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110-Feb-2022Sources and levels of copper afect liver copper profle, intestinal morphology and cecal microbiota population of broiler chickens fed wheat‑soybean meal dietsNguyen, Hoai Thi Thanh ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Roberts, Julie R ; Swick, Robert A ; Toghyani, Mehdi 5-Apr-2024
2Aug-2021Zinc hydroxychloride supplementation improves tibia bone development and intestinal health of broiler chickensNguyen, H T T; Morgan, N ; Roberts, J R ; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A ; Toghyani, M 1-Jul-2021
315-Apr-2021EditorialRoberts, Juliet R 29-May-2024
43-Feb-2021The Effects of Different Sources and Levels of Trace Minerals on Poultry Performance and Gut HealthNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Morgan, Natalie ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Juliet R 7-Dec-2023
52021EditorialRoberts, Juliet R 17-Apr-2024
6Dec-2020Copper hydroxychloride is more efficacious than copper sulfate in improving broiler chicken's growth performance, both at nutritional and growth-promoting levelsNguyen, H T T; Morgan, N ; Roberts, J R ; Swick, R A ; Toghyani, M 30-Jun-2021
7Sep-2020The effects of different sources and levels of trace minerals on poultry performance and gut health - DatasetNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Julie R ; Morgan, Natalie ; Wu, Shubiao 7-Dec-2023
84-Jun-2020Regulation of Immunity-Related Genes by Infectious Bronchitis Virus Challenge in Spleen of Laying ChickensKhan, Samiullah; Roberts, Juliet ; Wu, Shu-Biao 27-Apr-2021
91-Apr-2019Genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and function may not show synchronised responses to mitochondria in shell gland of laying chickens under infectious bronchitis virus challengeKhan, Samiullah; Roberts, Juliet ; Wu, Shu-Biao 11-Apr-2021
1025-Jan-2019RNA-sequencing analysis of shell gland shows differences in gene expression profile at two time-points of eggshell formation in laying chickensKhan, Samiullah; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Roberts, Juliet 27-Aug-2020
11Dec-2018Impact of on-range choice feeding with black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) on flock performance, egg quality, and range use of free-range laying hensRuhnke, Isabelle ; Normant, Camille; Campbell, Dana L M ; Iqbal, Zafar ; Lee, Caroline ; Hinch, Geoff N ; Roberts, Julie 28-Feb-2019
129-Oct-2017Understanding factors affecting the synthesis of protoporphyrin IX in the shell gland of laying hensKhan, Samiullah; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Talk, Andrew ; Wu, Shubiao ; Roberts, Julie 17-Sep-2019
132017Achieving Sustainable Production of Eggs Volume 2: Animal Welfare and SustainabilityRoberts, Julie R 26-Feb-2018
142017Achieving sustainable production of eggs Volume 1: Safety and qualityRoberts, Julie R 26-Feb-2018
152017Pasture, multi-enzymes, benzoic acid and essential oils positively influence performance, intestinal organ weight and egg quality in free-range laying hensIqbal, Zafar ; Roberts, Julie R ; Perez-Maldonado, R A; Goodarzi Boroojeni, F; Swick, Robert A ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 16-Apr-2018
162017Reference gene selection for gene expression study in shell gland and spleen of laying hens challenged with infectious bronchitis virusKhan, Sami; Roberts, Julie ; Wu, Shubiao 18-Jan-2018
172017Egg production and egg quality in free-range laying hens housed at different outdoor stocking densitiesCampbell, Dana ; Lee, Caroline; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Roberts, Julie 20-Apr-2018
182017Infectious BronchitisRoberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil20-May-2018
192017Reference gene selection for the shell gland of laying hens in response to time-points of eggshell formation and nicarbazinSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R ; Wu, Shubiao 17-May-2018
202016The impact of choice feeding with the black soldier fly larvae ('Hermetia illucens') on egg quality in free range laying hensRuhnke, Isabelle ; Normant, Camille; Campbell, Dana ; Iqbal, Zafar ; Lee, Caroline ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Roberts, Julie R ; Swick, Robert A 29-May-2017
212016Oviposition time, flock age, and egg position in clutch in relation to brown eggshell color in laying hensSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie ; Chousalkar, K19-Feb-2018
222016Effect of production system and flock age on eggshell and egg internal quality measurementsSamiullah, Samiullah; Omar, Amal Saleh; Roberts, Julie ; Chousalkar, Kapil19-Feb-2018
232016Effect of Pasture and Feed Additives on Performance and Egg Quality in Ranging Laying HensIqbal, Zafar ; Sharma, Nishchal; Swick, Robert A ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Sharma, Nisha; M Sadeq, Shawkat; Perez-Maldonado, R; Ramirez-Cuevas, S; Roberts, Julie R ; Hilliar, Matthew; Singh, Mini; Wu, Shubiao 27-May-2016
242016Understanding and improving the shelf-life of eggsRoberts, Julie R 23-Jul-2018
252016Effect of Production System and Flock Age on Egg QualitySamiullah, Samiullah; Omar, A S; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, K 22-Feb-2017
262016Infectious bronchitis virus and brown shell colour: Australian strains of infectious bronchitit virus affect brown eggshell colour in commercial laying hens differentlySamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 22-Feb-2017
272016Body Weight Uniformity and Eggshell Quality of Hens in a Free Range Production SystemSuawa, Elfira; Roberts, Julie R ; Parkinson, G27-Feb-2017
282016The Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Calcium Pidolate and 25-Hydroxycholecal Ciferol on Egg Quality in Commercial Laying HensAl-Zahrani, K; Roberts, Julie R 10-Mar-2017
292015Body weight at point of lay and the ultrastructural properties of eggshellsSuawa, Elfira; Roberts, Julie R 3-Mar-2016
302015An examination of eggshell pore structure and penetration by 'Salmonella' typhimuriumRay, Aaron; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Flavel, Richard 3-Mar-2016
312015Effect of supplementation with two levels of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol on egg internal and external quality in commercial laying hensAl-Zahrani, Khalid; Roberts, Julie R 3-Mar-2016
322015Egg QualityRoberts, Julie R 3-Mar-2016
332015Quantification of protoporphyrin IX from eggshell of brown egg laying hens challenged with vaccine and wild strains of infectious bronchitis virusSamiullah, Sami; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 3-Mar-2016
342015Eggshell colour in brown-egg laying hens - a reviewSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 4-Apr-2016
352015Daily grazing time of free-ranging cattle as an indicator of available feedRoberts, Julie R ; Trotter, Mark ; Schneider, Derek ; Lamb, David ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Dobos, Robin C 26-Jul-2017
362015Eggshell penetration by 'Salmonella' Typhimurium in table eggs: Examination of underlying eggshell structures by micr-computed tomography and scanning electron microscopyRay, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R ; Flavel, Richard ; Chousalkar, K K11-Apr-2017
372014The eggshell cuticle of the laying henSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R 4-Apr-2016
382014Effect of egg washing and correlation between cuticle and egg penetration by various 'Salmonella' strainsGole, Vaibhav C; Roberts, Juliet R ; Sexton, Margaret; May, Damian; Kiermeier, Andreas; Chousalkar, Kapil 4-Apr-2016
392014Effect of production system and flock age on egg quality and total bacterial load in commercial laying hensSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 4-Apr-2016
402014Maintenance of shell colour in free range laying hensRoberts, Julie R ; Scott, P; Samiullah, Samiullah; Fernando, N; Anwar, A M7-Mar-2016
412014Eggshell uniformity and the relationship between shell structures and shell translucency, examined by Computated Tomography (CT) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)Ray, Aaron ; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Haling, Rebecca 7-Mar-2016
422014Protoporphyrin quantification from eggshells of laying hens challenged with infectious bronchitis virus strains (N1/88 and T strains)Samiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 7-Mar-2016
432014Body weight, flock uniformity and egg quality of flocks reared in two different rearing shedsSuawa, Elfira; Roberts, Julie R 7-Mar-2016
442014Effect of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol supplementation on egg quality, body weight and feed intake in commercial laying hensAl-Zahrani, Khalid; Roberts, Julie R 7-Mar-2016
452013The location of protoporphyrin in the eggshell of brown-shelled eggsSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R 4-Apr-2016
462013Egg quality and age of laying hens: implications for product safetyRoberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Samiullah, Samiullah4-Apr-2016
472013Survey of 'Enterobacteriaceae' contamination of table eggs collected from layer flocks in AustraliaGole, V C; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Roberts, Julie R 4-Apr-2016
482013Effects of egg shell qulity and washing on 'Salmonela' Infantis penetrationSamiullah, Samiullah; Chousalkar, Kapil ; Roberts, Julie R ; Sexton, M; Day, M; Kiermeier, A22-Jun-2016
492013Egg quality and food safety of table eggsRoberts, Julie R ; Chousalkar, Kapil 4-Mar-2016
502013Protoporphyrin IX in shell and cuticle of brown shelled eggsSamiullah, Samiullah; Roberts, Julie R 4-Mar-2016

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