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12017Environmental regulation, enforcement and policing: An international analysis of existing and developing agency practicesPink, Grant ; Bartel, Robyn ; Martin, Paul 6-Jun-2018
22016INTERPOL's NEST: building capability and capacity to respond to transnational environmental crimePink, Grant 23-Jan-2017
32016Teaching and Learning: The Approaches of a Modern Environmental RegulatorPink, Grant ; Hudson, Jane2-Feb-2017
42016Regulatory Responses to Transnational Environmental Crime: An Overview of Choices, Challenges and CulturePink, Grant 22-Feb-2017
52015Environmental enforcement networks: their 'value proposition' during times of reducing resources and budgetsPink, Grant 15-Jun-2015
62015Evaluating and assessing environmental enforcement networks: through use of the network evaluation matrixPink, Grant ; Lehane, James15-Jun-2015
72015Building Next Generation Regulatory Performance: The Regulatory Capability Development Programme in 'Special Report on Next Generation Compliance'Marshall, Matthew; Elliott, Leanne; Horne, Dylan; Pink, Grant 16-Jun-2015
82015Environmental enforcement networks: theory, practice and potentialPink, Grant 30-Jun-2015
92015Best practice - international regulationPink, Grant ; Marshall, Matthew30-Jun-2015
102015Regulators networks: collaborative agency approaches to the implementation and enforcement of environmental lawPink, Grant ; Bartel, Robyn 28-Jan-2016
112014Governmental coordination to enforce environmental laws: Perspectives of an Australian regulatorPink, Grant 29-Apr-2015
122013Environmental Enforcement Networks and the Network Evaluation Matrix: Their Roles in Climate Change Compliance and EnforcementPink, Grant ; Lehane, James10-Apr-2014

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