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1Jun-2024Preferential phosphorus placement improves the productivity and competitiveness of tropical pasture legumesMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 6-May-2024
2Dec-2023Impact of Fusarium Crown Rot on Root System Area and Links to Genetic Variation within Commercial Wheat VarietiesBuster, Mitchell Stephen ; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Guppy, Christopher ; Sissons, Mike ; Harden, Steven; Flavel, Richard J 10-May-2024
329-Sep-2023Warm-Season Pasture Species Respond to Subsurface Placement of Phosphorus FertiliserMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Staker, Benjamin J; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 8-Jan-2024
429-Sep-2023Warm-Season Pasture Species Respond to Subsurface Placement of Phosphorus FertiliserMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Staker, Benjamin J; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 21-Dec-2023
54-Sep-2023Phytophthora root rot of chickpea: inoculum, pathogenicity and resistance phenotypingBithell, Sean Lloyd; Flavel, Richard ; Drenth, Andrew; Moore, Kevin; Backhouse, David 10-Aug-2023
62-Aug-2023Mung Bean Nutrient Uptake and Root Response to Phosphorus and Potassium Placement StrategiesHtwe, Kyin Kyin ; Guppy, Chris ; Blair, Graeme ; Flavel, Richard 13-Sep-2023
727-Jul-2023Improving student engagement and learning outcomes with plant identification learning toolsMclachlan, Jonathan ; Flavel, Richard 11-Dec-2023
827-Mar-2023Progressing Stubble-Borne Disease Management of Winter Cereals in the Northern Grain Region of AustraliaPetronaitis, Toni ; Flavel, Richard ; Steven Simpfendorfer; Brodie, Graham; Backhouse, David 7-Aug-2023
914-Feb-2023Investigating the Role of Plant Growth Regulators for Improving Grain Size in Teff (Eragrostis Tef (Zucc.) Trotter)Girmay, Fano Dargo; Nonhebel, Heather ; McMillan, Mary ; Flavel, Richard 10-Aug-2023
101-Feb-2023Interactions of Fusarium Crown Rot of Wheat with NitrogenBuster, Mitchell ; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Guppy, Christopher ; Sissons, Mike ; Flavel, Richard J 21-Jul-2023
112023Remote detection of Fusarium crown rot in broadacre bread wheat and durum wheat through use of aerial imageryBuster, M; Simpfendorfer, S; Guppy, C ; Sissons, M; Tighe, M K ; Flavel, R J 15-Sep-2023
123-Nov-2022The quantity, distribution and stability of root carbon inputs from pasture species into soilOliver, Ivanah ; Wilson, Brian ; Knox, Oliver ; Jenkins, Brian; Flavel, Richard 10-Aug-2023
13Nov-2022Fusarium Crown Rot Reduces Water Use and Causes Yield Penalties in Wheat under Adequate and above Average Water AvailabilityBuster, Mitchell ; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Guppy, Christopher ; Sissons, Mike ; Flavel, Richard J 4-Nov-2022
14Oct-2022Physical and chemical characteristics of feedlot pen substrate bedded with woodchip under wet climatic conditionsWilkes, Janelle ; Tait, Amy L; Flavel, Richard J ; Turnell, James ; Cowley, Frances C 11-Jul-2023
15Sep-2022Premier Digit and Progardes Desmanthus compete effectively for applied phosphorus under mixed sward conditionsMcLachlan, Jonathan W ; Scrivener, Mitchell L; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 30-May-2022
1610-Aug-2022Progressing stubble-borne disease management of winter cereals in the northern grain region of Australia - DatasetPetronaitis, Toni ; Flavel, Richard ; Backhouse, David ; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Brodie, Graham7-Aug-2023
17Jun-2022Aggressiveness of Phytophthora medicaginis on chickpea: Phenotyping method determines isolate ranking and host genotype-by-isolate interactionsBithell, Sean L; Backhouse, David ; Harden, Steve; Drenth, André; Moore, Kevin; Flavel, Richard J ; Hobson, Kristy11-Jul-2023
182022Kidney trajectory charts to assist general practitioners in the assessment of patients with reduced kidney function: a randomised vignette studyGuppy, Michelle ; Glasziou, Paul; Beller, Elaine; Flavel, Richard ; Shaw, Jonathan E; Barr, Elizabeth; Doust, Jenny11-Jul-2023
192022Optimizing growing conditions for glasshouse studies of root and phosphorus responses of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)Htwe, Kyin Kyin; Guppy, Chris ; Blair, Graeme ; Flavel, Richard 27-Oct-2022
202022Dielectric properties of cereal stubble infected with Bipolaris sorokiniana, Fusarium pseudograminearum and Pyrenophora teres in the microwave frequency rangePetronaitis, Toni ; Brodie, Graham; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Flavel, Richard J ; Warwick, Nigel W M 11-Jul-2023
212022Stubble trouble! Moisture, pathogen fitness and cereal type drive colonisation of cereal stubble by three fungal pathogensPetronaitis, Toni ; Forknall, Clayton; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Backhouse, David ; Flavel, Richard 11-Jul-2023
22Oct-2021Differences in phosphorus acquisition and critical phosphorus requirements among nine Desmanthus spp. genotypesMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Guppy, Chris N ; Flavel, Richard J 18-Jun-2021
232021Rhizosphere Legacy: Plant Root Interactions with the Soil and Its BiomeOliver, Ivanah C ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wilson, Brian R 12-Oct-2020
2411-Sep-2020Intrinsic root morphology determines the phosphorus acquisition efficiency of five annual pasture legumes irrespective of mycorrhizal colonisationMcLachlan, Jonathan W ; Becquer, Adeline; Haling, Rebecca E ; Simpson, Richard J; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 5-Nov-2020
258-Sep-2020Root Trait Importance for Phosphorus Acquisition Efficiency in Trifolium SubterraneumMclachlan, Jonathan Wayne ; Guppy, Christopher ; Flavel, Richard 11-Dec-2023
2622-Jul-2020Phosphorus and Potassium Nutrient Management of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) in Sandy Soils - DatasetHtwe, Kyin kyin ; Guppy, Christopher ; Blair, Graeme ; Flavel, Richard 7-Dec-2023
27Jul-2020Root proliferation and phosphorus acquisition in response to stratification of soil phosphorus by two contrasting Trifolium subterraneum cultivarsMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N ; Simpson, Richard J; Haling, Rebecca E 21-Oct-2020
28Jun-2020Root proliferation in response to P stress and space: implications for the study of root acclimation to low P supply and P acquisition efficiencyMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Haling, Rebecca E ; Simpson, Richard J; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 21-Oct-2020
29Jun-2020Feeding Biomechanics Influences Craniofacial Morphology at the Subspecies Scale among Australian Pademelons (Macropodidae: Thylogale)Mitchell, D Rex ; Sherratt, Emma; Sansalone, Gabriele ; Ledogar, Justin A ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wroe, Stephen 19-May-2019
3020-May-2020The association between range usage and tibial quality in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, T Z ; Flavel, R ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Welch, M ; Schneider, D ; Ruhnke, I 13-Jul-2021
31Dec-2019Various bone parameters are positively correlated with hen body weight while range access has no beneficial effect on tibia health of free-range layersKolakshyapati, M ; Flavel, R J ; Sibanda, T Z ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M C ; Ruhnke, I 30-Oct-2020
328-Jul-2019Phosphorus/Water Interaction and Productivity of Intercropped Sorghum and SoybeanOgee, Mortatha Khayoon Ogee; Guppy, Christopher ; Blair, Graeme ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Flavel, Richard 11-Jan-2024
3315-Jan-2019Effect of plant density on yield and root traits of two Trifolium subterraneum cultivarsMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Haling, Rebecca ; Simpson, Richard; Flavel, Richard ; Guppy, Christopher 12-Dec-2023
34Jan-2019Mitigating the open vessel artefact in centrifuge-based measurement of embolism resistanceLopez, Rosana; Nolf, Markus; Duursma, Remko A; Badel, Eric; Flavel, Richard J ; Cochard, Herve; Choat, Brendan19-May-2019
352019Variation in root morphology and P acquisition efficiency among Trifolium subterraneum genotypesMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Haling, Rebecca E ; Simpson, Richard J; Li, Xiaoxi; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N 21-Oct-2020
362019Banded application improves the recovery of phosphorus fertiliser in a temperate pasture sward containing red cloverMcLachlan, Jonathan W ; Guppy, Chris N ; Flavel, Richard J 11-Nov-2020
372019Differences in subsoil P acquisition by two subterranean clover cultivars in a P deficient soilMcLachlan, Jonathan W ; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N ; Simpson, Richard J; Haling, Rebecca E 11-Nov-2020
382019SMARTfarm Learning Hub: Next generation technologies for agricultural education: Final report 2018Gregory, Sue ; Whannell, Robert ; Flavel, Richard ; Barwick, Jamie ; Swain, David; Acuna, Tina; Rawnsley, Richard; Mohammed, Caroline; Hardie, Marcus; Cullen, Brendan; Nettle, Ruth; Ingram, Lachlan; Trotter, Mark; Cosby, Amy28-Oct-2019
392019Effect of co-application of phosphorus and potassium fertilisers on phosphorus uptake by MungbeansHtwe, Kyin Kyin ; Guppy, Chris ; Flavel, Richard ; Blair, Graeme 14-Jul-2021
402019Student’s perception of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in agricultureWilkes, Janelle ; Flavel, Richard 15-Jul-2020
412019Is range usage at the onset of egg production associated with tibial bone mineral density at the end of lay?Sibanda, T Z ; Flavel, R ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M ; Boshoff, J ; Ruhnke, I 29-Jul-2021
422019Outdoor feeder increased range usage but not bone quality in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Flavel, Richard ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Ramirez-Cuevas, Santiago; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 29-Jul-2021
43Sep-2018Foraging for better root traits: phosphorus acquisition efficiency in a critical pasture speciesHaling, Rebecca E ; Becquer, Adeline; Warren, Anne; Stefanski, Adam; Mclachlan, Jonathan W ; Kidd, Daniel R; Ryan, Megan H; Sandral, Graeme A; Hayes, Richard C; Flavel, Richard J ; Guppy, Chris N ; Simpson, Richard J12-Dec-2023
448-Jul-2018Variation in P-acquisition efficiency among Trifolium subterraneum genotypes and the role of root morphology traitsMclachlan, Jonathan ; Haling, Rebecca ; Simpson, Richard; Flavel, Richard ; Guppy, Christopher 12-Dec-2023
4514-Feb-2018A 3D anatomical atlas of appendage musculature in the chelicerate arthropod Limulus polyphemusBicknell, Russell D C ; Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 1-Mar-2019
462018A Dual Isotope Protocol to Separate the Contributions to Phosphorus Content of Maize Shoots and Soil Phosphorus Fractions from Biosolids, Fertilizer and SoilDavis, Jean; Flavel, Richard J ; Blair, Graeme 17-May-2019
472018Plant roots redesign the rhizosphere to alter the three-dimensional physical architecture and water dynamicsRabbi, Sheikh M F; Tighe, Matthew ; Flavel, Richard ; Kaiser, Brent N; Guppy, Christopher ; Zhang, Xiaoxian; Young, Iain 26-Jun-2018
48Apr-2017Visualization of xylem embolism by X-ray microtomography: a direct test against hydraulic measurementsNolf, Markus; Lopez, Rosana; Peters, Jennifer M R; Flavel, Richard J ; Koloadin, Leah S; Young, Iain M; Choat, Brendan19-May-2019
492017Root Plasticity Not Evident in N-Enriched Soil Volumes for Wheat ('Triticum aestivum' L.) and Barley ('Hordeum vulgare' L.) VarietiesRabbi, Sheikh M F; Guppy, Christopher ; Flavel, Richard ; Tighe, Matthew ; Young, Iain 20-Jan-2018
502017An image processing and analysis tool for identifying and analysing complex plant root systems in 3D soil using non-destructive analysis: Root1Flavel, Richard ; Guppy, Christopher ; Rabbi, Sheikh M R; Young, Iain 10-May-2018

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