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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2021Co-producing a fire and seasons calendar to support renewed Indigenous cultural fire managementMcKemey, Michelle B ; Ens, Emilie J; Hunter, John T ; Ridges, Malcolm ; Costello, Oliver; Reid, Nick C H 5-Aug-2022
29-Jun-2021Developing cross-cultural knowledge ('right way' science) to support Indigenous cultural fire managementMcKemey, Michelle B ; Reid, Nick ; Ens, Emilie; Hunter, John ; Ridges, Malcolm 25-Jun-2021
32-Mar-2021Aboriginal Burning in South Eastern Australia: Lessons from Brush TurkeyHooper, Shaun Boree; Beck, Wendy ; Lynch, Anthony ; Prior, Julian ; Ridges, Malcolm 13-Dec-2023
42021Indigenous cultural burning had less impact than wildfire on the threatened Backwater grevillea (Grevillea scortechinii subsp. sarmentosa) while effectively decreasing fuel loadsMcKemey, Michelle ; Patterson, Maureen (Lesley); Hunter, John ; Ridges, Malcolm ; Ens, Emilie; Miller, Cara ; Costella, Oliver; Reid, Nick 26-Aug-2021
530-Nov-2020Understanding how Aboriginal culture can contribute to the resilient future of rangelands – the importance of Aboriginal core valuesRidges, Mal ; Kelly, Mick; Simpson, Geoff; Leys, John; Booth, Sandy; Friedel, Margaret; Country, Ngyampaa28-Mar-2024
62019Cross-Cultural Monitoring of a Cultural Keystone Species Informs Revival of Indigenous Burning of Country in South-Eastern AustraliaMcKemey, Michelle B ; Patterson, Maureen (Lesley); Rangers, Banbai; Ens, Emilie J; Reid, Nick C H ; Hunter, John T ; Costello, Oliver; Ridges, Malcolm ; Miller, Cara 12-Oct-2020
72018Letters from Mungo: A Dialogue on Decolonisation to Improve Academic Engagement with Aboriginal StudentsRidges, Malcolm ; Wess, Tim27-Apr-2022
820-Nov-2017Vulnerability of Indigenous Heritage Sites to Changing Sea Levels: Piloting a GIS-Based Approach in the Illawarra, New South Wales, AustraliaKnott, Samuel; Szabo, Katherine; Ridges, Mal ; Fullagar, Richard27-Apr-2022
98-Apr-2017Artefact Disturbance in the New England Tablelands: Elucidating the Factors Harming Archaeological SitesHoward, Paul; Beck, Wendy ; Ridges, Malcolm 4-Oct-2019
102017Connecting with Country in Mungo National Park, Australia: a case study to measure the emotional dimension of experience and place attachmentGoggin, C Louise ; Please, Patricia M ; Ridges, Malcolm J ; Booth, Charles A; Simpson, Geoffrey R; Green, Richard; Leys, John F28-Apr-2022
112009The C-Plan Conservation Planning System: Origins, Applications, and Possible FuturesPressey, Robert L; Watts, Matthew; Barrett, Thomas ; Ridges, Malcolm 30-May-2017

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