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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Aug-2023Introduction: Bypassing Paris? Se Passer de Paris?Gosetti, Valentina ; Williams, Heather17-Aug-2023
21-Aug-2023Under Ideal Conditions: Provincializing the ‘French’ Poetic Canon with Amélie Gex (1835–1883)Gosetti, Valentina 17-Aug-2023
3Mar-2023Reclaiming provincialismGosetti, Valentina ; Walsh, Adrian ; Finch-Race, Daniel A7-Dec-2022
411-May-2022Démiurges ou démolisseurs ?: Lecture écopoétique des maçons de Bertrand, Blanchecotte, Poncy et SégalasFinch-Race, Daniel; Gosetti, Valentina 5-Sep-2022
529-Oct-2021Forms of Remembrance in the Sculpted Verse of Louise Colet, Anaïs Ségalas and Some of their Male ContemporariesFinch-Race, Daniel A; Gosetti, Valentina 24-Feb-2022
6Jun-2021Brittany beyond postcards. Assembling lines in a factory.Gosetti, Valentina 18-Jan-2024
7Apr-2020La Bohème: une figure de l’imaginaire social. Par Anthony GlinoerGosetti, Valentina 14-Jul-2021
82020Ross Chambers, Beyond Baudelaire: In Defence of (Transloitering) PoetryGosetti, Valentina 17-Jan-2020
92020Introduction: Loitering OnGosetti, Valentina ; Rolls, Alistair17-Jan-2020
102020Still Loitering: Australian Essays in Honour of Ross ChambersGosetti, Valentina ; Rolls, Alistair17-Jan-2020
1131-Oct-2019Editorial: Discovering Industrial-Era Francophone EcoregionsFinch-Race, Daniel A; Gosetti, Valentina 6-Dec-2019
12Sep-2019Maribas et la Sorcellerie MasculineGosetti, Valentina ; Kent, E J 1-Oct-2019
131-Jan-2019Constantin Guys et ses éditoriaux: étude analytique et établissement du texte des éditoriaux. Par HARRY COCKERHAM. Ascot: Harry Cockerham, 2017. 131 pp.Gosetti, Valentina 20-Mar-2019
142019Poetry and Literary Language Barriers in Nineteenth-Century Italy: The Case of Three 'Dialect Poets'Gosetti, Valentina ; Howard, Paul1-Oct-2019
152019Poetry Anthologists as Translingual Mediators: The Example of Adolphe van Bever's Les poetes du terroirGosetti, Valentina 17-Jan-2020
167-Dec-2018Nineteenth-Century French-Language Press in the UK: Readership, Typology, and Cultural IntegrationGosetti, Valentina 2-Apr-2019
172018L'« autoexotisme » des poetes provinciaux: Une ruse dix-neuviemiste ? Le cas des Amours jaunes de Tristan CorbiereGosetti, Valentina ; Viselli, Antonio13-Aug-2018
182018Discourses of Mourning in Dante, Petrarch, and Proust. By JENNIFER RUSHWORTH. (Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs.) Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. 201 ppGosetti, Valentina 31-Mar-2018
192018Destabilizing the Other in Baudelaire-Bertrand-RimbaudFinch-Race, Daniel; Gosetti, Valentina 7-May-2018
203-Feb-2017Mon Avion Est DelayeGosetti, Valentina 23-Jun-2020
212017Donne: Poeti di Francia e oltre: Dal Romanticismo a oggiBedeschi, Andrea; Gosetti, Valentina ; Marchetti, Adriano17-Jan-2020
222017Periodical Press and Formal Innovation in Aloysius Bertrand's 'Gaspard de la Nuit'Gosetti, Valentina 19-Oct-2017
232017Autoexoticism with Promotional Purposes? Samuel-Henri Berthoud and Provincial Literary Ruse in Nineteenth-Century FranceGosetti, Valentina 9-Nov-2017
242016Review of 'An Atmospherics of the City: Baudelaire and the Poetics of Noise'. By Ross Chambers. (Verbal Arts: Studies in Poetics.) New York: Fordham University Press, 2015. xiii + 187 pp.Gosetti, Valentina 15-Aug-2016
252016Aloysius Bertrand's 'Gaspard de la Nuit': Beyond the Prose PoemGosetti, Valentina 16-Aug-2016
262015Review of 'Quand la folie parle: The Dialectic Effect of Madness in French Literature since the Nineteenth Century'. Edited by Gillian Ni Cheallaigh, Laura Jackson, and Siobhán McIlvanney. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. xi + 221 pp.Gosetti, Valentina 23-Aug-2016
272015Between Representation and Imagination: The Promotion of Dijon in 'Gaspard de la Nuit'Gosetti, Valentina 9-Aug-2016
282015Review of 'Poème en prose, vers libre et modernité littéraire'. Par Michel Brix. (Détours littéraires.) Paris: Editions Kimé, 2014. 156 pp.Gosetti, Valentina 15-Aug-2016
292014Louis Bertrand et "le romantisme incarné" dans le "Récit de famille" de Paul FoissetGosetti, Valentina 25-Aug-2016
302014A Journey into Memory: Translating Patrick McGuinnessGosetti, Valentina 2-Feb-2018
312013'Le Provincial' of Dijon: French Romanticism and Provincial Cultural AwakeningGosetti, Valentina 9-Aug-2016
322013La sensualité d'Ondine: Une femme fatale grotesqueGosetti, Valentina 1-Sep-2016
33-Forms of unsiting in factory compositions by Leslie Kaplan and Joseph PonthusFinch-Race, Daniel A; Gosetti, Valentina ; Kerr, Greg4-Jan-2024
34-Planetary gardening via female-led anthologies of women’s poetry in FrenchFinch-Race, Daniel A; Gosetti, Valentina 13-Dec-2023

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