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19-Oct-2019Head to head: the case for fighting behaviour in Megaloceros giganteus using finite-element analysisKlinkhamer, Ada J ; Woodley, Nicholas; Neenan, James M; Parr, William C H; Clausen, Philip; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R; Sansalone, Gabriele ; Lister, Adrian M; Wroe, Stephen 12-May-2021
219-Sep-2019Head to Head: the case for combative behaviour in Megaloceros giganteusKlinkhamer, Ada J ; Woodley, Nicholas; Neenan, James M; Parr, William C H; Clausen, Philip; Sanchez-Villagra, Marcelo R; Lister, Adrian; Wroe, Stephen 19-Sep-2019
3May-2019Comparative Three-Dimensional Moment Arm Analysis of the Sauropod Forelimb: Implications for the Transition to a Wide-Gauge Stance in TitanosaursKlinkhamer, Ada J ; Mallison, Heinrich; Poropat, Stephen F; Sloan, Trish; Wroe, Stephen 12-May-2021
4Dec-2018Three-Dimensional Musculoskeletal Modeling of the Sauropodomorph Hind Limb: The Effect of Postural Change on Muscle LeverageKlinkhamer, Ada J ; Mallison, Heinrich; Poropat, Stephen F; Sinapius, George H K; Wroe, Stephen 29-Apr-2022
514-Apr-2018Biomechanical analysis of sauropod dinosaur appendicular anatomy using three-dimensional musculoskeletal modelling and finite element analysisKlinkhamer, Ada ; Wroe, Stephen ; McDonald, Paul 22-Jan-2024
614-Feb-2018A 3D anatomical atlas of appendage musculature in the chelicerate arthropod Limulus polyphemusBicknell, Russell D C ; Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 1-Mar-2019
76-Apr-2017Digital dissection and three-dimensional interactive models of limb musculature in the Australian estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Wilhite, D Ray; White, Matt A ; Wroe, Stephen 11-May-2021
83-Aug-2016The pes of Australovenator wintonensis (Theropoda: Megaraptoridae): analysis of the pedal range of motion and biological restorationWhite, Matt A ; Cook, Alex G; Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Elliott, David A22-Nov-2021

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