Bio-Based Platform for Drug DiscoveryCamp, Jason E; Greatrex, Ben W 10-Oct-2023
1116-Apr-2021The Diversity of Volatile Compounds in Australia's Semi-Desert Genus Eremophila (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-González, Guillermo F; Green, Alison; Langat, Moses K; Mas-Claret, Eduard; Lyddiard, Dane ; Klepp, Julian ; Legendre, Sarah V. A.-M ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Jones, Graham L ; Ramli, Iskandar M; Leuner, Olga; Fernandez-Cusimamani, Eloy29-Jul-2021
122-Mar-2021Antibacterial Compounds and Phytochemistry of Plants from the New England Tablelands (NSW) and the Genus EremophilaLyddiard, Dane ; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham Lloyd ; Andronicos, Nicholas 6-Dec-2023
1313-Nov-2020Prostanthera (Lamiaceae) as a 'Cradle of Incense': Chemophenetics of Rare Essential Oils from Both New and Forgotten Australian 'Mint Bush' SpeciesSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo F; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Jones, Graham L ; Andrew, Rose ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Langat, Moses K; Melnikovova, Ingrid; Fernandez-Cusimamani, Eloy13-Apr-2021
141-Oct-2020Antibacterial compounds & phytochemistry of plants from the New England Tablelands (NSW) & the genus EremophilaLyddiard, Dane ; Greatrex, Ben 6-Dec-2023
15Oct-2020Diterpene and flavonoid constituents of the newly identified Australian species Olearia fulgensLyddiard, Dane ; Ozga, Theo; Greatrex, Ben W 2-Aug-2021
16Aug-2020GC-MS 'chemophenetics' on Australian pink-flowered Phebalium (Rutaceae) using herbarium leaf material demonstrates phenetic agreement with putative new speciesSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Telford, Ian R H ; Padilla-González, Guillermo F; Greatrex, Ben W ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 2-Aug-2021
176-May-2020Organocatalytic Kornblum-DeLaMare Reactions of Endoperoxides and Applications in Drug DiscoveryLegendre, Sarah Veronique Anne-Marrie ; Greatrex, Ben ; Wilkinson, Brendan 5-Jan-2024
1811-Apr-2020New Labdanes with Antimicrobial and Acaricidal Activity: Terpenes of Callitris and Widdringtonia (Cupressaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Senbill, Haytham; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Greatrex, Ben W 2-Sep-2020
192020Preparation of (-)-Levoglucosenone from Cellulose Using Sulfuric Acid in Polyethylene GlycolKlepp, J ; Dillon, W; Lin, Y; Feng, P; Greatrex, B W 2-Sep-2020
202020Diterpene and flavonoid constituents of the newly identified Australian Olearia sp. Munro State ForestGreatrex, Ben ; Ozga, Theo; Lyddiard, Dane 25-May-2020
2120-Dec-2019Development of Chiral Auxiliaries from (-)-Levoglucosenone and Biomimetic Synthesis of Mitchellenes B–HKlepp, Julian ; Greatrex, Ben ; Fellows, Christopher 3-Jan-2024
228-Nov-2019Enlisting plants in the battle for new antibacterial compoundsLyddiard, Dane ; Greatrex, Ben W 1-Sep-2020
235-Sep-2019Novel Transformations and Applications of the Biomass Pyrolysis Product LevoglucosenoneLedingham, Edward Timothy ; Greatrex, Ben ; Taylor, Michelle 11-Jan-2024
242-Aug-2019Biomimetic Synthesis of Mitchellenes B-H from the Abundant Biological Precursor 14-Hydroxy-6,12-muuroloadien-15-oic AcidKlepp, Julian ; Sadgrove, Nicholas J ; Legendre, Sarah V A-M ; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben W 2-Sep-2020
2519-Jul-2019Diastereoselective sulfa-Michael reactions controlled by a biomass-derived chiral auxiliaryKlepp, Julian ; Podversnik, Harald; Puschnig, Johannes; Wallace, Andrew ; Greatrex, Ben W 2-Sep-2020
266-Feb-2019Aziridination and aza-Wharton Reactions of LevoglucosenoneLedingham, Edward T ; Greatrex, Ben W 2-Sep-2020
2718-Oct-2018Diastereoselective Weitz-Scheffer epoxidation of levoglucosenone for the synthesis of isolevoglucosenone and derivativesLedingham, Edward T ; Greatrex, Ben W 15-Apr-2019
288-May-2018Bio-Based Chiral Amines via Aza-Michael Additions to (-)-Levoglucosenone Under Aqueous ConditionsKim, Shi-Wei; Ledingham, Edward T ; Kudo, Shinji; Greatrex, Ben W ; Sperry, Jonathan6-May-2019
2924-Jan-2018Revision of the Phytochemistry of Eremophila sturtii and E. mitchelliiSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Klepp, Julian ; Legendre, Sarah V A-M ; Lyddiard, Dane ; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben W 6-May-2019
302018Synthesis of a Chiral Auxiliary Family from Levoglucosenone and Evaluation in the Diels–Alder ReactionKlepp, Julian ; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben W 6-May-2019
312018Reliable analysis of volatile compounds from small samples of Eucalyptus magnificata (Myrtaceae)Collins, Timothy L ; Andrew, Rose L ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 6-May-2019
322018A domino Kornblum-DeLaMare/aza-Michael reaction of 3,6-dihydro-1,2-dioxines and application to the synthesis of the ceramide transport inhibitor (±)-HPA-12Legendre, Sarah; Jevric, Martyn; Klepp, Julian; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben 12-Apr-2018
332018Serrulatic acid diastereomers identified from an antibacterial survey of EremophilaLyddiard, Dane; Greatrex, Ben 19-Jun-2018
342017Stereoselective Cyclopropanation of (-)-Levoglucosenone Derivatives Using Sulfonium and Sulfoxonium YlidesLedingham, Edward ; Merritt, Christopher J; Sumby, Christopher J; Taylor, Michelle K ; Greatrex, Ben 5-Jul-2017
352017Support for a Dioxyallyl Cation in the Mechanism Leading to (−)-LevoglucosenoneGreatrex, Ben ; Meisner, Jan; Glover, Stephen ; Raverty, Warwick12-Apr-2018
362017Efficient Synthesis of an Indinavir Precursor from Biomass-Derived (-)-LevoglucosenoneLedingham, Edward ; Stockton, Kieran; Greatrex, Ben 20-Apr-2018
3714-Dec-2016Transdisciplinary implications from contemporary Australian natural product discoveries: Essential oils and saponins in phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, and systematicsSadgrove, N J ; Telford, I R H ; Lyddiard, D ; Collins, T L ; Klepp, J ; Legendre, S V A M ; Bruhl, J J ; Jones, G L ; Greatrex, B W ; Van Wyk, B E6-Jun-2024
3818-Aug-2016New chemo-enzymatic route for the synthesis of chiral glycidyl esters ((S)-ethyl and (S)-methyl-4,5-epoxypentanoates) from renewable resourcesPeru, Aurélien; Flourat, Amandine; Duncan, Anthony; Raverty, Warwick; Greatrex, Ben ; Allais, Florent28-May-2024
392016Procede de synthese d'un precurseur d'un unique isomere de dairy-lactone: Method for synthesizing a precursor of a single dairy-lactone isomerAllais, Florent; Flourat, Amandine; Peru, Aurelien; Greatrex, Ben ; Warwick, Douglas; Duncan, Anthony2-Jun-2017
402016Genifuranal and other derivatives: smoking desert plantsSadgrove, Nicholas; Lyddiard, Dane ; Collins, Tim; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 10-May-2017
412016Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Chiral Epoxides Ethyl and Methyl (S)-3-(Oxiran-2-yl)propanoates from Renewable Levoglucosenone: An Access to Enantiopure (S)-Dairy LactonePeru, Aurelien A M; Flourat, Amandine L; Gunawan, Christian; Raverty, Warwick; Jevric, Martyn; Greatrex, Ben ; Allais, Florent26-Sep-2016
422016Synthesis of enantiopure cyclopropyl esters from (-)-levoglucosenoneStockton, Kieran; Greatrex, Ben 6-Oct-2016
432016The Iridoid Myodesert-1-ene and Elemol/Eudesmol are found in Distinct Chemotypes of the Australian Aboriginal Medicinal Plant 'Eremophila dalyana' (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Collins, Timothy ; Legendre, Sarah; Klepp, Julian; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 13-Oct-2016
442016New Developments in the Use of Carbohydrates as Chiral SynthonsStockton, Kieran; Greatrex, Ben ; Fellows, Chris; Painter, Gavin28-Oct-2016
452016Scope and limitations of a DMF bio-alternative within Sonogashira cross-coupling and Cacchi-type annulationWilson, Kirsty L; Kennedy, Alan R; Murray, Jane; Greatrex, Ben ; Jamieson, Craig; Watson, Allan J B13-Oct-2016
462016Keeping it simple: lessons from the golden era of antibiotic discoveryLyddiard, Dane ; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 23-Jun-2016
472015Palladium-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura, Heck and Hydroarylation Reactions on (-)-Levoglucosenone and Application to the Synthesis of Chiral y-ButyrolactonesStockton, Kieran; Merritt, Christopher; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben 6-Nov-2015
482015Synthesis, Formulation, and Adjuvanticity of Monodesmosidic Saponins with Olenanolic Acid, Hederagenin and Gypsogenin Aglycones, and some C-28 Ester DerivativesGreatrex, Ben ; Daines, Alison M; Hook, Sarah; Lenz, Dirk H; McBurney, Warren; Rades, Thomas; Rendle, Phillip M15-Feb-2016
492015Nucleophilic Trapping of Alkoxy-Stabilized Oxyallyl Systems Generated from Inosose 2-O-MesylatesStockton, Kieran; Glover, Stephen ; Greatrex, Ben 22-Jan-2015
502015Alpha-Cyclodextrin encapsulation enhances antimicrobial activity of cineole-rich essential oils from Australian species of 'Prostanthera' (Lamiaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 23-Dec-2015

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