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1Apr-2023Climate mediates roles of pollinator species in plant-pollinator networksSaunders, Manu E ; Kendall, Liam K ; Lanuza, Jose B ; Hall, Mark A ; Rader, Romina ; Stavert, Jamie R4-Jul-2023
2Jun-2022Pollen-insect interaction meta-networks identify key relationships for conservation in mosaic agricultural landscapesHall, Mark A ; Stavert, Jamie R; Saunders, Manu E ; Barr, Shannon; Haberle, Simon G; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
3May-2022Initial floral visitor identity and foraging time strongly influence blueberry reproductive successKendall, Liam K ; Stavert, Jamie R ; Gagic, Vesna ; Hall, Mark ; Rader, Romina 11-Jul-2023
41-Oct-2021The effect of protective covers on pollinator health and pollination service deliveryKendall, Liam K ; Evans, Lisa J; Gee, Megan; Smith, Tobias J ; Gagic, Vesna; Lobaton, Juan D ; Hall, Mark A ; Jones, Jeremy ; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Saunders, Manu E ; Sonter, Carolyn ; Cutting, Brian T; Parks, Sophie; Hogendoorn, Katja; Spurr, Cameron; Gracie, Alistair; Simpson, Melinda; Rader, Romina 23-Jul-2021
52021Scholarly shortcomings and a lack of evidence beleaguer bee sampling critique: A response to Prendergast and Hogendoorn (2021)Saunders, Manu E ; Hall, Mark A ; Lentini, Pia E; Brown, Julian; Cunningham, Saul A26-May-2021
6Jun-2020Bee Visitation and Fruit Quality in Berries Under Protected Cropping Vary Along the Length of PolytunnelsHall, Mark A ; Jones, Jeremy ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Wright, Derek; Rader, Romina 16-Jul-2020
7Feb-2019Pollinator size and its consequences: Robust estimates of body size in pollinating insectsKendall, Liam K ; Rader, Romina ; Gagic, Vesna; Cariveau, Daniel P; Albrecht, Matthias; Baldock, Katherine C R; Freitas, Breno M; Hall, Mark ; Holzschuh, Andrea; Molina, Francisco P; Morten, Joanne M; Pereira, Janaely S; Portman, Zachary M; Roberts, Stuart P M; Rodriguez, Juanita; Russo, Laura; Sutter, Louis; Vereecken, Nicolas J; Bartomeus, Ignasi15-Jul-2020
82018Bees visit less in the middle of polytunnelsHall, Mark ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Wright, Derek; Rader, Romina 30-Mar-2021

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