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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
115-May-2023James Bond, Gender Studies, and Popular Culture Pedagogy: A Case StudyHackett, Lisa J ; Coghlan, Jo ; Nolan, Huw 17-Jul-2023
215-May-2023Editorial: The World is not Enough: The Impact of James Bond on Popular CultureCoghlan, Jo ; Hackett, Lisa J ; Nolan, Huw 21-Jul-2023
314-Mar-2023The Clothes Maketh the CultNolan, Huw ; Wise, Jenny ; McLean, Lesley 28-Jun-2023
424-Oct-2022Farm Crime and Farmer-Police Relationships in Rural AustraliaMulrooney, Kyle ; Harkness, Alistair ; Nolan, Huw 18-Nov-2022
52021Learning to research in distance mode: Technologies for building higher degree research community onlineNolan, Huw ; Nye, Adele ; Rumpca, Nikki; Van Luyn, Ariella 26-Jul-2022
620-Jun-2020The role of education and attitudes towards hen welfare: a case study of furnished cagesTaylor, Peta ; Nolan, Huw ; Hemsworth, Lauren13-Aug-2021
72019What's in a name - the role of education and rhetoric in improving laying hen welfareNolan, Huw ; Hemsworth, Lauren; Taylor, Peta S 16-Aug-2021
82019Understanding the perceptions and knowledge of laying hen welfare: industry and community stakeholder focus groupsPower-Geary, J; Nolan, H R J ; Hemsworth, L; Taylor, P S 15-Aug-2021
92014Signalling systems in Australian wild dogs: Who's calling and who cares?Nolan, Huw ; Brown, Wendy ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; McDonald, Paul 3-Nov-2014
102014Distress vocalisations in wild dogsNolan, Huw ; Brown, Wendy ; Ballard, Guy; McDonald, Paul ; Laegel, Telishia22-Aug-2014
112011Assessing stress in wild dogs during post-trapping proceduresNolan, Huw ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony; Brown, Wendy 29-Nov-2011

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Huw Nolan
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Nolan, Huw
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School of HASS - Sociology and Criminology
Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education
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School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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