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12020Breeding habitat, nest-site characteristics and productivity of the little eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides) near Armidale, New South WalesLarkin, Candice ; Jenkins, Ross ; McDonald, Paul G ; Debus, Stephen J S 29-May-2020
28-Jul-2019Facultative Zygodactyly in the Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris): A comparative study of the morpho-functional adaptations of raptor feetTsang, Leah Rachel; McDonald, Paul ; Wroe, Stephen ; Debus, Stephen 10-Jan-2024
331-Dec-2018Case 3754 – Circus assimilis Jardine & Selby, 1828 and Circus approximans Peale, 1848 (Aves, Accipitriformes): conservation of usage by designation of a neotype for Circus assimilis Jardine & Selby, 1828, and suppression of Circus juxta, Peale, 1848Debus, Stephen J S ; McAllan, Ian A W; Schodde, Richard29-Aug-2019
42018Diets of breeding Brown Goshawks Accipiter fasciatus and Collared Sparrowhawks A. cirrocephalus near Canberra, Australia and comparisons with other regions and raptorsOlsen, Jerry; Judge, David; Trost, Susan; Rose, A B; Debus, S J S 3-Dec-2019
52017Changes in woodland bird communities as replanted woodland maturesDebus, Steve J S ; Martin, W K; Lemon, J M13-Jun-2018
62017Calls and vocal behaviour of the Black Falcon Falco subnigerDebus, Steve J S ; Bauer, A L; van Gessel, F W26-Jun-2018
72017Breeding biology, behaviour and foraging ecology of the Black Falcon Falco subniger near Tamworth, New South WalesDebus, Steve J S ; Bauer, A L; Mitchell, G I26-Jun-2018
82016Observations on a breeding pair of Black Falcons 'Falco subniger' in southern VictoriaWhelan, D J; McRitchie, B W; Pickering, L J; Debus, Steve J S 10-Jan-2017
92016Breeding diets of four raptor species in the Australian tropicsAumann, T A; Baker-Gabb, D J; Debus, Steve J S 9-Jan-2017
102016The breeding cycle of a pair of Brahminy Kites 'Haliastur indus' in New South WalesRourke, Jeremy; Debus, Steve J S 10-Jan-2017
112016New breeding, distribution and prey records for the Pygmy Eagle 'Hieraeetus weiskei'Bishop, David; Diamond, Jared; Hornbuckle, Jonathan; Debus, Steve J S 11-Jan-2017
122015Some vocalisations of the Grey Falcon 'Falco hypoleucos'Baylis, T; van Gessel, F W; Debus, Steve J S 9-Jan-2017
132015Assessment of band recoveries for three Australian eagle speciesDebus, Steve J S 9-Jan-2017
142015Parental time-budgets, breeding behaviour and affinities of the Red Goshawk 'Erythrotriorchis radiatus'Debus, Steve J S ; Baker-Gabb, D J; Aumann, T A9-Jan-2017
152014Responses of White-bellied Sea-Eagles 'Haliaetus leucogaster' to encroaching human activities at nest sitesDebus, Steve J S ; Baker, G; Owner, D; Nottidge, B19-Feb-2016
162014Breeding behaviour and prey of Black Falcons, 'Falco subniger', including food-cachingCharley, D; Lutter, H; Debus, Steve J S 26-Apr-2016
172014Surveys of the Red Goshawk ('Erythrotriorchis radiatus') and Other Raptors on the Weipa Plateau, Cape York PeninsulaDebus, Steve J S ; Searle, J B28-Apr-2016
182014Observations on the Post-Fledging Period of the Collared Sparrowhawk ('Accipiter Cirrocephalus')Barnes, C P; Debus, Steve J S 28-Apr-2016
192013Diets of Wedge-tailed Eagles 'Aquila audax' and Little Eagles 'Hieraaetus morphnoides' breeding near Canberra, 2008-2009Olsen, Jerry; Debus, Steve J S ; Judge, David; Rose, A B3-Apr-2014
202013Diets of White-bellied Sea-Eagles 'Haliaeetus leucogaster' and Whistling Kites 'Haliastur sphenurus' breeding near Canberra, 2003-2008Olsen, Jerry; Debus, Steve J S ; Rose, A B; Judge, David3-Apr-2014
212013Observations on Hunting and Breeding Behaviour of the Black Falcon ('Falco Subniger')Debus, Steve J S ; Zuccon, A E12-Mar-2014
222013Breeding of the Hooded Robin 'Melanodryas cucullata' in native and exotic woodlands near Armidale, New South WalesDebus, Steve J S 12-Mar-2014
232013Bonelli's Eagle 'Aquila fasciata renschi' in the Lesser Sundas Wallacea: distribution, taxonomic status, likely origins and conservation statusTrainor, Colin R; Debus, Steve J S ; Olsen, Jerry; Norman, Janette; Christidis, Les19-Mar-2014
242013Numbers of breeding Little Eagles 'Hieraaetus morphnoides' in the Australian Capital Territory in relation to atlas countsDebus, Steve J S ; Olsen, Jerry; Judge, David; Butterfield, M12-Mar-2014
252013Declining Little Eagles 'Hieraaetus morphnoides' and increasing rabbit numbers near Canberra: is secondary poisoning by Pindone the problem?Olsen, Jerry; Debus, Steve J S ; Judge, David3-Apr-2014
262012Birds of Prey of Australia: A Field GuideDebus, Steve J S 19-Apr-2013
272012Queensland's Threatened AnimalsCurtis, Lee K; Dennis, Andrew J; McDonald, Keith R; Kyne, Peter M; Debus, Steve J S 1-May-2013
282012A snapshot in the post-fledging period of the Black FalconBarnes, C P; Debus, Steve J S 13-May-2013
292012Nest-sites and foraging of the White-bellied Sea-Eagle 'Haliaeetus leucogaster' on the subtropical eastern coast of AustraliaO'Donnell, W B; Debus, Steve J S 13-May-2013
302012Hunting behaviour of Black FalconsDebus, Steve J S 13-May-2013
312012Responses of Eastern Yellow Robins 'Eopsaltria australis' to translocation into vegetation remnants in a fragmented landscapeDebus, Steve J S ; Ford, Hugh A 13-May-2013
322011Notes on Black Falcons 'Falco subniger' Breeding near Tamworth, New South WalesDebus, Steve J S ; Tsang, Leah18-Jul-2013
332011Parental time-budgets and breeding behaviour of the Little Eagle 'Hieraaetus morphnoides' in northern New South WalesDebus, Steve J S 19-Jul-2013
342010Diet of the Eastern Barn Owl 'Tyto (javanica) delicatula' in Diamantina National Park, South-western Queensland, in 2008-2009Debus, Stephen JS ; Ley, AJ; Rose, AB24-May-2011
352010Diets of Wedge-tailed Eagles ('Aquila audax') and Little Eagles ('Hieraaetus morphnoides') Breeding Near Canberra, AustraliaOlsen, Jerry; Judge, David; Fuentes, Esteban; Rose, AB; Debus, Stephen JS 24-May-2011
362010Some aspects of the biology of the Black Falcon 'Falco subniger'Debus, Steve JS ; Olsen, Jerry16-Jul-2013
372009Supplementary notes on the breeding behaviour of Wedge-tailed Eagles 'Aquila audax'Cherriman, Simon C; Foster, Adam; Debus, Stephen JS 8-Mar-2010
382009Aspects of the breeding cycle of the Little Eagle 'Hieraaetus morphnoides'Debus, Stephen JS ; Ley, Andrew J8-Mar-2010
392009The Owls of Australia: A field guide to Australian Night BirdsDebus, Stephen JS 31-Aug-2010
402009Extinction debt or habitat change? - Ongoing losses of woodland birds in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia:Ford, Hugh A ; Walters, Jeffrey R; Cooper, Caren B; Debus, Stephen JS ; Doerr, Veronica A J9-Mar-2010
412008Further Dietary Items of the Eastern Barn Owl 'Tyto javanica' in Diamantina National Park, QueenslandDebus, Stephen J S ; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, A B25-Nov-2009
422008Biology and Diet of the White-bellied Sea-Eagle 'Haliaeetus leucogaster' Breeding in Northern Inland New South WalesDebus, Stephen J S 25-Nov-2009
432008Winter diet of Southern Boobooks 'Ninox novaeseelandiae' in Canberra, 1997-2005Trost, Susan; Olsen, Jerry; Rose, A B; Debus, Stephen J S 24-Nov-2009
442008The effect of Noisy Miners on small bush birds: an unofficial cull and its outcomeDebus, Stephen JS 30-Nov-2009
452007Winter diet of a Barn Owl and a Nankeen Kestrel in Diamantina National Park, western QueenslandDebus, Stephen JS ; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, AB5-Oct-2011
462007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland in South-East Queensland I: Brisbane and HinterlandDebus, Stephen JS 5-Oct-2011
472007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland in South-East Queensland II: The Gold Coast HinterlandDebus, Stephen JS 5-Oct-2011
482007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland on the Tweed Coast of Northern New South WalesDebus, Stephen JS 5-Oct-2011
492007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland in South-East Queensland III: The Sunshine Coast and HinterlandDebus, Stephen JS 11-Oct-2011
502007Breeding biology and diet of the Wedge-tailed Eagle 'Aquila audax' in the New England Region of New South WalesDebus, Stephen J S ; Hatfield, T S; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, A B25-Nov-2009

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