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1Aug-2023Defining resilience traits in sheep from fibre diameter variation of woolSmith, E G ; Walkom, S F ; Brown, D J ; Clark, S A 21-Sep-2023
2Aug-2023Objective carcase measurement from commercial supply chains contributing to genetic improvementBrown, D J ; Alexandri, R ; Walkom, S F ; Pethick, D W; McGilchrist, P ; Stewart, S; Pirchford, W S; Gardner, G E21-Sep-2023
3Aug-2023An Australian sheep genomic reference to meet the evolving breeding objectives of industryWalkom, S F ; Brown, D J ; Van Der Werf, J H J 21-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Measured Goats in the Rangelands: An overview of a meat goat reference populationGranleese, T ; Mortimer, S I; Atkinson, T; Refshauge, G; Bird-Gardiner, T; Haynes, F; Brown, D J ; Alexandri, P ; Walkom, S F 19-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023The value of research and industry flocks for predicting breech strike resistance in Australian Merino sheepDehnavi, E ; Swan, A A ; Smith, J L; Bird-gardiner, T L ; Burbidge, G; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
626-Jul-2023Preliminary genetic parameters for flystrike and its association with production traits in Australian Merino sheepDehnavi, E ; Swan, A A ; Ramsay, A M M; Burbidge, G; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
726-Jul-2023Validation of breeding values for robustness in Australian MerinosWaters, D L ; van der Werf, J H J ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F ; Clark, S A 20-Sep-2023
826-Jul-2023Utility of pooled DNA samples for estimating a flock profileGurman, P M ; Gore, K ; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
926-Jul-2023Match birthweight ASBVs to flock fecundity for lamb survivalHatcher, S; Robertson, S; Brown, D J ; Bunter, K L 19-Sep-2023
1026-Jul-2023Towards selecting for lower methane sheepFitzgerald, P T ; Clayton, E H; Donaldson, A J; Brown, D J ; Oddy, V H ; Van Der Werf, J H J 19-Sep-2023
1126-Jul-2023Merits of using new intramuscular fat measurement technologies in genetic evaluation of Australian lambAlexandri, P ; Walkom, S F ; Stewart, S; McGilchrist, P ; Steel, C; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
1226-Jul-2023Merits of using DEXA to measure lean meat yield for the genetic evaluation of Australian lambWalkom, S F ; Alexandri, P ; Connaughton, S; Gardner, G; Williams, A; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
1326-Jul-2023Preliminary evaluation of the impact of visual traits on lifetime ewe performanceWahinya, P K ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F ; Bird-gardiner, T ; Clarke, B E; Smith, J L; Swan, A A 18-Sep-2023
1426-Jul-2023Genetic parameters and lambda values for post-weaning production traits in Merino sheepde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Gurman, P ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
1526-Jul-2023Evolution of sheep breeds within LAMBPLAN and the rise of the CompositesMcMillan, A J ; Walkom, S F ; Brown, D J 18-Sep-2023
1626-Jul-2023Identification of climate-resilient Merino sheep using satellite imagesde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Suarez , L A ; Wahinya, P K ; Bunter, K L ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
1726-Jul-2023Genetic benchmarking of Maternal sheep flocks using genomic testingBrown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A 18-Sep-2023
1815-Jun-2023The genetic and phenotypic associations between lamb survival outcomes and other traits recorded at lambingBunter, K L ; Brown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Li, L ; Swan, A A 7-Sep-2023
1927-Mar-2023Genetic Analysis of Weight and Carcase Traits in Australian Meat SheepPaneru, Uddhav ; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Moghaddar, Nasiroddin ; Brown, Daniel 8-Jun-2023
209-Feb-2023The Data Quality Score: objective assessment of data quality for Australian sheep breedersBrown, D J ; McCrabb, E J; Bradley, P E; Rose, I J; Banks, Robert ; Guy, S Z Y 28-Jan-2024
219-Feb-2023Genetic selection for sensory eating quality of lamb using consumer assessmentsGuy, S Z Y ; Mortimer, S I; Pannier, L; McGilchrist, P ; Brown, D J ; Pethick, D; Swan, A A 25-Jan-2024
229-Feb-2023Cross-validation of single-step genetic evaluation in U.S. Katahdin sheepMcMillan, Aaron ; Brown, D J ; Burke, J M; Morgan, J L; Lewis, R M25-Jan-2024
2315-Jul-2022Investigation of methods for inclusion of systematic environmental effects in weaning and post-weaning weights for meat sheep in large-scale genetic evaluationPaneru, Uddhav ; Brown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Van Der Werf, Julius 26-Jul-2022
24Jul-2022Genetic benchmarking of carcase traits in Terminal sheep flocks possible with genomic testingBrown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A 25-Oct-2023
253-Jun-2022Model definition for genetic evaluation of purebred and crossbred lambs including heterosisVargas Jurado, Napoleón; Notter, David R; Taylor, Joshua B; Brown, Daniel J ; Mousel, Michelle R; Lewis, Ronald M4-Aug-2022
26Jun-2022Wool recording in sheep: results from an ICAR on-line surveySpehar, M; Antonini, M; Conington, J; McIntyre, S; Brown, D ; Simcič, M; McDermott, K; Mosconi, C; Astruc, J M25-Oct-2023
27May-2022Development of breeding values for susceptibility to virulent footrot in sheep: A strategy to accommodate variable disease progression at time of scoringWalkom, S F ; Bunter, K L ; Raadsma, H W; Gurman, P M ; Brown, D J ; Gibson, W; Wilding, E; Ferguson, M B29-Jul-2022
2810-Mar-2022Genetic parameters for methane emissions in Australian sheep measured in portable accumulation chambers in grazing and controlled environmentsWahinya, P K ; Oddy, V H ; Dominik, S ; Brown, D J ; Macleay, C A; Paganoni, B; Thompson, A N; Donaldson, A J; Austin, K ; Cameron, M ; Van Der Werf, J H J 17-Aug-2023
29Jan-2022Genomic prediction in a numerically small breed population using prioritized genetic markers from whole-genome sequence dataMoghaddar, Nasir ; Brown, Daniel J ; Swan, Andrew A ; Gurman, Phillip M ; Li, Li ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 26-Aug-2021
302022Value of data from ram breeding flocks as an industry reference population for Australian sheepAlexandri, P ; Walkom, S F ; Swan, A A ; van der Werf, J H J ; Brown, D J 28-Mar-2023
31Nov-2021Capturing lean distribution in lamb carcases is of more value to the processor than the breederWalkom, S F ; Gardner, G E; Anderson, F; Williams, A; Brown, D J 10-May-2022
32Jul-2021Heterotic and breed effects in crossbred lambsVargas Jurado, Napoleon; Taylor, Bret; Notter, David R; Brown, Daniel ; Lewis, Ronald M2-Nov-2022
332021Characterising the quantity and quality of data used in Merino sheep genetic evaluation systemsGuy, S Z Y ; Brown, D J 30-Jan-2022
342021Defining longevity and estimating genetic parameters in Australian Merino ewesRahman, M O A; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F 4-Feb-2022
352021Merits of developing a genetic evaluation for the Australian dairy sheep and goat industriesAlexandri, Panoraia ; Banks, R G ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F 4-Feb-2022
362021Genetic associations between ultrasound and carcase muscle dimension measures in sheepAlexandri, Panoraia ; Walkom, S F ; Brown, D J 4-Feb-2022
372021Maximising genetic gains with data quantity and quality in Merino flocksGuy, S Z Y ; Brown, D J 30-Jan-2022
382021Single-step genomic evaluation of lambing ease in Australian terminal sire breed sheepLi, L ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Apr-2022
392021Investigation of methods for inclusion of fixed effects for ultrasound scan carcass traits in large scale sheep genetic evaluationPaneru, U ; Brown, D J ; Moghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 13-Apr-2022
402021The performance of the Border Leicester in AustraliaBarwick, S A ; Brown, D J ; Cullis, B R; Bell, A K; May, T J; Lollback, M W; Rogan, I M; Killeen, I D; Caffery, G; Piper, L R; Bindon, B M; Wilkins, J F; Fowler, D G2-Jun-2021
412021New genomically enhanced reproduction breeding values for Merino sheep allow targeted selection for conception rate, litter size and ewe rearing abilityBunter, K L ; Swan, A A ; Gurman, P M ; Brown, D J 29-Apr-2021
422021Substantial genetic gains in reducing breech flystrike and in improving productivity traits are achievable in Merino sheep by using index selectionBrien, F D; Walkom, S F ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 29-Apr-2021
432021Could faecal moisture score be used to help select against DAG score in sheep?Brown, D J ; McMillan, A J 10-Aug-2021
442021Microwave technology is a potential tool for the genetic selection of carcase composition in lambGuy, S Z Y ; Walkom, S F ; Marimuthu, J; Gardner, G E; Brown, D J 10-Aug-2021
452021Preparing for MSA score in lamb: What are the drivers of variation?Brown, D J ; Guy, S Z Y ; Pethick, D W; Pannier, L; McGilchrist, P ; Stewart, S M; Gardner, G E10-Aug-2021
462021Targeted extension to improve genetic gain by region is now possibleStephen, L M; Bradley, P E; Brown, D J ; Jones, C E; Rose, G; Swan, A A 10-Aug-2021
472021Is there genetic variation in foetal loss after pregnancy scanning in sheep?Brown, D J ; Bunter, K L ; Swan, A A 10-Aug-2021
482021Preliminary genetic analysis of wool-shedding ability in sheepGuy, S Z Y ; Kellier, J; Brown, D J 11-Aug-2021
49Dec-2019Suspected hereditary cervicothoracic vertebral subluxation with cervical myopathy in Poll Merino sheepCronin, N; Loukopoulos, P; Brown, D ; O'Rourke, B A; Morrice, G; Windsor, P A23-Sep-2020
50Nov-2019Impact of Key Messages on Accuracy of Sheep Breeding ProgramsStephen, L M; Brown, D J 25-May-2020

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