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1Apr-2023Morphometric and physiological development confirm skull ossification level as a reliable indicator of age in a passerine bird, the Noisy MinerEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; Major, Richard; McDonald, Paul G 22-Aug-2023
2Mar-2023Towards a Diagnostic Tool for Turtle Ootaxonomy: Investigation of Microstructural Differences in the Eggshells of Australian Freshwater TurtlesHughes, Geoffrey N ; Streeting, Louise M ; Burns, Adrienne ; McDonald, Paul G 21-Aug-2023
3Mar-2023Effectiveness of acoustic indices as indicators of vertebrate biodiversityAllen-Ankins, Slade; McKnight, Donald T ; Nordberg, Eric J ; Hoefer, Sebastian; Roe, Paul; Watson, David M; McDonald, Paul G ; Fuller, Richard A; Schwarzkopf, Lin4-Sep-2023
4Feb-2023Towards effective management of an overabundant native bird: The noisy minerCrates, Ross; McDonald, Paul G ; Melton, Courtney B; Maron, Martine; Ingwersen, Dean; Mowat, Emily; Breckenridge, Max; Murphy, Liam; Heinsohn, Robert21-Aug-2023
515-Dec-2022Beef Cattle Preference and Usage of Environmental Enrichments Provided Simultaneously in a Pasture-Based EnvironmentDickson, Emily J ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; McDonald, Paul G ; Monk, Jessica E 22-Aug-2023
69-Dec-2022Optimising the hatching success of artificially incubated eggs for use in a conservation program for the western saw-shelled turtle (Myuchelys bellii)Streeting, Louise M ; Bower, Deborah S ; Dillon, Martin L; Spark, Phil; Gough, Michael; Skidmore, Adam; McDonald, Paul G ; Delaney, Hannah; Burns, Adrienne ; Watson, Sandy; Dissanayake, Duminda S B; Georges, Arthur; McKnight, Donald3-Apr-2023
7Dec-2022A simple methodology for creating and applying replicable, photograph-accurate coloration to 3D-printed models for animal behavior studiesMesken, Jarrod ; Beckmann, Christa ; McDonald, Paul G 16-Aug-2023
81-Nov-2022Understanding and managing the role of bell miners (Manorina melanophrys) in forest dieback: A review of the ecological and management evidenceLambert, Kathryn T A ; Reid, Nick ; Loyn, Richard H; Mcdonald, Paul G 22-Aug-2023
926-Aug-2022Repeated experimental removals unveil sex and age-specific dispersal strategies in a social passerine birdEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; Vickers, Jacob A T; French, Kristine; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Barati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Major, Richard E22-Aug-2023
1016-Aug-2022Earliest evidence for fruit consumption and potential seed dispersal by birdsHu, Han ; Wang, Yan; McDonald, Paul G ; Wroe, Stephen ; O'Connor, Jingmai K; Bjarnason, Alexander; Bevitt, Joseph J; Yin, Xuwei; Zheng, Xiaoting; Zhou, Zhonghe; Benson, Roger B J; Rutz, Christian16-Aug-2023
115-Jul-2022Re-Colonisation Dynamics of a Highly Social and Aggressive Bird, the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala): Variations in Sex Ratio, Age Composition and Physiological ConditionEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; McDonald, Paul ; Andrew, Rose Lorien 14-Nov-2023
1221-Jun-2022Nesting Refuge Structures Are Ineffective at Protecting Bell's Turtle (Myuchelys bellii) Nests from Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) DepredationHughes, Geoffrey N ; Burns, Adrienne ; McDonald, Paul G 25-Jul-2022
1314-Mar-2022Do differences in the availability of anthropogenic food resources influence the observed levels of agonistic behaviour in Noisy Miners (Manorina melanocephala)?Fountain, Jade ; McDonald, Paul G 15-Aug-2023
141-Mar-2022The Ecology and Conservation of the Endangered Bell's Turtle (Myuchelys bellii)Hughes, Geoffrey Norman ; McDonald, Paul ; Burns, Adrienne 4-Aug-2023
157-Feb-2022The Ecology and Conservation of the Endangered Bell's Turtle (Myuchelys bellii) - DatasetHughes, Geoffrey Norman ; McDonald, Paul ; Burns, Adrienne 4-Aug-2023
163-Feb-2022What 3D-Printed Stimuli Can Reveal About Anti-Threat Behaviour: A Case Study on the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala)Mesken, Jarrod Edward ; McDonald, Paul ; Beckmann, Christa 21-Nov-2023
172022Using referential alarm signals to remotely quantify 'landscapes of fear' in fragmented woodlandMcDonald, Paul G ; Doohan, Samantha J; Eveleigh, Kyia J 15-Aug-2023
1815-Dec-2021Using Referential Alarm Signals to Remotely Quantify 'Landscapes of Fear' in Fragmented WoodlandMcDonald, Paul ; Doohan, Samantha; Eveleigh, Kyia15-Dec-2021
19Dec-2021Evaluating the evidence of culling a native species for conservation benefitsMelton, Courtney B; Reside, April E; Simmonds, Jeremy S; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Major, Richard E; Crates, Ross; Catterall, Carla P; Clarke, Michael F; Grey, Merilyn J; Davitt, Galen; Ingwersen, Dean; Robinson, Doug; Maron, Martine15-Aug-2023
20Oct-2021The Australian Acoustic ObservatoryRoe, Paul; Eichinski, Philip; Fuller, Richard A; McDonald, Paul ; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Towsey, Michael; Truskinger, Anthony; Tucker, David; Watson, David M2-May-2022
2115-Jul-2021Mechanisms of Aggressive Behaviour in Noisy Miners (Manorina melanocephala) - DatasetMesken, Jarrod E ; McDonald, Paul ; Beckmann, Christa 21-Nov-2023
2219-Jun-2021Nestling sex does not influence provisioning effort of parents or helpers in a cooperative bird with a male-biased helper contingentBarati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; McDonald, Paul G 6-Jul-2022
2315-Mar-2021Quantitative determination of neuronal size and density using flow cytometryFarrow, L F ; Andronicos, N M ; McDonald, P G ; Hamlin, A S 7-Apr-2021
242021Re-colonisation dynamics of a highly social and aggressive bird, the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala): Variations in sex ratio, age composition and physiological condition-datasetEtezadifar, Farzaneh ; McDonald, Paul ; Andrew, Rose 14-Nov-2023
25Sep-2020Cranial osteology of the Early Cretaceous Sapeornis chaoyangensis (Aves: Pygostylia)Hu, Han ; O’Connor, Jingmai K; McDonald, Paul G ; Wroe, Stephen 29-May-2020
26Sep-2020Myuchelys bellii (Bell's turtle). Unexpected dietary contents.Hughes, Geoffrey N ; Curtsdotter, Alva ; Lagos, Paulo F; McDonald, Paul G 16-Sep-2021
272020New anatomical information on the bohaiornithid Longusunguis and the presence of a plesiomorphic diapsid skull in EnantiornithesHu, Han ; O’Connor, Jingmai K; Wang, Min; Wroe, Stephen ; McDonald, Paul G 28-May-2020
282020Breeding habitat, nest-site characteristics and productivity of the little eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides) near Armidale, New South WalesLarkin, Candice ; Jenkins, Ross ; McDonald, Paul G ; Debus, Stephen J S 29-May-2020
292020From Lab to Laptop Learning: Supporting the rapid transition to online teaching in tertiary scienceBurns, Adrienne ; McDonald, Paul G ; Narayan, Neelam 1-Jul-2022
302020A large-scale automated radio telemetry network for monitoring movements of terrestrial wildlife in AustraliaGriffin, Andrea S; Brown, Culum; Woodworth, Bradley K; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Blanch, Stuart; Campbell, Hamish A ; Crewe, Tara L; Hansbro, Philip M; Herbert, Catherine A; Hosking, Tim; Hoye, Bethany J; Law, Brad; Leigh, Kellie; Machovsky-Capuska, Gabriele E; Rasmussen, Thomas; McDonald, Paul G ; Roderick, Mick; Slade, Chris; Mackenzie, Stuart A; Taylor, Philip D30-Mar-2020
312020Cooperative bird discriminates between individuals based purely on their aerial alarm callsFarrow, Lucy F ; Barati, Ahmad ; McDonald, Paul G 25-Feb-2020
32Nov-2019Comparing the toepads of Australian diurnal and nocturnal raptors with nonpredatory taxa: Insights into functional morphologyTsang, Leah R; Wilson, Laura A B; McDonald, Paul G 29-May-2020
3324-Sep-2019Evolution of the vomer and its implications for cranial kinesis in ParavesHu, Han ; Sansalone, Gabriele ; Wroe, Stephen ; McDonald, Paul G ; O’Connor, Jingmai K; Li, Zhiheng; Xu, Xing; Zhou, Zhonghe16-Sep-2019
345-Sep-2019A digital biomechanical contribution to the debate on whether giant kangaroos could hopCook, John Daniel; Wroe, Stephen ; Clausen, Philip; McDonald, Paul 23-Jan-2024
358-Jul-2019Facultative Zygodactyly in the Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris): A comparative study of the morpho-functional adaptations of raptor feetTsang, Leah Rachel; McDonald, Paul ; Wroe, Stephen ; Debus, Stephen 10-Jan-2024
36Apr-2019Metrics of progress in the understanding and management of threats to Australian birdsGarnett, S T; Butchart, S H M; Baker, G B; Bayraktarov, E; Buchanan, K L; Burbidge, A A; Chauvenet, A L M; Christidis, L; Ehmke, G; Grace, M; Hoccom, D G; Legge, S M; Leiper, I; Lindenmayer, D B; Loyn, R H; Maron, M; McDonald, P ; Menkhorst, P; Possingham, H P; Radford, J; Reside, A E; Watson, D M; Watson, J E M; Wintle, B; Woinarski, J C Z; Geyle, H M1-Mar-2020
372019Movements of Australian Wood Ducks (Chenonetta jubata) in an agricultural landscapeMcEvoy, John F; Hall, Graham P ; McDonald, Paul G 25-Feb-2020
382019A comparative study of avian pes morphotypes, and the functional implications of Australian raptor pedal flexibilityTsang, Leah R; McDonald, Paul G 25-Feb-2020
392019The role of Lantana camara in areas of bell miner (Manorina melanophrys) associated dieback and its implications for terrestrial mammal and insectivorous bat populationsWright, Penny E; Lambert, Kathryn T A ; McDonald, Paul G 26-Feb-2020
40Dec-2018Flawed mothering or infant signaling? The effects of deficient acoustic cues on ovine maternal responseMorton, Christine L ; Hinch, Geoff ; Small, Alison; McDonald, Paul G 13-Jun-2019
41Nov-2018Genetic relatedness and sex predict helper provisioning effort in the cooperatively breeding noisy minerBarati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Etezadifar, Farzaneh ; McDonald, Paul G 26-Feb-2020
42Oct-2018Implications of Climate Change on the Behaviour and Activity Patterns of the Ubiquitous Meat Ant, Iridomyrmex purpureus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Smith, 1858)Perston, Yinika L; Andrew, Nigel R ; McDonald, Paul G 29-Mar-2020
43Sep-2018Turtles Forever: Securing populations of Bell's Turtle (Myuchelys bellii)Burns, Adrienne ; McDonald, Paul ; Chessman, Bruce; Dillon, Martin ; Fielder, Darren; Hughes, Geoff; Nesbitt, Brad; Spark, Phil; Streeting, Louise ; Twigge, Kelly18-Aug-2022
44Sep-2018No evidence of eavesdropping on heterospecific alarm calls by captive zebra finches recently descended from wild birdsButler, Nicole E; McDonald, Paul G ; Peters, Richard A26-Feb-2020
4527-Jun-2018A new, three-dimensional geometric morphometric approach to assess egg shapeAttard, Marie R G ; Sherratt, Emma; McDonald, Paul ; Young, Iain ; Vidal-Garcia, Marta; Wroe, Stephen 26-Feb-2020
46May-2018Short-term response of a declining woodland bird assemblage to the removal of a despotic competitorDavitt, Galen; Maute, Kimberly; Major, Richard E; McDonald, Paul G ; Maron, Martine26-Feb-2020
4714-Apr-2018Biomechanical analysis of sauropod dinosaur appendicular anatomy using three-dimensional musculoskeletal modelling and finite element analysisKlinkhamer, Ada ; Wroe, Stephen ; McDonald, Paul 22-Jan-2024
48Jan-2018Extra-pair paternity is not driven by inbreeding avoidance and does not affect provisioning rates in a cooperatively breeding bird, the noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala)Barati, Ahmad ; Andrew, Rose L ; Gorrell, Jamieson C; McDonald, Paul G 26-Feb-2020
492018Interactions between Australian Ravens and raptors in a pastoral area of New South Wales: Interspecific aggression and nest-site spacingBauer, Alice L; McDonald, Paul 30-May-2018
5027-Oct-2017Cooperative breeding in the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala): The role of genetic relatedness, sex, extra-pair paternity and acoustic signalsBarati, Ahmad ; McDonald, Paul ; Andrew, Rose ; Ford, Hugh A 14-Nov-2023

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