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12018Implementation of single-step genomic BREEDPLAN evaluations in Australian beef cattleJohnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
22017Development of the beef genomic pipeline for BREEDPLAN single step evaluationConnors, Natalie ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Tier, Bruce ; Gore, Klint ; Johnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 31-May-2018
32013Imputation of microsatellite alleles from dense SNP genotypes for parentage verification across multiple 'Bos taurus' and 'Bos indicus' breedsMcClure, M C; Sonstegard, Tad S; Regitano, Luciana C A; Albuquerque, Milla; Silva, Marcos V G B; Machado, Marco A; Coffey, Mike; Moore, Kirsty ; Boscher, Marie-Yvonne; Genestout, Lucie; Mazza, Raffaele; Taylor, Jeremy F; Wiggans, George R; Schnabel, Robert D; Simpson, Barry; Marques, Elisa; McEwan, J C; Cromie, A; Coutinho, Luiz L; Kuehn, Larry A; Keele, J W; Piper, Emily K; Cook, Jim ; Van Eenennaam, Alison L; Williams, Robert; Bovine HapMap Consortium,; Van Tassell, Curtis P; Weber, Kristina L; Penedo, Cecilia T; Berry, Donagh P; Flynn, John; Garcia, Jose F; Carmo, Adriana S28-Mar-2014

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Mr Jim Cook
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Cook, Jim
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit