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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
127-Mar-2024Environmental enrichment during yard weaning alters the performance of calves in an attention bias and a novel object recognition testDickson, Emily J ; Monk, Jessica ; Lee, Caroline ; Campbell, Dana L M 15-Jun-2024
2Mar-2024Loss of a grooming enrichment impacts physical, behavioural, and physiological measures of welfare in grazing beef cattleJane Dickson, Emily ; Monk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Narayan, Edward; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Apr-2024
328-Mar-2023Sex impacts pain behaviour but not emotional reactivity of lambs following ring tail dockingMarini, Danila ; Monk, Jessica E ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline ; Belson, Sue; Small, Alison5-Dec-2023
42-Feb-2023Repeatability of an attention bias test for sheep suggests variable influence of state and trait affect on behaviourMonk, Jessica E ; Colditz, Ian G ; Clark, Sam ; Lee, Caroline 25-Jul-2023
52023Future application of an attention bias test to assess affective states in sheepMonk, Jessica E ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline 10-Apr-2024
615-Dec-2022Beef Cattle Preference and Usage of Environmental Enrichments Provided Simultaneously in a Pasture-Based EnvironmentDickson, Emily J ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; McDonald, Paul G ; Monk, Jessica E 22-Aug-2023
72022Increasing mud levels in a feedlot influences beef cattle behaviours but not preference for feedlot or pasture environmentsDickson, Emily J ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Monk, Jessica E ; Lea, Jim M; Colditz, Ian G ; Lee, Caroline 12-Apr-2024
82022Benchmarking to drive improvements in extensive beef cattle welfare: a perspective on developing an Australian producer-driven systemSalvin, Hannah E; Monk, Jessica E ; Cafe, Linda M; Lee, Caroline 15-Apr-2024
930-Jul-2020Attention Bias Test Measures Negative But Not Positive Affect in Sheep: A Replication StudyMonk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Dickson, Emily; Campbell, Dana L M 4-Sep-2020
1015-Oct-2019Validating attention bias as a novel measure of affect in sheepMonk, Jessica Evelyn ; Hinch, Geoff ; Lee, Caroline ; Colditz, Ian ; Hine, Brad; Clark, Sam 1-Sep-2020
111-Jul-2019Validating attention bias as a novel measure of affect in sheepHine, Brad; Colditz, Ian ; Monk, Jessica Evelyn ; Clark, Samuel ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Lee, Caroline 1-Sep-2020
127-Jun-2019The influence of pharmacologically-induced affective states on attention bias in sheepMonk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Belson, Sue; Colditz, Ian G; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
132019Pharmacologically-induced stress has minimal impact on judgement and attention biases in sheepMonk, Jessica E ; Belson, Sue; Lee, Caroline 24-Apr-2024
14Oct-2018Attention Bias Test Differentiates Anxiety and Depression in SheepMonk, Jessica E ; Belson, Sue; Colditz, Ian G ; Lee, Caroline 2-May-2024
152018A Novel Protocol to Assess Acclimation Rate in Bos taurus Heifers during Yard WeaningMonk, Jessica E ; Hine, Brad C; Colditz, Ian G ; Lee, Caroline 15-Apr-2024

Credit Name
Jessica Monk
Full Name
Monk, Jessica
Monk, Jessica Evelyn
Monk, Jessica E
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Livestock Welfare
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School of E&RS - Animal Science
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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