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12022Religion and Classical Warfare: The Roman EmpireDillon, Matthew ; Matthew, Christopher6-Jun-2022
22022Introduction: New Perspectives on Religion and Warfare in the Roman EmpireDillon, Matthew 20-Mar-2023
32022The Gods on Campaign in the Roman EmpireDillon, Matthew 20-Mar-2023
4Sep-2021Cult and CompetitionDillon, Matthew J P 6-May-2022
522-Apr-2021The Ancient Romans: History and Society from the Early Republic to the Death of AugustusDillon, Matthew ; Garland, Lynda1-Sep-2021
6Mar-2021Women in Ancient GreeceDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
7Mar-2021MarriageDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
8Mar-2021Agariste (II) (Ἀγαρίστη, ἡ) daughter of Hippocrates (3)Dillon, Matthew 29-Jun-2022
9Mar-2021DisabilitiesDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
10Mar-2021Priests and priestessesDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
11Mar-2021AGARISTE (I) (Ἀγαρίστη, ἡ) daughter of CleisthenesDillon, Matthew 7-Nov-2022
12Mar-2021Promeneia (Προμένεια, ἡ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
13Mar-2021Olympia (Ὀλυμπίη, ἡ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
14Mar-2021PederastyDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
15Mar-2021FamilyDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
16Mar-2021Hegesistratus ( Ἡγησίστρατος, ὁ) of ElisDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
17Mar-2021Teisamenus (Τεισαμενός, ὁ) son of AntiochusDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
18Mar-2021Deiphonus (Δηίφονος, ὁ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
19Mar-2021Musaeus (Μουσαῖος, ὁ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
20Mar-2021Hellenodikai (Ἑλληνοδίκαι, οἱ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
21Mar-2021DivinationDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
2221-Jan-2021Introduction: Investigating the Ancient Mediterranean 'Childscape'Beaumont, Lesley A; Dillon, Matthew ; Harrington, Nicola29-Nov-2021
232021Children in Archaic and Classical Greek religion: Active and passive ritual agencyDillon, Matthew 18-May-2021
242021Children in Antiquity: Perspectives and Experiences of Childhood in the Ancient MediterraneanBeaumont, Lesley A; Dillon, Matthew ; Harrington, Nicola18-May-2021
2510-Dec-2020Church, Religion, and MoralityDillon, Matthew 4-Feb-2022
2618-Aug-2020Evocatio: Taking Gods away from Enemy States and PeoplesDillon, Matthew 27-Aug-2021
2718-Aug-2020Introduction: New Perspectives on Religion and Warfare in the Roman Republic: 509-27 BCDillon, Matthew 27-Aug-2021
2818-Aug-2020Religion and Classical Warfare: The Roman RepublicDillon, Matthew ; Matthew, Christopher27-Aug-2021
293-Aug-2020Introduction: New Perspectives on Classical Greek Religion and WarfareDillon, Matthew 27-Aug-2021
303-Aug-2020Militarizing the Divine: The Bellicosity of the Greek GodsDillon, Matthew 27-Aug-2021
313-Aug-2020Religion and Classical Warfare: Archaic and Classical GreeceDillon, Matthew ; Matthew, Christopher; Schmitz, Michael 27-Aug-2021
322020Hercules 'Down-Under': Antipodean Experiences of the Hero's MachismoDillon, Matthew P J 26-Aug-2021
332020Religion: The Gods and Rituals of Greek and Roman WeddingsDillon, Matthew P J 6-May-2022
342019Gods in Ancient Greece and RomeDillon, Matt 7-Sep-2021
352018Thomasine Dominion Parables with Matthean Parallels - A Memory Studies ApproachRedman, Judy Christine Single; Playoust, Catherine; Franzmann, Majella Maria; Garland, Linda; Dillon, Matthew P ; Fudge, Thomas 25-May-2018
362017Omens and oracles: Divination in Ancient GreeceDillon, Matthew 23-Nov-2020
372017Women's ritual competence and domestic dough: Celebrating the Thesmophoria, Haloa, and Dionysian rites in ancient AtticaDillon, Matthew P 27-Apr-2017
382017Introduction to 'Women's Ritual Competence in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean'Eidinow, Esther; Maurizio, Lisa; Dillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
392017Women and their Ritual Competence in the Greco-Roman MediterraneanDillon, Matthew P ; Eidinow, Esther; Maurizio, Lisa12-Jan-2017
402017Aelius AristidesDillon, Matthew 20-Mar-2018
4122-Oct-2016Roman Defences Against the Germani: Initial Contact to the Emergence of the 'Limes', 58 BC-AD 96Holman, Nigel; Dillon, Matthew ; Schmitz, Michael 1-Feb-2023
422016Legal (and Customary?) Approaches to the Disabled in Ancient GreeceDillon, Matthew P 27-Apr-2017
432016NecromancyDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
442016AdonisDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
452016HermesDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
462016SortesDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
472016ThesmophoriaDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
482016PilgrimageDillon, Matthew P 2-Jun-2017
492016The Gospel of Truth: Christology, Deification and the Kingdom of GodJohnson, Peter Charles; Dillon, Matthew ; McLean, Lesley ; Garland, Lynda; Franzmann, Majella16-Nov-2017
502016'Chrysis the Hiereia having placed a lighted torch near the garlands then fell asleep' (Thucydides iv.133.2): Priestesses serving the gods and goddesses in Classical GreeceDillon, Matthew P 12-Dec-2016

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