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12022Comparing Equity and Quality Education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian D ; Hellstén, Meeri12-Feb-2024
22022From Global Thinker to Innovative Mind: An equity and quality roadmap through personalised learning and assessmentDenman, Brian D 23-Mar-2023
32020Re-Evaluating Education Post COVID-19Denman, Brian 20-May-2022
42020Rolland G. PaulstonDenman, Brian ; Jacob, W James6-May-2022
55-Sep-2019Global Trends in Transnational Higher EducationNoronha-Barrett, Joyce; Ware, Helen ; Denman, Brian 12-Jan-2020
68-Jul-2019The effects of regime changes – study of recent political history of Mongolia since the fall of CommunismMills, Paul; Ware, Helen ; Denman, Brian 16-Jan-2024
7Jun-2019The SAGE Handbook of Comparative Studies in EducationSuter, Larry E; Smith, Emma; Denman, Brian D 19-Aug-2022
8Jun-2019Critical Challenges in Approaches and Experience in Comparative Education ResearchDenman, Brian 6-May-2022
9Jun-2019Methods and Practice in Comparative Education Research: Models, Ontologies and EpistemologiesSuter, Larry E; Smith, Emma; Denman, Brian D 6-May-2022
1026-Jul-2018International Connections: Personal Stories and Cultural Contexts in University Partnerships from China and BeyondDenman, Brian ; Hada, Yumiko; Liu, Qiang; Turner, David9-May-2022
112018Responding to a Changing Higher Education Section: The Role of Professional and Support StaffBrown, Natalie; Bossu, Carina; Denman, Brian 8-Jun-2018
121-Apr-2017Vocational Education Training in Vietnam: Perceptions and Improvement of ImageDang, Vi Hoang; Denman, Brian ; Hathaway, Tanya 22-Jan-2024
132017World-Class or World-Ranked Universities? Performativity and Nobel Laureates in Peace and LiteratureDenman, Brian 10-May-2018
142017"An accessible and paradigm‐altering pathway for integral leadership, optimal innovation, conscious culture and stakeholder alignment: from resource efficiency to sustainability"Valianatos, Orestis Denis; Denman, Brian ; Smith, Larry 31-Jul-2018
152017Post-Worldview?: A dialogic meta-narrative analysis of North-South, South-South, and Southern theoryDenman, Brian 9-Nov-2017
162016Globalisation and the Imagined 'Global Thinker'Denman, Brian 21-Feb-2017
172016Metaphorical Trajectories of Comparative and International Education Research in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian 23-Apr-2017
182016Internationalisation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Action-based case study of a Japanese private universityFenton, Anthony Lawrence; Denman, Brian ; McCrea, Nadine24-Nov-2016
192016Cultural ecology and isomorphism applied to educational planning in China's Inner Mongolia: A new rubricDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 22-Feb-2016
202015Leadership in context: A case for exploring Bass' Leadership Continuum Theory in Jordan's Ministry of Health hospitalsAlbalas, Samir Mustafa; Madison, Jeanne ; Denman, Brian 26-Mar-2015
212015Cultural ecology or isomorphism? Possibilities and challenges for educational planning in Inner MongoliaDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 2-Jun-2015
222015Regionalising higher education in the Asia-Pacific and a network capital paradigm for teaching and research in comparative educationDenman, Brian 3-Jun-2015
232015The Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural Impacts of the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory StudyHilal, Kholoud Tariq; Smith, Larry ; Harman, Kay ; Denman, Brian 6-Jan-2016
242014The Role of The Principal in Improving School Image: Creating a professional learning program to assist school leaders in formulating strategies to improve school imageWhite, James Francis; Denman, Brian ; Forrest, Rhonda ; Smith, Larry 22-Apr-2015
252014Paradox or parody? Globalization and internationalization of higher educationDenman, Brian 7-May-2014
262013Globalization and Internationalization of Higher EducationDenman, Brian 7-Jan-2015
272013Education as a Tool for Peace? The King Abdullah Scholarship Program and Perceptions of Saudi Arabia and UAE post 9/11Hilal, Kholoud T; Denman, Brian 22-May-2013
282013Beyond the University: International university co-operation and network capitalDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 7-Jun-2013
292013At a crossroads? Comparative and international education research in Asia and the PacificDenman, Brian ; Higuchi, Satoshi21-May-2013
302013A Historical Study of Educational Policy, Methods, and Practice in English Teaching during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) in JapanNishihara, Masahiro; Denman, Brian ; Ware, Helen 23-Sep-2013
312013Student Scholarships in Saudi Arabia: Implications and Opportunities for Overseas EngagementBukhari, Fawzy; Denman, Brian 20-Jun-2013
322012Invisible Colleges and International Consortia in Higher EducationDenman, Brian 21-May-2013
332012Dreaming Emu: Indigenous cultural empowerment through art as therapy - Men & healing from the violence of colonisationKennedy, Dwayne Wannamarra Wyndier; Spence, Rebecca ; Denman, Brian 23-Jul-2012
342011Education Security as a New Concept: A proposal and prospectsHiguchi, Satoshi; Denman, Brian 21-May-2013
352011From barriers to bridges: An investigation on Saudi student mobility (2006-2009)Denman, Brian ; Hilal, Kholoud T21-May-2013
362011Education for All and cross-border provision of higher education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 29-Feb-2012
372011International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives - Volume 10, Number 1, 2011Denman, Brian 19-Jun-2013
382011From the Editor - International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives - Volume 10, Number 1, 2011Denman, Brian 19-Jun-2013
392010Invisible Colleges and International Consortia in Higher EducationDenman, Brian 7-Jul-2011
402010The 'Twin' Relationship between Globalisation and Internationalisation of Higher EducationDenman, Brian 7-Jul-2011
412010Education for All and Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 10-Jul-2013
422010From Barriers to Bridges: An Investigation on Saudi Student Mobility (2006-2009)Denman, Brian ; Hilal, Kholoud T10-Jul-2013
432010Standing in the Gaps: Peacebuilding through education in an Arab Christian community in Galilee, IsraelLoller, Marie Kathryn; Spence, Rebecca ; Denman, Brian 6-Jul-2010
442009Higher Education by Distance: Opportunities and Challenges at National and International LevelsDenman, Brian 21-May-2009
452009A journey in search of wholeness and meaning: Investigating a harmonious ontology which could facilitate the conditions for holistic, transformative epistemologies within the structures of a community with a view to creating a sustainable future for all beingsCollister, Rupert Clive; Denman, Brian ; Stein, Sarah11-Jan-2010
462009Comparative and International Education Research in Australia and New ZealandDenman, Brian 21-Apr-2010
472009Going the Distance: Distance education in 2010 and beyondDenman, Brian 7-Oct-2010
482009Higher Education by Distance: An identity crisis despite transformations and proliferationsDenman, Brian 29-Oct-2010
492009Comparative and International Education Research in Australia and New ZealandDenman, Brian 27-Jun-2012
502009Entering the Age of an Educational Renaissance: Ideas for unity of purpose or further discord? Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education SocietyDenman, Brian 27-Jun-2012

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