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111-Dec-2023Understanding Dimensions of Women’s Empowerment in the Livestock Value Chain Development Program in EthiopiaWakjira, Wole Kinati ; Baker, Derek ; Najjar, Dina ; Temple, Elizabeth 21-Dec-2023
24-Sep-2023Challenging structures: gender transformative interventions by livestock CRP in EthiopiaKinati, Wole ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Baker, Derek ; Najjar, Dina 7-Sep-2023
33-Jul-2023Small ruminant value chain and empowerment: a gendered baseline study from EthiopiaKinati, Wole ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Baker, Derek ; Najjar, Dina 26-Sep-2023
4Mar-2023Pathways to Empowerment: Case Studies of Positive Deviances in Gender Relations in EthiopiaKinati, Wole ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Baker, Derek ; Najjar, Dina 18-Apr-2023
52023Differences between meditators and non-meditators in mindfulness, its components and related qualitiesSomaraju, Lakshmi Haranath ; Bizo, Lewis A ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Cocks, Bernadine 18-Jun-2021
62023Brief mindfulness meditation: Can it make a real difference?Somaraju, Lakshmi Haranath; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Bizo, Lewis A ; Cocks, Bernadine 24-Jun-2021
716-Jul-2022Empowerment resources, decision-making and gender attitudes: which matter most to livestock keepers in the mixed and livestock-based systems in Ethiopia?Kinati, Wole ; Baker, Derek ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Najjar, Dina ; Mulema, Annet Abenakyo18-Apr-2023
88-Dec-2021Mindfulness: An Investigation of its Components, Practice, Associations and EffectsSomaraju, Lakshmi Haranath ; Temple, Elizabeth Clare ; Cocks, Bernadine 10-Jan-2024
92021Association of mindfulness with psychological distress and life satisfaction in Western and Eastern meditatorsSomaraju, Lakshmi Haranath ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Bizo, Lewis A ; Cocks, Bernadine 15-May-2023
101-Apr-2020Different Version, Similar Result? A Critical Analysis of the Multiplicity of Shortened Versions of the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryPerry, John L; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Worrell, Frank C; Zivkovic, Urška; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jon C; McKay, Michael T19-May-2021
11Dec-2019A balanced time perspective: Is it an exercise in empiricism, and does it relate meaningfully to health and well-being outcomes?McKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Zivkovic, Urška; Temple, Elizabeth ; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jon C; Andretta, James R; Perry, John L19-May-2021
121-Aug-2019The Zimbardo time perspective inventory: Time for a new strategy, not more new shortened versionsTemple, Elizabeth ; Perry, John L; Worrell, Frank C; Zivkovic, Urška; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jon C; McKay, Michael T18-Jun-2021
132018A Theoretical Approach to Resolving the Psychometric Problems Associated With the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryWorrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; McKay, Michael T; Zivkovic, Urska; Perry, John L; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jonathan C22-Mar-2018
142016Empathy Conversations - Testing their effectiveness as a policy-making instrument: A Pilot StudyReeder, Lynne; Temple, Elizabeth ; Petheram, Lisa; Marks, Kylie; Stephens, Lyn24-Mar-2017
152016Testing the effectiveness of empathy conversations as a policy tool in the welfare and finance sectors-pilot studyReeder, Lynne; Temple, Elizabeth 25-Jul-2018
162016Is it Beer O'Clock? Time Perspective and Hazardous Alcohol Use in Emerging AdultsTemple, Elizabeth ; Ridgeway, Nicole; Iagoe, Claire4-Jul-2017
172015Clearing the smokescreen: The current evidence on cannabis useTemple, Elizabeth ; Hammersley, Richard; van Laar, Margriet; Brown, Rhonda F24-Mar-2017
182015Less is not always more: The case of the 36-item short form of the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryMcKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; Perry, John L; Cole, Jon C; Mello, Zena R24-Mar-2017
192015Clearing the smokescreen: the current evidence on cannabis useTemple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
202014Commentary on van der Pol et al . (2014): Reconsidering the association between cannabis exposure and dependenceTemple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
212014Walking the Fine Line Between Fieldwork Success and Failure: Advice for New EthnographersGill, Peter Richard; Temple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
222014A critical examination of the reliability and validity of the SZTPI-15 in British, American and Australian samplesMcKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Temple, Elizabeth ; Perry, John; Cole, Jon C24-Mar-2017
232014Cannabis use and anxiety: is stress the missing piece of the puzzle?Temple, Elizabeth ; Driver, Matthew; Brown, Rhonda 16-Jul-2015
242013Promoting the development of children's emotional and social wellbeing in early childhood settings: How can we enhance the capability of educators to fulfil role expectations?Temple, Elizabeth ; Emmett, Susan24-Mar-2017
252013Associations between Psychosocial Well-being and the Development of Beneficial Time PerspectivesTemple, Elizabeth 24-Mar-2017
262013The association between cannabis use, mental illness, and suicidal behavior: What is the role of hopelessness?Serafini, Gianluca; Pompili, Maurizio; Innamorati, Marco; Temple, Elizabeth ; Amore, Mario; Borgwardt, Stefan; Girardi, Paolo24-Mar-2017
272013Physical and mental health perspectives of first year undergraduate rural university studentsHussain, Rafat ; Guppy, Michelle ; Robertson, Suzanne ; Temple, Elizabeth 17-Oct-2013
282013Wellbeing of fly-in/fly-out and drive-in/drive-out employees: Evidence from AustraliaTuck, Jacqueline; Temple, Elizabeth ; Sipek, Michelle18-Jun-2017
292011A Comparison of Internet-Based Participant Recruitment Methods: Engaging the Hidden Population of Cannabis Users in ResearchTemple, Elizabeth ; Brown, Rhonda F24-Mar-2017
302011The 'grass ceiling': limitations in the literature hinder our understanding of cannabis use and its consequencesTemple, Elizabeth ; Brown, Rhonda ; Hine, Donald W 26-Jul-2011
312011The grassy knoll ... and an elephantTemple, Elizabeth ; Brown, Rhonda ; Hine, Donald W 26-Jul-2011
322009The Cannabis Experience and Everyday FunctioningTemple, Elizabeth ; Hine, Donald ; Brown, Rhonda 11-Sep-2009
332002Taste development: differential growth rates of tongue regions in humansTemple, Elizabeth ; Hutchinson, Ian; Laing, David G; Jinks, Anthony L25-Jan-2010
342002Temporal Perception of Sweetness by Adults and Children Using Computerized Time-Intensity MeasuresTemple, Elizabeth ; Laing, DG; Hutchinson, I; Jinks, AL3-Dec-2012
35-Are Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering Opposite Constructs? It Depends on How Mindfulness is ConceptualisedSomaraju, Lakshmi H ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Cocks, Bernadine ; Bizo, Lewis A 3-Apr-2023

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