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19-Oct-2023The Importance of Pollinator Behaviour and Heterospecific Pollen Deposition to Crop Pollination Service DeliveryBezerra da Silva Santos, Karen ; Rader, Romina ; Samnegard, Ulrika Caroline ; Saunders, Manu 7-Nov-2023
21-Sep-2023Protective nets reduce pollen flow in blueberry orchardsSantos, Karen C B S ; Saunders, Manu E ; Samnegård, Ulrika ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Scalzo, Jessica; Rader, Romina 7-Jul-2023
3Jul-2023Crop-pollinating Diptera have diverse diets and habitat needs in both larval and adult stagesDavis, Abby E ; Bickel, Daniel J ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
4Jul-2023Crop-pollinating Diptera have diverse diets and habitat needs in both larval and adult stagesDavis, Abby E ; Bickel, Daniel J ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 30-Oct-2023
523-May-2023The importance of pollinator behaviour and heterospecific pollen deposition to crop pollination service deliveryBezerra da Silva Santos, Karen Cristine ; Rader, Romina ; Saunders, Manu ; Samnegard, Ulrika Caroline 7-Nov-2023
6Apr-2023Climate mediates roles of pollinator species in plant-pollinator networksSaunders, Manu E ; Kendall, Liam K ; Lanuza, Jose B ; Hall, Mark A ; Rader, Romina ; Stavert, Jamie R4-Jul-2023
7Nov-2022Pollen collection by honey bee hives in almond orchards indicate diverse dietsBezerra da Silva Santos, Karen Cristine ; Frost, Elizabeth; Samnegard, Ulrika ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 6-Jul-2023
8Sep-2022Pollen collected during almond floweringda Silva Santos, Karen Bezerra ; Frost, Elizabeth; Samnegard, Ulrika ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 6-Jul-2023
9Jun-2022Pollen-insect interaction meta-networks identify key relationships for conservation in mosaic agricultural landscapesHall, Mark A ; Stavert, Jamie R; Saunders, Manu E ; Barr, Shannon; Haberle, Simon G; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
10May-2022Initial floral visitor identity and foraging time strongly influence blueberry reproductive successKendall, Liam K ; Stavert, Jamie R ; Gagic, Vesna ; Hall, Mark ; Rader, Romina 11-Jul-2023
1127-Jan-2022Remote sensing to characterize inundation and vegetation dynamics of upland lagoonsBrinkhoff, James ; Backhouse, Gillian ; Saunders, Manu E ; Bower, Deborah S ; Hunter, John T 16-Mar-2022
1210-Dec-2021Trade-offs among plant reproductive traits determine interactions with floral visitorsLanuza, Jose B ; Rader, Romina ; Stavert, Jamie; Kendall, Liam K ; Saunders, Manu E ; Bartomeus, Ignasi7-Jul-2023
131-Oct-2021The effect of protective covers on pollinator health and pollination service deliveryKendall, Liam K ; Evans, Lisa J; Gee, Megan; Smith, Tobias J ; Gagic, Vesna; Lobaton, Juan D ; Hall, Mark A ; Jones, Jeremy ; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Saunders, Manu E ; Sonter, Carolyn ; Cutting, Brian T; Parks, Sophie; Hogendoorn, Katja; Spurr, Cameron; Gracie, Alistair; Simpson, Melinda; Rader, Romina 23-Jul-2021
14Oct-2021Pan trapping in habitats supporting Platanthera (Orchidaceae) shows little difference in insect family-level diversityvan der Voort, Genevieve E; Saunders, Manu E ; Janes, Jasmine K 18-Jun-2021
15Aug-2021Cavity occupancy by wild honey bees: need for evidence of ecological impactsSaunders, Manu E ; Goodwin, Emma K ; Santos, Karen CBS; Sonter, Carolyn A ; Rader, Romina 26-May-2021
16May-2021Limited understanding of bushfire impacts on Australian invertebratesSaunders, Manu E ; Barton, Philip S; Bickerstaff, James R M; Frost, Lindsey ; Latty, Tanya; Lessard, Bryan D; Lowe, Elizabeth C; Rodriguez, Juanita; White, Thomas E; Umbers, Kate D L21-Apr-2021
1723-Apr-2021Options for reducing uncertainty in impact classification for alien speciesClarke, David A; Palmer, David J; McGrannachan, Chris; Burgess, Treena I; Chown, Steven L; Clarke, Rohan H; Kumschick, Sabrina; Lach, Lori; Liebhold, Andrew M; Roy, Helen E; Saunders, Manu E ; Yeates, David K; Zalucki, Myron P; McGeoch, Melodie A4-May-2021
18Apr-2021Weather Conditions Affect the Visitation Frequency, Richness and Detectability of Insect Flower Visitors in the Australian Alpine ZoneGoodwin, Emma K ; Rader, Romina ; Encinas-Viso, Francisco; Saunders, Manu E 30-Mar-2021
19Feb-2021Ecosystem Services: Key Issues. 1st edition. Mark Everard. Routledge, Earthscan from Routledge, Oxford, 2017. xi + 188 pages. Price AUD $61.99 (paperback, also available as hardback and ebook). ISBN: 9781138692725Saunders, Manu E 20-Jul-2021
202021Condition thresholds in Australia's threatened ecological community listings hinder conservation of dynamic ecosystemsSaunders, Manu E ; Bower, Deborah S ; Mika, Sarah ; Hunter, John T 16-Feb-2021
2117-Dec-2020What evidence exists on conservation actions to conserve insects? A protocol for a systematic map of literature reviewsHaddaway, Neal R; Grames, Eliza M; Boyes, Douglas H; Saunders, Manu E ; Taylor, Nigel G21-Apr-2021
22Sep-2020Conceptual ambiguity hinders measurement and management of ecosystem disservicesSaunders, Manu E 21-Apr-2021
23Sep-2020Protecting Pollinators, JodiHelmer. Island Press, Washington DC, 2019. ix + 220 pages. Price AU$48.45 (paperback). ISBN: 9781610919364Saunders, Manu E 15-Jul-2021
2424-Apr-2020Navigating the Science-Action LabyrinthKnowlton, Nancy; Saunders, Manu ; Rodriguez, Victor Galaz; Overpeck, Jonathan; Dahl, Kristina; Hausfather, Zeke; Kalmus, Peter20-Nov-2023
25Mar-2020Semantics of the insect decline narrative: recommendations for communicating insect conservation to peer and public audiencesSaunders, Manu E ; Janes, Jasmine K ; O'Hanlon, James C 21-Apr-2021
26Mar-2020Interpreting insect declines: seven challenges and a way forwardDidham, Raphael K; Basset, Yves; Collins, C Matilda; Leather, Simon R; Littlewood, Nick A; Menz, Myles H M; Müller, Jörg; Packer, Laurence; Saunders, Manu E ; Schönrogge, Karsten; Stewart, Alan J. A.; Yanoviak, Stephen P; Hassall, Christopher21-Apr-2021
27Mar-2020Spotlight on insects: trends, threats and conservation challengesDidham, Raphael K; Barbero, Francesca; Collins, C Matilda; Forister, Matthew L; Hassall, Christopher; Leather, Simon R; Packer, Laurence; Saunders, Manu E ; Stewart, Alan J A21-Apr-2021
28Jan-2020Moving On from the Insect Apocalypse Narrative: Engaging with Evidence-Based Insect ConservationSaunders, Manu E ; Janes, Jasmine K ; O'Hanlon, James C 7-Feb-2020
29Jan-2020Is the insect apocalypse upon us? How to find outMontgomery, Graham A; Dunn, Robert R; Fox, Richard; Jongejans, Eelke; Leather, Simon R; Saunders, Manu E ; Shortall, Chris R; Tingley, Morgan W; Wagner, David L11-Feb-2020
302020Ecosystem Services of InsectsSaunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 20-Jul-2021
31Dec-2019Ups and downs of insect populationsSaunders, Manu E 9-Apr-2020
32Nov-2019Hope on the Wing: The Last Butterflies: A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature by Nick Haddad, Princeton University Press, 2019. US$24.95/£20.00, hbk (264 pp.) ISBN 978-0-691-16500-4.Saunders, Manu E 6-Jul-2021
3319-Sep-2019Evaluating the taxa that provide shared pollination services across multiple crops and regionsWillcox, Bryony K ; Howlett, Brad G; Robson, Andrew J ; Cutting, Brian; Evans, Lisa; Jesson, Linley; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Jean-Meyzonnier, Malou; Potdevin, Victoria; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 1-Oct-2020
34Jun-2019Engaging urban stakeholders in the sustainable management of arthropod pestsLowe, Elizabeth C; Latty, Tanya; Webb, Cameron E; Whitehouse, Mary E A; Saunders, Manu E 14-Oct-2019
3527-Mar-2019Network modularity influences plant reproduction in a mosaic tropical agroecosystemSaunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
362019Forgotten pollinatorsSaunders, Manu ; Rader, Romina ; Cunningham, Saul2-Dec-2019
372019Facing the gap: exploring research on local knowledge of insect-provided services in agroecosystemsRawluk, Andrea; Saunders, Manu E 15-Oct-2019
382019No Simple Answers for Insect ConservationSaunders, Manu E 5-Jul-2021
39Sep-2018Citizen science in schools: Engaging students in research on urban habitat for pollinatorsSaunders, Manu E ; Roger, Erin; Geary, William L; Meredith, Floret; Welbourne, Dustin J; Bako, Alex; Canavan, Emily; Herro, Francesca; Herron, Charlotte; Hung, Olivia; Kunstler, Madeline; Lin, Jade; Ludlow, Natasha; Paton, Mayling; Salt, Sunny; Simpson, Tallulah; Wang, Ariana; Zimmerman, Nikki; Drews, Kalani B; Dawson, Hayley F; Martin, Lachlan W J; Sutton, Jack B; Webber, Chiquita C; Ritchie, Amy L; Berns, Leigham D; Winch, Bella A; Reeves, Holly R; Mclennan, Eiron C; Gardner, Jordan M; Butler, Charli G; Sutton, Emily I; Couttie, Max M; Hilderbrand, Jake B; Blackney, Isabella A; Forsyth, Justine A; Keating, Deborah M; Moles, Angela T5-Jul-2021
402018Letters: Bee conservation: Key role of managed beesSaunders, Manu ; Smith, Tobias J ; Rader, Romina 10-May-2018
412018The Scientist's Guide to Writing: Stephen B. Heard. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2016. ix + 306 pp. Price AU$44.99 (paperback, also in hardback and as an Ebook). ISBN 978-0-691-17022-0Saunders, Manu 22-May-2018
422018Interaction effects between local flower richness and distance to natural woodland on pest and beneficial insects in apple orchardsSaunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary W22-May-2018
432018Ecosystem services in agriculture: understanding the multifunctional role of invertebratesSaunders, Manu 22-May-2018
442018Insect pollinators collect pollen from wind-pollinated plants: implications for pollination ecology and sustainable agricultureSaunders, Manu 17-Jan-2018
452017Bringing ecology blogging into the scientific fold: measuring reach and impact of science community blogsSaunders, Manu ; Duffy, Meghan; Heard, Stephen; Kosmala, Margaret; Leather, Simon; McGlynn, Terrence; Ollerton, Jeff; Parachnowitsch, Amy19-Mar-2018
462017Providing perches for predatory and aggressive birds appears to reduce the negative impact of frugivorous birds in vineyardsPeisley, Rebecca K; Saunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary W19-Apr-2018
472017The role of avian scavengers in the breakdown of carcasses in pastoral landscapesPeisley, Rebecca K; Saunders, Manu ; Robinson, Wayne A; Luck, Gary W19-Apr-2018
482017A global synthesis of the effects of diversified farming systems on arthropod diversity within fields and across agricultural landscapesLichtenberg, Elinor M; Kennedy, Christina M; Winfree, Rachel; Klatt, Bjorn K; Astrom, Sandra; Benjamin, Faye; Brittain, Claire; Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca; Clough, Yann; Danforth, Bryan N; Diekotter, Tim; Eigenbrode, Sanford D; Kremen, Claire; Ekroos, Johan; Elle, Elizabeth; Freitas, Breno M; Fukuda, Yuki; Gaines-Day, Hannah R; Grab, Heather; Gratton, Claudio; Holzschuh, Andrea; Isaacs, Rufus; Isaia, Marco; Batary, Peter; Jha, Shalene; Jonason, Dennis; Jones, Vincent P; Klein, Alexandra-Maria; Krauss, Jochen; Letourneau, Deborah K; Macfadyen, Sarina; Mallinger, Rachel E; Martin, Emily A; Martinez, Eliana; Berendse, Frank; Memmott, Jane; Morandin, Lora; Neame, Lisa; Otieno, Mark; Park, Mia G; Pfiffner, Lukas; Pocock, Michael J O; Ponce, Carlos; Potts, Simon G; Poveda, Katja; Bommarco, Riccardo; Ramos, Mariangie; Rosenheim, Jay A; Rundlof, Maj; Sardinas, Hilary S; Saunders, Manu ; Schon, Nicole L; Sciligo, Amber R; Sidhu, C Sheena; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf; Tscharntke, Teja; Bosque-Perez, Nilsa A; Vesely, Milan; Weisser, Wolfgang; Wilson, Julianna K; Crowder, David W; Carvalheiro, Luisa G; Snyder, William E; Williams, Neal M1-Jun-2018
492017Bees visiting unopened flowers: bumbling burglars or sneaky pollinators?Saunders, Manu 24-Jul-2017
5018-Mar-2016Goodies v baddies? Why labelling wild animals as 'pests' or 'friends' is holding farming backSaunders, Manu ; Luck, Gary; Peisley, Rebecca; Rader, Romina 31-Mar-2021

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