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1Dec-2017Risk factors for recurrence of facial basal cell carcinoma after surgical excision: A follow-up analysisArmstrong, Linus T D; Magnusson, Mark R; Guppy, Michelle P B 4-May-2022
22016Positive Clinical Outcomes Are Synergistic With Positive Educational Outcomes When Using Telehealth Consulting in General Practice: A Mixed-Methods StudyKnight, Patricia; Bonney, Andrew; Teuss, Grigorijs; Guppy, Michelle ; Lafferre, Danielle; Mullan, Judy; Barnett, Stephen31-Mar-2017
32015The Role of Embryologic Fusion Planes in the Invasiveness and Recurrence of Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Classic Mix-Up of Causation and CorrelationArmstrong, Linus T D; Magnusson, Mark R; Guppy, Michelle 29-Mar-2017
42015The Telehealth Skills, Training, and Implementation Project: An Evaluation ProtocolBonney, Andrew; Knight-Billington, Patricia; Wilson, Ian; Hudson, Judith Nicky; Pond, Dimity; Gill, Gerard; Hespe, Charlotte; Mullan, Judy; Moscova, Michelle; Barnett, Stephen; Iverson, Don; Saffioti, Daniel; Eastland, Elisabeth; Guppy, Michelle ; Weston, Kathryn4-May-2017
52014Basal cell carcinoma at craniofacial embryological fusion planes: propensity for greater depth of invasion and recurrence revisitedArmstrong, Linus; Magnusson, Mark; Guppy, Michelle 4-May-2017
62013Physical and mental health perspectives of first year undergraduate rural university studentsHussain, Rafat ; Guppy, Michelle ; Robertson, Suzanne ; Temple, Elizabeth 17-Oct-2013
72011Advising patients to increase fluid intake for treating acute respiratory infectionsGuppy, Michelle ; Mickan, Sharon M; Del Mar, Chris B; Thorning, Sarah; Rack, Alexander10-May-2017
82009Prevalence of iron deficiency and associated risk factors in a rural female university student populationRobertson, Suzanne ; Guppy, Michelle ; Utley, Fiona ; Fisher, Karin Anne; Hussain, Rafat ; Watt, Jane ; Kennedy, Paul; Alcorn, Tanya; Vidal, Elizabeth; Woodward, Gillian; Horton, N; Wielebinski, W2-Aug-2010
92004"Drink plenty of fluids": Authors' replyGuppy, Michelle ; Mickan, Sharon M; Del Mar, Chris B31-May-2017
102004"Drink plenty of fluids": a systematic review of evidence for this recommendation in acute respiratory infectionsGuppy, Michelle ; Mickan, Sharon M; Del Mar, Chris B30-May-2017

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