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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jun-2023Better pollination knowledge can grow better berriesRader, Romina ; Jones, Jeremy ; Santos, Karen C B S ; Schmidt, Lena ; Preradovic, Jelena; Dawson, Blake; Perović, David J; Davis, Abby ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Scalzo, Jessica; Shermeister, Bar7-Jul-2023
2Apr-2023Does sorting by color using visible and high‐energy violet light improve classification of taxa in honey bee pollen pellets?Bailey, Charlie P; Sonter, Carolyn A ; Jones, Jeremy L ; Pandey, Sabu; Haberle, Simon; Santos, Karen C B S ; Absy, Maria L; Rader, Romina 4-Jul-2023
32-May-2022Pollinator nutrition and its role in merging the dual objectives of pollinator health and optimal crop productionJones, Jeremy ; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
4May-2022Pollination service delivery is complex: Urban garden crop yields are best explained by local canopy cover and garden scale plant species richnessMcDougall, Robert ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Latty, Tanya; Jones, Jeremy ; Rader, Romina 25-May-2022
51-Oct-2021The effect of protective covers on pollinator health and pollination service deliveryKendall, Liam K ; Evans, Lisa J; Gee, Megan; Smith, Tobias J ; Gagic, Vesna; Lobaton, Juan D ; Hall, Mark A ; Jones, Jeremy ; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Saunders, Manu E ; Sonter, Carolyn ; Cutting, Brian T; Parks, Sophie; Hogendoorn, Katja; Spurr, Cameron; Gracie, Alistair; Simpson, Melinda; Rader, Romina 23-Jul-2021
6Feb-2021Understanding pollinator foraging behaviour and transition rates between flowers is important to maximize seed set in hybrid cropsGagic, Vesna; Kirkland, Lindsey ; Kendall, Liam K ; Jones, Jeremy ; Kirkland, Jeffrey ; Spurr, Cameron; Rader, Romina 7-Apr-2021
7Jun-2020Bee Visitation and Fruit Quality in Berries Under Protected Cropping Vary Along the Length of PolytunnelsHall, Mark A ; Jones, Jeremy ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Wright, Derek; Rader, Romina 16-Jul-2020
82018The behaviour and movement of insect pollinators visiting blueberry plantsJones, Jeremy ; Dempsey, Raymond; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Hall, Mark; Rader, Romina 17-Mar-2023

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Jeremy Jones
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Jones, Jeremy
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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