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19-May-2024Fly (Diptera) Pollination Efficiency and Reproductive Needs within Crop AgroecosystemsDavis, Abby Elizabeh ; Bickel, Daniel ; Rader, Romina ; Saunders, Manu ; Schmidt, Lena Alice ; Spurr, Cameron17-May-2024
22024Fly (Diptera) pollination efficiency and reproductive needs within crop agroecosystems - DatasetDavis, Abby ; Rader, Romina ; Saunders, Manu ; Spurr, Cameron; Bickel, Daniel 17-May-2024
3Jul-2023Crop-pollinating Diptera have diverse diets and habitat needs in both larval and adult stagesDavis, Abby E ; Bickel, Daniel J ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 30-Oct-2023
4Jul-2023Crop-pollinating Diptera have diverse diets and habitat needs in both larval and adult stagesDavis, Abby E ; Bickel, Daniel J ; Saunders, Manu E ; Rader, Romina 5-Jul-2023
5Jun-2023Better pollination knowledge can grow better berriesRader, Romina ; Jones, Jeremy ; Santos, Karen C B S ; Schmidt, Lena ; Preradovic, Jelena; Dawson, Blake; Perović, David J; Davis, Abby ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Scalzo, Jessica; Shermeister, Bar7-Jul-2023
625-May-2023Observations of nectarivorous birds and potential biological control agents in berry orchardsSantos, Karen C B S ; Davis, Abby E ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Hocking, Brad; Shermeister, Bar; Rader, Romina 30-Jun-2023
74-May-2023Provisioning Australian Seed Carrot Agroecosystems with Non-Floral Habitat Provides Oviposition Sites for Crop-Pollinating DipteraDavis, Abby E ; Schmidt, Lena Alice ; Harrington, Samantha; Spurr, Cameron; Rader, Romina 29-Oct-2023
82023The golden native drone fly (Eristalinus punctulatus) is an effective hybrid carrot pollinator that lives within Australian crop agroecosystemsDavis, Abby E ; Schmidt, Lena A ; Santos, Karen C B S ; Martin, Lucie; Harrington, Samantha; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Hocking, Brad; Wright, Derek; Spurr, Cameron; Cook, David; Rader, Romina 28-Nov-2023
92023The brown honeyeater (Lichmera indistincta) is an effective pollinator in Australian blueberry orchardsC B S Santos, Karen ; Davis, Abby E ; Rocchetti, Maurizio; Hocking, Brad; Schermeister, Bar; Rader, Romina 17-May-2024
104-Aug-2021Eristalis flower flies can be mechanical vectors of the common trypanosome bee parasite, Crithidia bombiDavis, Abby E ; Deutsch, Kaitlin R; Torres, Alondra M; Loya, Mesly J Mata; Cody, Lauren V; Harte, Emma; Sossa, David; Muniz, Paige A; Ng, Wee Hao; McArt, Scott H23-Mar-2022
112020Within-Colony Transmission of Microsporidian and Trypanosomatid Parasites in Honey Bee and Bumble Bee ColoniesPinilla-Gallego, Mario S; Williams, Emma E; Davis, Abby ; Fitzgerald, Jacquelyn L; McArt, Scott H; Irwin, Rebecca E15-May-2024

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