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126-Jul-2023Breedplan single-step genomic evaluations delivers increased accuracies across all breeds and EBVsJohnston, D J ; Ferdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, C J ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Validation of calving ease EBVs examining the impact of genetic groups and single-step on predictive abilityGurman, P M ; Li, L ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Johnston, D J ; Girard, C J ; Swan, A A 20-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Remodelling the genetic evaluation of NFI in beef cattle - Part 2: Shortening the length of the feed intake testVargovic, L ; Moore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, G M ; Girard, C J ; Cook, J ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Miller, S P 20-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Development of a new Breedplan objective body composition EBV to allow selection to improve cow survivalWolcott, M L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Girard, C J 20-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023Longevity of reference populations in a trans-Tasman genetic evaluation: Review of the Angus Sire Benchmarking ProgramWalkom, S F ; Duff, C J ; Girard, C ; Moore, K 20-Sep-2023
626-Jul-2023Remodelling the genetic evaluation of NFI in beef cattle - Part 1: Developing an equivalent genetic modelVargovic, L ; Moore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, G M; Girard, C J ; Cook, J ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Miller, S P 20-Sep-2023
72022A new metric to assess reference populations for genomic selection in Australian beef breedsMoore, K L ; Ferdosi, M H ; Girard, C G ; Walkom, S F ; Johnston, D J 25-Oct-2023
8Nov-2019Increases in Accuracy of Female Reproduction Genetic Evaluations for Beef Breeds in Northern AustraliaMoore, K L ; Girard, C J ; Grant, T P; Johnston, D J 25-May-2020
92019Validation of Single Step Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction in Beef CattleJeyaruban, M G ; Gurman, P M ; Johnston, D J ; Swan, A A ; Banks, R G ; Girard, C J 17-May-2020
102018Implementation of single-step genomic BREEDPLAN evaluations in Australian beef cattleJohnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
112017Weighting factors for genomic information used in Single-Step genomic selection in Australian beefZhang, Yuandan ; Swan, Andrew ; Johnston, David ; Girard, Christian 30-May-2018
122017Development of the beef genomic pipeline for BREEDPLAN single step evaluationConnors, Natalie ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Tier, Bruce ; Gore, Klint ; Johnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 31-May-2018

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