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1Apr-2021Multilevel innovation platforms for development of smallholder livestock systems: How effective are they?Lema, Zelalem ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa A ; Marshall, Graham R ; Roschinsky, Romana ; Duncan, Alan J4-Mar-2021
22019Incorporating leucaena into goat production systemsCowley, Frances C ; Roschinsky, Romana 15-Apr-2020
32016Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation on Smallholder Farms Through Farmers' Collective Led On-Farm Adaptive Research: The SAF-BIN ProjectRoschinsky, Romana ; Simon, Sunil; Choudhury, Pranab Ranjan; Baroi, Augustine; Malla, Manindra; Costa, Sukleash George; Pankaj, Valentine Denis; Manandhar, Chintan; Aichinger, Manfred; Wurzinger, Maria5-Sep-2017
42014Dairy cattle crossbreeding as development path for smallholders? A case study at farm level in south-western UgandaRoschinsky, Romana 1-Feb-2018
52014Smallholder experiences with dairy cattle crossbreeding in the tropics: from introduction to impactRoschinsky, Romana ; Kluszczynska, Martha; Solkner, Johann; Puskur, Ranjitha; Wurzinger, Maria17-Aug-2017
62013Cross-breeding cattle for milk production in the tropics: achievements, challenges and opportunitiesGalukande, E; Mulindwa, H; Wurzinger, M; Roschinsky, Romana ; Mwai, A O; Solkner, J13-Sep-2017

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Roschinsky, Romana
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