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117-Dec-2019The impacts of Ascaridia galli on performance, health, and immune responses of laying hens: new insights into an old problemSharma, Nisha ; Hunt, Peter W ; Hine, Brad C; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Jul-2021
2Jan-2019Analysis of antibody levels in egg yolk for detection of exposure to Ascaridia galli parasites in commercial laying hensDao, Thi Hiep ; Hunt, Peter W ; Sharma, Nisha ; Swick, Robert A ; Barzegar, Shahram ; Hine, Brad; McNally, Jody; Ruhnke, Isabelle 3-Jun-2019
327-Oct-2018Impacts of Ascaridia galli Infection on Health, Immunity, Productivity and Egg Quality of Free-Range Laying HensSharma, Nisha ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Swick, Robert ; Hunt, Peter W ; Hine, Bradley23-Jan-2024
4Dec-2017Influence of feeding crimped kernel maize silage on the course of subclinical necrotic enteritis in a broiler disease modelSharma, Nisha ; Ranjitkar, Samir; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Engberg, Ricarda M3-Feb-2022

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