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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
114-Feb-2023Sequencing Technologies to Study the Pollination Services of Apis mellifera in Apple OrchardsLobaton Garces, Juan Grace ; Rader, Romina ; Andrew, Rose Lorien 7-Aug-2023
21-Jan-2023Prostanthera volucris DArTseq SNP datasetO'Donnell, Ryan; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Telford, Ian ; Wilson, Trevor; Zimmer, Heidi; Taseski, Guy; Andrew, Rose 14-Dec-2022
317-Dec-2022Sequencing technologies to study the pollination services of Apis mellifera in apple orchards - DatasetLobaton Garces, Juan David ; Rader, Romina ; Duitama, Jorge; Chia, Ming; Stanley, David ; Milla, Liz; Lins, Luana; Macfadyen, Sarina; Andrew, Rose ; Encinas-Viso, Francisco7-Aug-2023
426-Aug-2022Repeated experimental removals unveil sex and age-specific dispersal strategies in a social passerine birdEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; Vickers, Jacob A T; French, Kristine; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Barati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Major, Richard E22-Aug-2023
59-Jun-2022There's gold in them thar hills! Morphology and molecules delimit species in Xerochrysum (Asteraceae; Gnaphalieae) and reveal many new taxaCollins, Timothy L ; Schmidt-Lebuhn, Alexander N; Andrew, Rose L ; Telford, Ian R H ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 7-Jul-2022
62022Important agricultural and cotton pests detected in the diet of two threatened insectivorous bats in a cotton agroecosystem: insights from a molecular studyKolkert, Heidi ; Andrew, Rose ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Rader, Romina ; Reid, Nicholas 6-Jul-2023
7Oct-2021Tracing the origins of hybrids through history: monstrous cultivars and Napoléon Bonaparte's exiled paper daisies (Asteraceae; Gnaphalieae)Collins, Timothy L ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Schmidt-Lebuhn, Alexander N; Telford, Ian R H ; Andrew, Rose L 6-Feb-2022
8Sep-2021Annual and perennial Medicago show signatures of parallel adaptation to climate and soil in highly conserved genesBlanco-Pastor, José Luis; Liberal, Isabel M; Sakiroglu, Muhammet; Wei, Yanling; Brummer, E Charles; Andrew, Rose L ; Pfeil, Bernard E6-Jul-2022
916-Aug-2021Phebalium calcicola (Rutaceae: Boronieae): a species described as new, restricted to south-eastern South Australia, is proposed as Critically EndangeredDema, Sangay ; Telford, Ian R H ; Andrew, Rose L ; Duval, Daniel J; Bruhl, Jeremy J 3-Feb-2022
10Jul-2021Regarding the F-word: The effects of data filtering on inferred genotype-environment associationsAhrens, Collin W; Jordan, Rebecca; Bragg, Jason; Harrison, Peter A; Hopley, Tara; Bothwell, Helen; Murray, Kevin; Steane, Dorothy A; Whale, John W; Byrne, Margaret; Andrew, Rose ; Rymer, Paul D13-Apr-2021
1119-Jun-2021Nestling sex does not influence provisioning effort of parents or helpers in a cooperative bird with a male-biased helper contingentBarati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; McDonald, Paul G 6-Jul-2022
1223-Mar-2021Using RNA-seq to characterize pollen–stigma interactions for pollination studiesLobaton, Juan ; Andrew, Rose ; Duitama, Jorge; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Macfadyen, Sarina; Rader, Romina 4-Jul-2023
1323-Mar-2021Using RNA-seq to characterize pollen-stigma interactions for pollination studiesLobaton, Juan ; Andrew, Rose ; Duitama, Jorge; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Macfadyen, Sarina; Rader, Romina 7-Jul-2022
142021Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Prostanthera phylicifolia (Lamiaceae) assemblage resolves relationships of the 'Critically Endangered' P. gilesii and other putative new speciesO'Donnell, Ryan P; Wilson, Trevor C; Andrew, Rose L ; Telford, Ian R H ; Taseski, Guy M; Zimmer, Heidi; Bruhl, Jeremy J 4-Feb-2022
1513-Nov-2020Prostanthera (Lamiaceae) as a 'Cradle of Incense': Chemophenetics of Rare Essential Oils from Both New and Forgotten Australian 'Mint Bush' SpeciesSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Padilla-Gonzalez, Guillermo F; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Jones, Graham L ; Andrew, Rose ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Langat, Moses K; Melnikovova, Ingrid; Fernandez-Cusimamani, Eloy13-Apr-2021
16Jul-2020Multiple chromosomal inversions contribute to adaptive divergence of a dune sunflower ecotypeHuang, Kaichi; Andrew, Rose L ; Owens, Gregory L; Ostevik, Kate L; Rieseberg, Loren H13-Apr-2021
17Jan-2020Insectivorous bats selectively source moths and eat mostly pest insects on dryland and irrigated cotton farmsKolkert, Heidi ; Andrew, Rose ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Rader, Romina ; Reid, Nick 8-Jul-2020
18Dec-2019Landscape drivers of genomic diversity and divergence in woodland EucalyptusMurray, Kevin D; Janes, Jasmine K ; Jones, Ashley; Bothwell, Helen M; Andrew, Rose L ; Borevitz, Justin O6-Jul-2022
19Jul-2019Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark EucalyptusAlwadani, Khawla G; Janes, Jasmine K ; Andrew, Rose L 14-Jun-2019
2025-Feb-2019Morphological, phytochemical and molecular analyses define species limits in Eucalyptus magnificata (Myrtaceae) and lead to the discovery of a new rare speciesCollins, Timothy L ; Andrew, Rose L ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 13-Apr-2021
21Jan-2019An evaluation of alternative explanations for widespread cytonuclear discordance in annual sunflowers (Helianthus)Lee-Yaw, Julie A; Grassa, Christopher J; Joly, Simon; Andrew, Rose ; Rieseberg, Loren H13-Apr-2021
22Nov-2018Genetic relatedness and sex predict helper provisioning effort in the cooperatively breeding noisy minerBarati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Etezadifar, Farzaneh ; McDonald, Paul G 26-Feb-2020
2324-Apr-2018Landscape genomic prediction for restoration of a Eucalyptus foundation species under climate changeSupple, Megan Ann; Bragg, Jason G; Broadhurst, Linda M; Nicotra, Adrienne B; Byrne, Margaret; Andrew, Rose L ; Widdup, Abigail; Aitken, Nicola C; Borevitz, Justin O18-Mar-2021
24Jan-2018Extra-pair paternity is not driven by inbreeding avoidance and does not affect provisioning rates in a cooperatively breeding bird, the noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala)Barati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Gorrell, Jamieson C; McDonald, Paul G 26-Feb-2020
252018Reliable analysis of volatile compounds from small samples of Eucalyptus magnificata (Myrtaceae)Collins, Timothy L ; Andrew, Rose L ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 6-May-2019
262017The K=2 conundrumJanes, Jasmine ; Miller, Joshua M; Dupuis, Julian R; Malenfant, Rene M; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Cullingham, Catherine I; Andrew, Rose 3-Jan-2018
272016Multiple reproductive barriers separate recently diverged sunflower ecotypesOstevik, Katherine L; Andrew, Rose ; Otto, Sarah P; Rieseberg, Loren H13-Oct-2016
282016Voyage of discovery? A comment on Koch et al. "A voyage to Terra Australis: human-mediated dispersal of cats"Andrew, Rose ; Smith, Deane; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Janes, Jasmine 25-May-2017
292015Genomic variation across landscapes: insights and applicationsBragg, Jason G; Supple, Megan A; Andrew, Rose ; Borevitz, Justin O19-Aug-2016
302015Assessing the reproducibility of discriminant function analysesAndrew, Rose ; Albert, Arianne YK; Renaut, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J; Bock, Dan G; Vines, Tim13-Oct-2016
312015Genomic analysis of a migratory divide reveals candidate genes for migration and implicates selective sweeps in generating islands of differentiationDelmore, Kira E; Hubner, Sariel; Kane, Nolan C; Schuster, Richard; Andrew, Rose ; Camara, Francisco; Guigo, Roderic; Irwin, Darren E31-Oct-2016
322015Patterns of domestication in the Ethiopian oil-seed crop noug ('Guizotia abyssinica')Dempewolf, Hannes; Tesfaye, Misteru; Rieseberg, Loren H; Teshome, Abel; Bjorkman, Anne D; Andrew, Rose ; Scascitelli, Moira; Black, Scott; Bekele, Endashaw; Engels, Johannes M M; Cronk, Quentin C B31-Oct-2016
332014Explaining intraspecific diversity in plant secondary metabolites in an ecological contextMoore, Ben D; Andrew, Rose ; Kulheim, Carsten; Foley, William J4-Sep-2014
342014The Availability of Research Data Declines Rapidly with Article AgeVines, Timothy H; Albert, Arianne Y K; Andrew, Rose ; Debarre, Florence; Bock, Dan G; Franklin, Michelle T; Gilbert, Kimberly J; Moore, Jean-Sebastien; Renaut, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J9-Sep-2014
352014On the adaptive value of cytoplasmic genomes in plantsBock, Dan G; Andrew, Rose ; Rieseberg, Loren H31-Oct-2016
362013Recent nonhybrid origin of sunflower ecotypes in a novel habitatAndrew, Rose ; Kane, Nolan C; Baute, Greg G; Grassa, Christopher J; Rieseberg, Loren H19-Sep-2014
372013Intensive sampling identifies previously unknown chemotypes, population divergence and biosynthetic connections among terpenoids in 'Eucalyptus tricarpa'Andrew, Rose ; Keszei, Andras; Foley, William J19-Sep-2014
382013Mandated data archiving greatly improves access to research dataVines, Timothy H; Andrew, Rose ; Veen, Thor; Yeaman, Sam; Bock, Dan G; Franklin, Michelle T; Gilbert, Kimberly J; Kane, Nolan C; Moore, Jean-Sebastien; Moyers, Brook T; Renault, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J19-Sep-2014
392013Evolutionary Ecological GenomicsOrsini, Luisa; Andrew, Rose ; Eizaguirre, Christophe19-Sep-2014
402013A road map for molecular ecologyAndrew, Rose ; Bernatchez, Louis; Slate, Jon; Smith, Harry; Sork, Vistoria L; Stone, Graham N; Vines, Timothy H; Waits, Lisette; Widmer, Alex; Rieseberg, Loren H; Bonin, Aurelie; Buerkle, C Alex; Carstens, Bryan C; Emerson, Brent C; Garant, Dany; Giraud, Tatiana; Kane, Nolan C; Rogers, Sean M19-Sep-2014
412013Divergence is Focused on Few Genomic Regions Early in Speciation: Incipient Speciation of Sunflower EcotypesAndrew, Rose ; Rieseberg, Loren H26-Aug-2014
422012Adaptation with gene flow across the landscape in a dune sunflowerAndrew, Rose ; Ostevik, Katherine L; Ebert, Daniel P; Rieseberg, Loren H18-Sep-2014
432012Recommendations for utilizing and reporting population genetic analyses: the reproducibility of genetic clustering using the program STRUCTUREGilbert, Kimberly J; Andrew, Rose ; Vines, Timothy H; Bock, Dan G; Franklin, Michelle T; Kane, Nolan C; Moore, Jean-Sebastien; Moyers, Brook T; Renaut, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J; Veen, Thor18-Sep-2014
442011A chemical prespective on the evolution of variation in 'Eucalyptus globulus'Wallis, Ian R; Keszei, Andras; Henery, Martin; Moran, Gavin F; Forrester, Robert I; Maintz, Jens; Marsh, Karen; Andrew, Rose ; Foley, William J18-Sep-2014
452011The Quantitative Genetics of Incipient Speciation: Heritability and Genetic Correlations of Skeletal Traits in Populations of Diverging 'Favia Fragum' EcomorphsCarlon, David B; Budd, Ann F; Lippe, Catherine; Andrew, Rose 18-Sep-2014
462010Genetic and environmental contributions to variation and population divergence in a broad-spectrum foliar defence of 'Eucalyptus tricarpa'Andrew, Rose ; Wallis, Ian R; Harwood, Chris E; Foley, William J18-Sep-2014
472010Environmental Barcoding Reveals Massive Dinoflagellate Diversity in Marine EnvironmentsStern, Rowena F; Horak, Ales; Brand, Jerry; James, Erick R; Keeling, Patrick J; Andrew, Rose ; Coffroth, Mary-Alice; Anderson, Robert A; Kupper, Frithjof C; Jameson, Ian; Hoppenrath, Mona; Veron, Benoit; Kasai, Fumai18-Sep-2014
482009Rhodopsin population genetics and local adaptation: variable dim-light vision in sand gobies is illuminatedEbert, Daniel P; Andrew, Rose 16-Sep-2014
492007Spatial distribution of defense chemicals and markers and the maintenance of chemical variationAndrew, Rose ; Peakall, Rod; Wallis, Ian R; Foley, William J22-Sep-2014
502007Heritable variation in the foliar secondary metabolite sideroxylonal in 'Eucalyptus' confers cross-resistance to herbivoresAndrew, Rose ; Wallis, Ian R; Harwood, Chris E; Henson, Michael; Foley, William J22-Sep-2014

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