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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Jul-2023Application of an empirical approach for predicting accuracy for genomic evaluationsMoore, K L ; Gurman, P M ; Johnston, D J 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Progress of the Southern Multi-Breed Resource Population: Hard-to-measure phenotypes to drive genomic selectionWalmsley, B J ; Moore, K L ; Walkom, S F ; Clark, S A ; Granleese, T; Donoghue, K A20-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Age at puberty, days to calving and first parity return to oestrus in Australian temperate beef breedsDonoghue, K A; Rippon, R; Wolcott, M ; Moore, K L ; Clark, S A ; Walmsley, B J 18-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Remodelling the genetic evaluation of NFI in beef cattle - Part 2: Shortening the length of the feed intake testVargovic, L ; Moore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, G M ; Girard, C J ; Cook, J ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Miller, S P 20-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023Quantifying the linkage between genetics represented in the Southern Multi-Breed project and the wider Australian beef populationsMoore, K L ; Walkom, S F ; Siddell, J P; Walmsley, B 20-Sep-2023
626-Jul-2023Longevity of reference populations in a trans-Tasman genetic evaluation: Review of the Angus Sire Benchmarking ProgramWalkom, S F ; Duff, C J ; Girard, C ; Moore, K 20-Sep-2023
726-Jul-2023Remodelling the genetic evaluation of NFI in beef cattle - Part 1: Developing an equivalent genetic modelVargovic, L ; Moore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Jeyaruban, G M; Girard, C J ; Cook, J ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Miller, S P 20-Sep-2023
825-May-2023An investigation into potential genetic predictors of birth weight in tropically adapted beef cattle in northern AustraliaMoore, K L ; Johnston, D J ; Grant, T P15-Aug-2023
92022A new metric to assess reference populations for genomic selection in Australian beef breedsMoore, K L ; Ferdosi, M H ; Girard, C G ; Walkom, S F ; Johnston, D J 25-Oct-2023
102021Genetic analysis of body condition and growth traits in beef females within and across ages and physiological statesMoore, K L ; Grant, T P; Johnston, D J 13-Apr-2022
112021Genetic improvement of cow reproduction in northern Australia beef cattle breedsMoore, Kirsty L ; Wolcott, Matt L ; Johnston, David J 23-Sep-2021
12Nov-2019Increases in Accuracy of Female Reproduction Genetic Evaluations for Beef Breeds in Northern AustraliaMoore, K L ; Girard, C J ; Grant, T P; Johnston, D J 25-May-2020
1322-Aug-2019353 Genetic and non-genetic effects gestation length on northern Australian tropically adapted beef breedsMoore, K ; Grant, TP; Johnston, DJ 16-Jan-2024
14Aug-2019Is mothering behaviour a potential measure of reproductive performance?Campbell, Joanne; Moore, Kirsty ; Johnston, David 11-May-2022
15May-2019Salivary IgA: A biomarker for resistance to Teladorsagia circumcincta and a new estimated breeding valueFairlie-Clarke, Karen; Kaseja, Karolina; Sotomaior, Cristina; Brady, Nicola; Moore, Kirsty ; Stear, Michael14-Aug-2023
16Jan-2019Forensic use of the genomic relationship matrix to validate and discover livestock pedigreesMoore, Kirsty Lee ; Vilela, Conrad; Kaseja, Karolina; Mrode, Raphael; Coffey, Mike18-Oct-2021
172019Genetic Correlations Between Days to Calving and Other Male and Female Reproduction Traits in Brahman CattleJohnston, D J ; Moore, K L 18-May-2020
182019Genetic and non-genetic effects gestation length on northern Australian tropically adapted beef breedsMoore, K ; Grant, T P; Johnston, D J 14-Oct-2021
19May-2018Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms variation associated with important economic and computed tomography measured traits in Texel sheepGarza Hernandez, D; Mucha, S; Banos, G; Kaseja, K; Moore, K ; Lambe, N; Yates, J; Bunger, L14-Aug-2023
202018Using Commercial Data and Genomics to Improve Female Fertility and Calf Survival of Limousin beef cattle in the UKMoore, K L ; Moran, A; Mrode, R; Coffey, M18-Jan-2024
21Jul-2017Herd-specific random regression carcass profiles for beef cattle after adjustment for animal genetic meritEnglishby, Tanya M; Moore, Kirsty L ; Berry, Donagh P; Coffey, Mike P; Banos, Georgios14-Aug-2023
22Apr-2017Improving female fertility and calf survival in the UK Limousin beef cattleMoran, A T; Coffey, M P; Moore, K 16-Jan-2024
23Apr-2017Genetic aspects of ewe longevity and fertility traits in Lleyn and Dorset sheepMcLaren, A; Kaseja, K; Moore, K ; Mucha, S; Boon, S; Conington, J15-Jan-2024
24Apr-2017Novel approach to the reduction of round worm infections in Lleyn sheepKaseja, K; Boon, S; Moore, K 15-Jan-2024
252017Genetic parameters of Visual Image Analysis primal cut carcass traits of commercial prime beef slaughter animalsMoore, K L ; Mrode, R; Coffey, M P15-Aug-2023
261-Apr-2016Genetic analysis of carcass traits in beef cattle using random regression modelsEnglishby, T M; Banos, G; Moore, K L ; Coffey, M P; Evans, R D; Berry, D P15-Aug-2023
27Apr-2016The development of a UK national terminal combined breed genetic evaluationMoore, K L ; Boon, S; Kaseja, K17-Jan-2024
28Apr-2016Investigating the measurement of feed efficiency in sheepLambe, N R; Bunger, L; Conington, J; Moore, K L ; Coffey, M P16-Jan-2024
29Apr-2016Determining accurate proportion of breed make up of UK sheep to enable combined breed genetic evaluationsKaseja, K; Boon, S; Moore, K L 8-Jan-2024
30Apr-2016Optimal slaughter age of UK beef cattle to increase profitability and reduce greenhouse gas emissionsMoran, A T; Moore, K L ; Amer, P; Coffey, M P16-Jan-2024
31Apr-2016Gene pool fishing by out-crossing and back-crossing cycles to accelerate genetic improvement in carcass traits of sheepBunger, L; Fell, G; McLean, K; Gordon, J; Moore, K ; Lambe, N R15-Jan-2024
32Apr-2016Genetic parameters of lamb survival for Dorset, Lleyn and Texel sheepMcLaren, A; Mucha, S; Kaseja, K; Moore, Kirsty ; Boon, S; Conington, J15-Jan-2024
33Apr-2016Random regression analysis to determine herd profiles for carcass weight in UK beef cattleEnglishby, T M; Berry, D P; Moore, Kirsty ; Coffey, M P; Banos, G18-Jan-2024
34Apr-2015Estimation of genetic parameters for Video Image Analysis (VIA) carcass traitsNani, J; Coffey, M; Moore, K 17-Jan-2024
35Apr-2015Producing the UK's first carcase trait Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) using national abattoir dataMoore, K ; Pearston, F; Pritchard, T; Wall, E; Coffey, M10-Jan-2024
36Apr-2015Young bull genetic growth profile for carcass weightEnglishby, T M; Evans, R D; Banos, G; Coffey, M P; Moore, K L ; Berry, D P18-Jan-2024
372013Imputation of microsatellite alleles from dense SNP genotypes for parentage verification across multiple 'Bos taurus' and 'Bos indicus' breedsMcClure, M C; Sonstegard, Tad S; Regitano, Luciana C A; Albuquerque, Milla; Silva, Marcos V G B; Machado, Marco A; Coffey, Mike; Moore, Kirsty ; Boscher, Marie-Yvonne; Genestout, Lucie; Mazza, Raffaele; Taylor, Jeremy F; Wiggans, George R; Schnabel, Robert D; Simpson, Barry; Marques, Elisa; McEwan, J C; Cromie, A; Coutinho, Luiz L; Kuehn, Larry A; Keele, J W; Piper, Emily K; Cook, Jim ; Van Eenennaam, Alison L; Williams, Robert; Bovine HapMap Consortium,; Van Tassell, Curtis P; Weber, Kristina L; Penedo, Cecilia T; Berry, Donagh P; Flynn, John; Garcia, Jose F; Carmo, Adriana S28-Mar-2014
382009The effect of linkage disequilibrium on the estimates of Single Nucleotide Polymorphic effectsMoore, K ; Gibson, John ; Johnston, David 26-Mar-2010
392009Methods and Models for the Accurate Estimation of the Effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) in Beef CattleMoore, Kirsty Lee ; Johnston, David ; Gibson, John 18-Nov-2009
402005Sire breed differences for net feed intake in feedlot finished beef cattleMoore, Kirsty L ; Johnston, David ; Burrow, Heather Mary 8-Feb-2010
412005'StockTake': Genetic audit software for Australian seedstock beef producersJohnston, David ; Moore, Kirsty L 8-Feb-2010
422003Genetic and non-genetic effects on plasma insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) and production traits in Angus cattleMoore, Kirsty L ; Johnston, David ; Herd, R M; Graser, Hans Ulrich 11-Feb-2010
432003BREEDPLAN multi-breed EBVs for growth traits in Angus, Hereford, Simmental and Limousin breedsJohnston, David ; Graser, Hans Ulrich ; Moore, Kirsty L ; Graham, JF1-Feb-2010

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Dr Kirsty Moore
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Moore, Kirsty
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