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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
120-Nov-2020Performance of Angus weaner heifers varying in residual feed intake-feedlot estimated breeding values grazing severely drought-affected pastureAlvarenga, F A P ; Bansi, H ; Dobos, R C ; Austin, K L ; Donaldson, A J; Woodgate, R T; Greenwood, P L30-Apr-2024
22019Impact of dietary protein levels on adrenaline sensitivity of beef cattleAlvarenga, F A P ; Lean, I J; Alvarenga, T I R C ; McGilchrist, P 22-Apr-2024
3Aug-2016Using a three-axis accelerometer to identify and classify sheep behaviour at pastureAlvarenga, F A P ; Borges, I; Palkovic, L; Rodina, J; Oddy, V H ; Dobos, R C 5-Apr-2024

Credit Name
Flavio Pereira Alvarenga
Full Name
Pereira Alvarenga, Flavio
UNE Researcher ID
Pereira Alvarenga
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Given Name
Preferred Given Name
School of Environmental and Rural Science
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