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124-Jul-2020Abundance of Pest and Beneficial Macro-Invertebrates in Crop and Non-Crop Habitats Under Contrasting Insecticide Management Regimes in an Irrigated Cotton LandscapeAl-Hajiya, Karrar Abdulhussein Kadhim ; Reid, Nicholas ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Hall, Graham ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Schellhorn, Nancy4-Jan-2024
29-May-2019Impact of Interactions Between Natural Enemies of Greenhouse Whiteflies (Trialeurodes Vaporariorum) as Control Agents on Greenhouse TomatoesJaggar, Sue Roslyn ; Andrew, Nigel ; Hall, Graham 16-Jan-2024
311-Mar-2019The Thermal Games Dung Beetles PlayHemmings, Zac ; Andrew, Nigel ; Hall, Graham 15-Feb-2021
410-Jan-2019Aridity and land use negatively influence a dominant species' upper critical thermal limitsAndrew, Nigel R ; Miller, Cara ; Hall, Graham ; Hemmings, Zac ; Oliver, Ian 12-Oct-2020
52019Movements of Australian Wood Ducks (Chenonetta jubata) in an agricultural landscapeMcEvoy, John F; Hall, Graham P ; McDonald, Paul G 25-Feb-2020
62016Evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicle shape, flight path and camera type for waterfowl surveys: disturbance effects and species recognitionMcEvoy, John F; Hall, Graham ; McDonald, Paul 31-Jan-2017
72015Do Fecal Odors from Native and Non-native Predators Cause a Habitat Shift Among Macropods?Cox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Bengsen, Andrew; Hall, Graham ; Xiuhua, Li17-Apr-2015
82014Opportunistically Acquired Evidence is Unsuitable Data to Model Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') Distribution in TasmaniaMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 1-Apr-2015
92014The dispersion and detection patterns of mtDNA-assigned red fox 'Vulpes vulpes' scats in Tasmania are anomalousMarks, Clive A; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Edwards, Ivo; Hall, Graham 17-Apr-2015
102014Did 'precautionary' 1080 baiting have a realistic potential to eradicate Red Fox ('Vulpes vulpes') in Tasmania without 'in situ' monitoring data?Marks, Clive A; Edwards, Ivo; Obendorf, David; Pereira, Filipe; Hall, Graham 17-Apr-2015
112010Pest Responses to Odors From Predators Fed a Diet of Target Species Conspecifics and HeterospecificsCox, Tarnya E; Murray, Peter J; Hall, Graham ; Li, Xiuhua26-Oct-2011
122007Management of wild deer in Australia: with particular reference to fallow deer and red deerHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P27-Oct-2011
132007Genetic structure of introduced European fallow deer ('Dama dama dama') in Tasmania, AustraliaWebley, Lee S; Zenger, Kyall R; Hall, Graham ; Cooper, Desmond W26-Oct-2011
142005Management of Wild Deer in AustraliaHall, Graham ; Gill, Kate P26-Oct-2011

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