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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Aug-2023Defining resilience traits in sheep from fibre diameter variation of woolSmith, E G ; Walkom, S F ; Brown, D J ; Clark, S A 21-Sep-2023
2Aug-2023Ewe udder and teat traits as potential selection criteria for improvement of Merino lamb survival and growthSmith, E G ; Hine, B C; Acton, G A; Bell, A M; Doyle, E K; Smith, J L28-May-2024
326-Jul-2023Comparison of udder and teat traits in Merino ewes recorded at lambing and weaningSmith, E G ; Acton, G A; Bell, A M; Smith, J L20-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Fibre diameter variation as a measure of resilience in sheepSmith, E G ; Walkom, S F ; Clark, S A 18-Sep-2023

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Erin Grace Smith
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Smith, Erin Grace
Smith, E G
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School of Environmental & Rural Science
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