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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
19-Feb-2023Strategies to support phenotyping for genomic selection R&D and implementation in beef and sheep industriesBanks, R G 25-Jan-2024
29-Feb-2023A model for, and early implementation of, genomic selection in the Australian honey bee populationChapman, N C; Frost, E A ; Banks, R G 25-Jan-2024
39-Feb-2023The Data Quality Score: objective assessment of data quality for Australian sheep breedersBrown, D J ; McCrabb, E J; Bradley, P E; Rose, I J; Banks, Robert ; Guy, S Z Y 28-Jan-2024
413-Jan-2023Optimal Contribution Selection Improves the Rate of Genetic Gain in Grain Yield and Yield Stability in Spring Canola in Australia and CanadaCowling, Wallace A; Castro-Urrea, Felipe A; Stefanova, Katia T; Li, Li ; Banks, Robert G ; Saradadevi, Renu; Sass, Olaf; Kinghorn, Brian P ; Siddique, Kadambot H M9-Oct-2023
524-Sep-2022Long-term Challenges for Animal BreedingBanks, Robert 5-Dec-2023
622-Sep-2022Evolution of Genetics Organisations' Strategies through the Implementation of Genomic Selection: Learnings and ProspectsBanks, Robert 31-Jul-2023
78-Aug-2022Opportunities for utilising DNA-based technologies to enhance traceability and profitability in the Australian Red Meat IndustryBanks, Robert ; Miller, Stephen ; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Ball, Alex; Woolaston, Rob10-Oct-2023
82022Economic value and production characteristics of table honeyFrost, E A ; Chapman, N C ; Banks, R G ; Walkom, S F ; Hermesch, S 22-Sep-2023
9Nov-2021Multivariate genomic analysis and optimal contributions selection predicts high genetic gains in cooking time, iron, zinc, and grain yield in common beans in East AfricaSaradadevi, Renu; Mukankusi, Clare; Li, Li ; Amongi, Winnyfred; Mbiu, Julius Peter; Raatz, Bodo; Ariza, Daniel; Beebe, Steve; Varshney, Rajeev K; Huttner, Eric; Kinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert ; Rubyogo, Jean Claude; Siddique, Kadambot H M; Cowling, Wallace A14-Apr-2022
102021Genetics of heifer age at puberty in Australian Angus cattleWolcott, M L ; Banks, R ; Alder, G27-Jan-2022
112021Genetic diversity and trends of Australian Japanese Black cattleZhang, Y D ; Banks, R 27-Jan-2022
122021Merits of developing a genetic evaluation for the Australian dairy sheep and goat industriesAlexandri, Panoraia ; Banks, R G ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F 4-Feb-2022
13May-2019Modeling crop breeding for global food security during climate changeCowling, Wallace A; Li, Li ; Siddique, Kadambot H M; Banks, Robert G ; Kinghorn, Brian P 21-Apr-2020
142019Changes to poll DNA testing for Australian beef cattleConnors, Natalie K ; Banks, Rob ; Johnston, David J 19-Jul-2021
152019Costs of and Returns from Performance Recording in Beef and Sheep StudsBanks, R G ; Zhang, Yue ; Zhang, Y ; Shovelton, J5-May-2020
162019Correcting Sampling Bias in Microsatellite Marker Testing for PollednessConnors, N K ; Banks, R G ; Johnston, D J 6-May-2020
172019Genetics of Heifer Age at Puberty in Australian Hereford CattleWolcott, M L ; Banks, R G ; Tweedie, M; Alder, G25-Jun-2020
182019Validation of Single Step Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction in Beef CattleJeyaruban, M G ; Gurman, P M ; Johnston, D J ; Swan, A A ; Banks, R G ; Girard, C J 17-May-2020
192019Feasibility of Using Imaging Carcass Traits in Genetic Evaluation for Australian Wagyu Beef CattleZhang, Y ; Banks, R G 25-Jun-2020
20May-2018Methods and consequences of including feed intake and efficiency in genetic selection for multiple-trait meritBarwick, Stephen A ; Henzell, Anthony L ; Walmsley, Brad J ; Johnston, David J ; Banks, Robert G 21-Jun-2019
212018Genesis, design and methods of the Beef CRC Maternal Productivity ProjectPitchford, Wayne S; Accioly, J M; Herd, Robert M ; Jones, F M; Laurence, M; Lee, S J; McKiernan, W A; Parnell, P F; Speijers, E J; Tudor, G D; Graham, J F; Banks, Robert ; Barnes, Anne L; Barwick, Stephen ; Copping, K J; Deland, M P B; Donoghue, K A; Edwards, N; Hebart, M L12-Jul-2018
222018Data capture through Australian beef cattle and meat sheep value chains: opportunities for enhanced feedback to commercial producersGuy, S Z Y ; Brown, D J ; Banks, R G 21-Jun-2019
232018How useful are genomic tests for commercial cattle (or, Should I read the fine print?)Banks, R G 8-Jul-2019
242018Use of genetic variance to determine weighting factors for genomic information used in single step genomic evaluationZhang, Y ; Swan, A A ; Banks, R G 16-Oct-2019
252018A decade of Sheep Genetics: what have we achieved?Collison, C E; Brown, D J ; Gill, J S; Chandler, H R; Apps, R; Swan, A A ; Banks, R G 4-Jul-2019
262018Strategy for design and implementation of reference populations in beef and sheep breedingBanks, R G 3-Jul-2019
272018Single-Step Genetic Evaluations in the Australian Sheep IndustryBrown, D J ; Swan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Li, L ; Gurman, P M ; McMillan, A J ; van der Werf, J H J ; Chandler, H R; Tier, B ; Banks, R G 4-Jul-2019
282018Genomic selection in global diversity pools-a new paradigm for pre-breeding in canolaRaman, Harsh; Banks, Robert ; Liu, Shengyi; Raman, Rosy; Qiu, Yu; McVittie, Brett; Rohan, Maheswaran; Li, Li ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Menz, Ian; Cowling, Wallace15-Jul-2021
29Feb-2017Industry information paper on genomic selection: Final Report APL Project 2015/064Banks, Rob ; Hermesch, Susanne 3-May-2017
302017A Genetic Exploration of Australian Large White PigsGore, Klint ; Banks, Robert ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Hermesch, Susanne 5-Jul-2018
312017The Distribution of Risk and Reward in Extensive Livestock Improvement Systems, Their Consequences and Possible ResponsesBanks, Robert 6-Jul-2018
322017Editorial: Effective breeding programmes down underVan Der Werf, Julius H ; Banks, Robert 25-May-2017
332017Evolving gene banks: improving diverse populations of crop and exotic germplasm with optimal contribution selectionCowling, W A; Li, Li ; Siddique, K H M; Henryon, M; Berg, P; Banks, Robert ; Kinghorn, Brian 19-May-2017
342017An update on genetic progress in the Australian sheep industrySwan, Andrew ; Banks, Robert ; Brown, Daniel ; Chandler, H R30-May-2018
352017Advances in sheep breedingVan Der Werf, Julius H ; Swan, Andrew ; Banks, Robert 7-Jun-2018
3630-Jun-2016B.SGN.0127: Genetic Evaluation for the Australian Sheep Industry: Better targeted and faster genetic gainBrown, Daniel ; Swan, Andrew ; Bunter, Kim ; McMillan, Aaron ; Banks, Robert 31-Jul-2020
372016Genetic parameters for liveweight, wool and worm resistance traits in multi-breed Australian meat sheep: 1. Description of traits, fixed effects, variance components and their ratiosBrown, Daniel ; Swan, Andrew ; Gill, James; Ball, Alexander; Banks, Robert 10-Aug-2016
382016SNP Based Parentage Verification via Constraint Non-Linear OptimisationBoerner, Vinzent ; Banks, Robert 1-Jun-2017
392016Effective Utilisation of GenomicsBanks, Robert 22-May-2017
402016Balancing efficiency of production and product quality with new tools - the example of lambBanks, Robert 23-May-2017
412016What does genomics mean for animal production?Banks, Robert 23-May-2017
422015Industry benefits from using genomic information in two- and three-tier sheep breeding systemsHorton, Brian J; Banks, Robert ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 17-Apr-2015
432015Realising Genetic Improvement for the Extensive Livestock Industries as a WholeBanks, Robert 24-May-2016
442015Considerations in the Use of Commercial Data for Genetic Evaluation in Beef and Sheep in AustraliaBanks, Robert ; Tier, Bruce 24-May-2016
452015Merino Breeding Objectives Under Climate ChangeGraham, P; Swan, Andrew ; Banks, Robert 24-May-2016
462015Genetic Analyses on Carcase Characters of Australian Wagyu Beef CattleZhang, Yuandan ; Tier, Bruce ; Banks, Robert 24-May-2016
472015Sheep Industry Productivity - the Role of Genomics and Digital DataRowe, James B ; Banks, Robert 2-Jun-2016
482014Who benefits from Genetic Improvement?Banks, R G 19-May-2015
492014Estimating the value of genetic gain in perennial pastures with emphasis on temperate speciesSmith, K F; Ludemann, C; Lewis, C D; Malcolm, B; Banks, Robert ; Jacobs, J L; Fennessy, P F; Spangenberg, G C17-Apr-2015
502014Genetic Improvement of Beef CattleKinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert ; Simm, G30-Apr-2015

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