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1Apr-2023Redox evolution of differentiating hydrous basaltic magmas recorded by zircon and apatites in mafic cumulates: The case of the Malayer Plutonic Complex, Western IranDeevsalar, Reza; Pan, Yuanming; Shinjo, Ryuichi; Milan, Luke ; Song, Ke-han; Xiao, Qunfeng; Shakouri, Mohsen; Rae-Ling Paterson, Alisa; Hu, Yongfeng26-Jul-2023
22-Jan-2023Water-in-zircon: a discriminant between S- and I-type granitoidMo, Jing; Xia, Xiao-Ping; Li, Peng-Fei; Spencer, Christopher J; Lai, Chun-Kit; Xu, Jian; Yang, Qing; Sun, Ming-Dao; Yu, Yang; Milan, Luke 27-Jul-2023
37-Sep-2022Speciation, Associations, and Geochemical Transformations of Antimony and Arsenic in a Mine-Contaminated Freshwater SystemDoherty, Steven James ; Wilson, Susan ; Sampaklis, Andrew; Tighe, Matthew ; Milan, Luke Albert 14-Nov-2023
415-Jul-2022Antimony and arsenic particle size distribution in a mining contaminated freshwater river: Implications for sediment quality assessment and quantifying dispersionDoherty, Steven ; Rueegsegger, Isabelle; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Wilson, Susan C 18-May-2022
5May-2022Pulses in silicic arc magmatism initiate end-Permian climate instability and extinctionChapman, Timothy ; Milan, Luke A ; Metcalfe, Ian ; Blevin, Phil L; Crowley, Jim3-Jun-2022
6Apr-2022Oxide enrichment by syntectonic melt-rock interactionGhatak, Hindol; Gardner, Robyn L; Daczko, Nathan R; Piazolo, Sandra; Milan, Luke 24-May-2022
728-Jan-2022The Role of Metamorphic Fluid in Tectonic Tremor Along the Alpine Fault, New ZealandChapman, Timothy ; Milan, Luke ; Vry, Julie25-May-2022
8Dec-2021Long-range spatial variability in sediment associations and solid-phase speciation of antimony and arsenic in a mining-impacted river systemDoherty, Steven ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Johannessen, Bernt; Mitchell, Valerie; Hamilton, Jessica; Johnston, Scott G; Wilson, Susan C 22-Nov-2021
9Jul-2021Characterization of poultry house dust using chemometrics and scanning electron microscopy imagingAhaduzzaman, Md ; Milan, Luke ; Morton, Christine L ; Gerber, Priscilla F ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 27-Jul-2023
107-May-2021Use of dust sampling to determine the success of live vaccination or for monitoring of pathogen levels in poultry flocksAhaduzzaman, Md ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Freitas Gerber, Priscilla ; Milan, Luke 8-Aug-2023
11May-2021Petrogenesis of basaltic lavas from the West Pacific Seamount Province: Geochemical and Sr‐Nd‐Pb‐Hf isotopic constraintsYan, Quanshu; Milan, Luke ; Saunders, J Edward ; Shi, Xuefa18-Jun-2021
123-Mar-2021The volume conjugate in progressive metamorphismChapman, Timothy ; Clarke, Geoffrey ; Milan, Luke ; Vry, Julie27-Aug-2021
1316-Jan-2021A New Reconstruction for Permian East Gondwana Based on Zircon Data From Ophiolite of the East Australian Great Serpentinite BeltMilan, L A ; Belousova, E A; Glen, R A; Chapman, T ; Kalmbach, J; Fu, B; Ashley, P M 30-Mar-2021
142021Speciation and mobility of antimony and arsenic in a highly contaminated freshwater system and the influence of extreme drought conditionsDoherty, Steven ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Milan, Luke A ; Lisle, Leanne ; Leech, Calvin ; Johannessen, Bernt; Mitchell, Valerie; Hamilton, Jessica; Johnston, Scott G; Wilson, Susan C 6-Mar-2022
1515-Jan-2019Revised geology, age, and vertebrate diversity of the dinosaur-bearing Griman Creek Formation (Cenomanian), Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, AustraliaBell, Phil R ; Fanti, Federico; Hart, Lachlan J ; Milan, Luke A ; Craven, Stephen J; Brougham, Thomas ; Smith, Elizabeth31-Mar-2021
16Oct-2018Continental Arc and Back-Arc Migration in Eastern NE China: New Constraints on Cretaceous Paleo-Pacific Subduction and RollbackSun, Mingdao; Chen, Hanlin; Milan, Luke A ; Wilde, Simon A; Jourdan, Fred; Xu, Yigang23-Jun-2021
171-Apr-2018Geochemical fingerprinting as a tool for repatriating poached dinosaur fossils in Mongolia: A case study for the Nemegt Locality, Gobi DesertFanti, F; Bell, P R ; Tighe, M ; Milan, L A ; Dinelli, E23-Jun-2021
182017Lithology, petrography and Cu occurrence of the Neoproterozoic glacial Mwale Formation at the Shanika syncline (Tenke Fungurume, Congo Copperbelt; Democratic Republic of Congo)Mambwe, Pascal; Milan, Luke ; Muchez, Philippe; Batumike, Jacques; Lavoie, Sebastien; Jebrak, Michel; Kipata, Louis; Chabu, Mumba; Mulongo, Sonya; Lubala, Toto; Delvaux, Damien29-May-2017
192017Cordillera Zealandia: A Mesozoic arc flare-up on the palaeo-Pacific Gondwana MarginMilan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Clarke, G L25-May-2017
202017Detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopes and provenance of Late Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic sediments of the Simao and Baoshan blocks SW China: Implications for Proto-Tethys and Paleo-Tethys evolution and Gondwana reconstructionZhao, Tianyu; Feng, Qinglai; Metcalfe, Ian ; Milan, Luke ; Liu, Guichun; Zhang, Zhibin10-Oct-2017
212016Complexity of In-situ zircon U-Pb-Hf isotope systematics during arc magma genesis at the roots of a Cretaceous arc, Fiordland, New ZealandMilan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Clarke, G L; Allibone, A H14-Dec-2016
222016Tectonic drivers and the influence of the Kerguelen plume on seafloor spreading during formation of the early Indian OceanWatson, S J; Whittaker, J M; Halpin, J A; Williams, S E; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Wyman, D A14-Dec-2016
232012Decoding near-concordant U-Pb zircon ages spanning several hundred million years: recrystallisation, metamictisation or diffusion?Haplin, JA; Daczko, NR; Milan, Luke ; Clarke, GL27-Oct-2014
242010Anti-clockwise P-T paths in the lower crust: an example from a kyanite-bearing regional aureole, George Sound, New ZealandClarke, GL; Fitzherbert, JA; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, NR; Degeling, HS27-Oct-2014
252009Metastable persistence of pelitic metamorphic assemblages at the root of a Cretaceous magmatic arc - Fiordland, New ZealandDaczko, NR; Milan, Luke ; Halpin, JA27-Oct-2014
262009Plutonic rocks of western Fiordland, New Zealand: field relations, geochemistry, correlation, and nomenclatureAllibone, A H; Jongens, R; Turnbull, I M; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; De Paoli, M C; Tulloch, A J30-Oct-2014
272009Granulite facies thermal aureoles and metastable amphibolite facies assemblages adjacent to the Western Fiordland Orthogneiss in southwest Fiordland, New ZealandAllibone, A H; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Turnbull, I M27-Oct-2014
28-Arc eruptions deliver ‘first blow’ in the pulsed end-Permian mass extinctionChapman, Timothy ; Milan, Luke ; Metcalfe, Ian ; Blevin, Phil; Crowley, James15-Apr-2024

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