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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
19-Oct-2023The Effects of Burrow Nesting Seabirds on Soils and Vegetation on Broughton Island, New South WalesGarrard, Mary ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Wilson, Brian 7-Nov-2023
22-Jun-2023Integrating Remote Sensing and Weather Variables for Mango Yield Prediction Using a Machine Learning ApproachTorgbor, Benjamin Adjah; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Brinkhoff, James ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Robson, Andrew 7-Jul-2023
315-Feb-2023The effects of burrow nesting seabirds on soil and vegetation on Broughton Island, New South Wales - DatasetGarrard, Mary ; Wilson, Brian ; Sinha, Priyakant 7-Nov-2023
414-Feb-2023Assessing the impacts of climate change on climate/land suitability for tea crop [Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze] and the quality of young tea leaves in Sri LankaJayasinghe, Sadeeka Layomi; Sinha, Priyakant ; Khan, Muhammad-Azeem 11-Aug-2023
53-Feb-2022Climate Change and its Impacts on Agriculture in BhutanChhogyel, Ngawang; Sinha, Priyakant ; Khan, Muhammad-Azeem ; Bajgai, Yadunath22-Nov-2023
62022Airborne LiDAR and high resolution multispectral data integration in Eucalyptus tree species mapping in an Australian farmscapeVerma, Niva Kiran ; Lamb, David W ; Sinha, Priyakant 2-Oct-2020
727-Aug-2021Estimation of Fruit Load in Australian Mango Orchards Using Machine VisionAnderson, Nicholas Todd; Walsh, Kerry Brian; Koirala, Anand; Wang, Zhenglin; Amaral, Marcelo Henrique; Dickinson, Geoff Robert; Sinha, Priyakant ; Robson, Andrew James 28-Jul-2023
8Sep-2020The potential of in-situ hyperspectral remote sensing for differentiating 12 banana genotypes grown in UgandaSinha, Priyakant ; Robson, Andrew ; Schneider, Derek ; Kilic, Talip; Mugera, Harriet Kasidi; Ilukor, John; Tindamanyire, Jimmy Moses2-Oct-2020
926-Nov-2018Mapping Long Term Changes in Mangrove Cover and Predictions of Future Change Under Different Climate Change Scenarios in the Sundarbans, BangladeshGhosh, Manoj Kumer; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 25-Mar-2021
1014-Aug-2018Investigating landslide triggering rainfall and susceptibility modelling in northern PhilippinesJavier, Dymphna; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 29-Jul-2019
112018An assessment of the potential of remote sensing based irrigation scheduling for sugarcane in AustraliaSinha, Priyakant ; Lamb, David W ; Robson, Andrew 28-Jul-2023
122018Identifying conservation priorities for threatened Eastern Himalayan mammalsDorji, Sangay; Williams, Stephen E; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Lorena Falconi; Vernes, Karl 27-Nov-2018
132018Soil salinity and vegetation cover change detection from multi-temporal remotely sensed imagery in Al Hassa Oasis in Saudi ArabiaAllbed, Amal; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 23-May-2018
142017Setting Conservation and Research Priorities for Threatened Mammals of the Eastern HimalayasDorji, Sangay; Vernes, Karl ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Sinha, Priyakant 10-Jun-2022
1516-Aug-2016Urban Built-up Area Extraction and Change Detection of Adama Municipal Area using Time-Series Landsat ImagesSinha, Priyakant ; Verma, Niva Kiran ; Ayele, Eskindir2-Oct-2020
162016Urban Land Cover Change Modelling Using Time-Series Satellite Images: A Case Study of Urban Growth in Five Cities of Saudi ArabiaAlqurashi, Abdullah; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 17-Feb-2017
172016Characterization, Mapping, and Monitoring of Rangelands: Methods and ApproachesKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Brown, Jesslyn F; Ramsey, R Douglas; Rigge, Matthew; Stam, Carson A; Hernandez, Alexander J; Hunt, E Raymond; Reeves, Matthew C10-Feb-2016
182016Rank-Based Methods for Selection of Landscape Metrics for Land Cover Pattern Change DetectionSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick 18-Feb-2016
192015Review of the use of remote sensing for biomass estimation to support renewable energy generationKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Taylor, Subhashni ; Alqurashi, Abdullah23-Jun-2015
202014Improving image classification in a complex wetland ecosystem through image fusion techniquesKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Taylor, Subhashni 9-Sep-2014
212014Mapping salt-marsh land cover vegetation using high-spatial and hyper-spectral satellite data to assist wetland inventoryKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 31-Oct-2014
222014Time-series effective habitat area (EHA) modeling using cost-benefit raster based techniqueSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Drielsma, Michael ; Barrett, Tom 12-Mar-2014
232014Mapping and Modelling Spatial Variation in Soil Salinity in the Al Hassa Oasis Based on Remote Sensing Indicators and Regression TechniquesAllbed, Amal; Kumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 12-Mar-2014
242013GIS and Remote Sensing based land cover change detection, prediction modeling and assessment of change on biodiversity using time-series dataSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit ; Reid, Nick13-Nov-2013
252013Markov Land Cover Change Modeling Using Pairs of Time-Series Satellite ImagesSinha, Priyakant ; Kumar, Lalit 23-Dec-2013

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